Thinking you pretty much know what’s going to happen. Certain teams, just you know certain teams you’re like this. This is it’s not going to be a a a much of a match up right, um, and then you get something that happened today, but real, quick man before we get into it uh. You guys feel free to um hit me up on instagram man uh. If you want to come vote with me chop it up a little bit um also, you know if you like the merch that i created for the nba playoffs majority of teams, i got some colors and different colorways for you. Uh check that out both of those both access to both of those being the link below um. So, like i was saying man, the orlando magic, the orlando magic defeated, the milwaukee bucks. So let’s talk about the bucks man um, the mo the milwaukee bucks is a team that many um has coming out of the east. Um many feel as though you know they it just you know they’re too, dominant didn’t. Look like that today, um. First of all, i think, um. I think that milwaukee kind of maybe believed that kool aid a little bit going into this game um. Maybe they believed that they were supposed to be that good of a team and be that dominant and you got to remember no one had i mean many include myself pretty. I didn’t even review these, because i did my previews prior.

I didn’t preview. These games – i was just like this one, this one i did and i was like okay, the boss got this one and the orlando magic got something to say about that. Now. Um let’s talk about also the fact that younis just felt like that. Fourth quarter, he disappeared, and this is the thing man i i’m i’m starting to wonder, what’s, going on with these superstars in crunch time, like in that fourth quarter that that’s the fourth quarter is when stars are made right. You can say what you want to say. I know it’s controversial or how people want to put it about the clippers game last night with mavericks um didn’t like the call, but i thought it was the right call, but when, when it came down to that fourth quarter, everything went through kawhi leonard and if It wasn’t kawhi leonard, it was paul george and the lesson in that is when this, when it’s crunch time, when it’s time to get something done, you go to your guys and your guys have to show up and for the for the the milwaukee bucks that just Didn’T happen today. Now i don’t, you know: maybe it wasn’t, maybe maybe it wasn’t uh. You know it didn’t register. You know that just they seem they’re supposed to sweep this team they’re way. Better. Listen. I’M, gon na say this about all these nba teams. Man, these teams have fell in love with the three right i get it.

I get it. Man, threes are worth more than two, but sometimes that three run a lot of these teams right out of the games and cause a lot of your team to catch l’s, because they’re they’re so into the it’s like i’m right. Here i got, i got a show, lay up i’m gon na kick it back out for the three watching this sometimes it’s, just like really why? Why – and you know this now this by no mean by no way shape, form or fashion. Do i believe that uh milwaukee is going to lose this series, but i think orlando had definitely made it interesting, and i think it was a wake up call for the buzz, hey, y’all and y’all in the playoffs and we’re here for a reason, um, and that We’Re gon na show you that and speaking of the orlando magic now it’s, not first of all the fact that they won this game to me is: is i didn’t see it coming and let’s be honest they pretty much before um prior to that first um little Run milwaukee after that they led all the way through and then every time. Every time you look then go. Oh here come the box click on the button on the book. Orlando was not having it man and you got to also think about it. Aaron gordon didn’t play jonathan isaac is out for the season another one that key uh components.

Didn’T play um what’s his name what’s, the guy named fournier. He didn’t really start scoring till late in the third early in the early in the in the fourth. And what that tells you is for one orlando are here and they’re gon na play you for 48 minutes, and i i love to give credit to teams that play like that. They’Re they’re literally saying we don’t care, who you is. We don’t care the the logo on your jersey, but we’re here to play and we’re gon na give you everything we got and today their everything they had was better than what um milwaukee put forth. Just what it was i don’t know i’ve been walking again. I don’t know milwaukee took him like you know, i don’t know milwaukee like we got this one man, we good it’s, okay, orlando said no, and then you look at a guy like dj augustine and, first of all, let me say i’ve. I remember him um before and i was like and but i’m i’m really i’m be honest. I got to be honest. He hadn’t really registered until the to the day and he was like this guy that’s him that’s him. He he’s one of those those um fiery guys who come in do their job in our spark plug to a team and when they get going, they can really. He had a, i think, a career hive, not a playoff high of 11 assists today, um very, very chick.

I think that’s, how you man, he had 33 points. Um ross came in today and just played well and – and these are guys you’re like yo – you didn’t expect this from them, especially against a bucks team, which is, you know, a very good defensive team, but one thing that they did was i don’t matter how tall He was if i could pull you out of that, pull you out of the middle and what they were constantly doing is taking the uh, the bucks, big guys and making them come outside to guard them and then go around them. You know and the minute they try to collapse in and kick it out and they had it going man. It was a wonderful game plan to me. I personally think this is what happens when you have uh when you write it up on a drawing board like when the coach goes. This is what we want to do. If we could do this, this can work and the team say: okay, coach, you’re, gon na do what you say: we’re gon na go ahead and freestyle we’re gon na do exactly what you say and we’re gon na put our trust in you now i’m. Not i! I i’m j, i’m i’m going off win here a whim, but what i mean is there coach said just do this and it’ll work and that’s what worked and they stuck to it and it worked and listen, milwaukee, better wake up and wake up fast during the Series all right i’m, not saying that oh lando now going to win i’m, not saying that, but orlando are not.

Is it they’re not going to go down without a fight, and now they got confidence see. Let me tell you something: it’s very, very important to watch out for a team once they get confidence now at any other time. You know coming into it when you’re facing a big juggernaut like number eight versus number one you go. Oh, you know they’re coming in with the number one team in with that swagger and the confidence of the number eight. So you just like all right man here we go let’s see what we got here and then they go wait. Whoa we can play with these guys. We can beat these guys that’s when you get in trouble. So i mean game two gon na be very interesting in this series and i’m gon na tell y’all um. I think milwaukee better come out on game two and go ahead and put this thing away because and make a statement, because orlando got confidence now and they feel like they did it without their second best score. He was really having a good game, so they definitely got coveted. So with that being said, guys that’s. My take congratulations, orlando on the upset of milwaukee. I know it’s just one game, but i know it does a lot for their confidence so until next time guys here, please hit that. Like comment, subscribe button um – and i really appreciate it.