You get a win and uh as a team. We knew that for us together we got to play harder Music. You know we cannot talk about it. We got to play about it: Music, wow, Music, waiting on me to find my ball that’s, what it is no you’re on your phone that’s. What it is all i’m saying is chris can’t come back. What if i don’t want to come back to our goal? What if i don’t want to come back, especially after you say we out your league there we go right here, hey, we were all rookies at first on the golf course now he didn’t play with you and kyle. I think he’s, big, hey for the record. You didn’t have to get points, hey we don’t need them. Hey you see how much they love us. No love for me and tell us came k. Men plays a lot of minutes with the best mob, though so we will see how that unfolds. Don’T know they got left behind because they couldn’t keep up that’s their fault. Don’T go with them, though, no more just only me and t because they got their own group come on. No, i can’t i can’t. I got to go off with everybody. I can’t just i don’t know when i don’t see it. I didn’t went out with you a couple times. I need security. I don’t feel safe, okay, basically y’all wouldn’t. Let me tackle alligators, so i ain’t even talking to you, hey george, hey yesterday, we got attacked by iraq yeah we got attacked by a raccoon.

Yesterday i was like you know you mind if i just join your group, so i just got ta wait till y’all talk to each other and then i got ta join you but he’s gon na ask i’m just not invited he’s gon na ask him he’s gon Na ask judge what chris did, and this is benchmark too. This was mind: blowing Applause don’t. Let him do that to us all right here: Applause and i got yellow one for golf okay. Next time, when i play golf, hopefully i’m going to fix my elbow hey, that was a quick one. I got to get better at chess here. Sb is like the chess, mr miyagi man, you know i’m getting better man. I had to show p what is what it’s like man. He good, though it’s not it’s, not good. Three, four five moves into the game. All of a sudden checkmate had to gauge this game a little bit. You know at first they’re trying to bring me down with them. I got a problem crystal could do to me man. I got no beef with him when i first got here. It was a civil game. What i thought that’s, how i play i play civil booth. Him led by him he’s the most uncivil player i played with, which is cool. Now that i know i’m taking me here, i tried to beat everybody i’m trying to make sure everybody hit this right now, so listen and they can’t get so listen when marv came.

I didn’t want marv to have to go through the same thing i went through so i tried to people in the game. He refuses to listen and that was costing him and me now. I have an issue see this. I got a target on my back that’s. Okay, though i know to watch out for him, definitely him he’s mad. At me, george is a slick when george tried to trick me twice me and kami are good. Chris, the straight shooter man, i’m, the only consistent one at the table, though the only one i’m gon na say don’t worry. I got a plan. I want a street glider delivery to the boat. Everybody do their job shooting. I can’t wait for him to pay. For my lunch today i can’t wait. I didn’t eat breakfast, so i got ta. I got a little appetite right now. Appetizer, oh man come on come on Applause, Music Applause. I got 19. a lot of stuff going on Music. Are you guys watching this? Hey coach? You got ta do something with this come on he’s complaining that he won welcome to the bob’s apartment, that’s, crazy, one spot just in time. What nice guys! Can you hear us? Yes, i think i the day all that matters, what we do, how we practice, how we get better, how we have fun and how to go out there and compete together and as long as we’re doing that, we’re gon na be in a good place.

At the end of the day, we’re trying it’s one goal, you know we’re trying to win a championship. You know i’m gon na. Take it a game at a time, um practice at a time a day at a time, um, Music and stunned. The eventual champs is Music. Okay: okay, give me my shoes, 16 games, everything that matters is unless all right play hard play the magic more than capable on any given night of beating anybody in the nba let’s see if they are up to the challenge there’s times where we really depended on Our crowd last year, um and during the season this year, you know to kind of pull us out of their struggle or whatever it was taken away. Muchovich creates another takeaway and all those turnovers that’s, four out of the last five possessions we have to bring it every single night did we have to bring it ourselves hillary ross. He got away with the hammer, they kicked our ass and every left. We got to be better and that will give us our final score, greg our first shocker so far, yeah impressive performance by the magic we saw what we needed to see on film. We worked on what we feel we needed to work on today on the court. We wish that tomorrow was today three bars in it. Solid like this. Oh dear my bedding, oh, we don’t really have to say what this game means. It’S win or nothing plus.

You know we’re gon na play hard one possession at a time we can’t do it by ourselves. We got ta, do it all together. That means every guy on the bench every guy on the court. Okay, no matter what you get in play as hard as you can leave it all out there. All right, let’s have fun let’s, be ourselves together on three one: two, three Applause and we are underway: here’s attenua, getting downhill against vornier wow. That is unstoppable. Coming back the other way, a windu on the finish and blocked by connaughton. Can we do it again? Can we do it again, we’re not worried about third quarter. Fourth floor. The second quarter, 12 minutes build the lead. Each quarter build a lead, no open shots today. Feel me no open shots. You don’t want him, just get a rhythm of seeing the wide open ones. We don’t want them to see nothing wide open today, so he got a lot of shots up at his lopez. With an emphatic dunk inside, but you know – oh my gosh Applause say it with your chest: giannis the milwaukee bucks look very much like the team that ended the regular season with the best record in the nba Applause uh. That was the difference. You know the defensive end that’s what we pride ourselves on and i think to be honest with you that’s what we had to get back to and pat we’ve talked about your three point: shot looking comfortable five threes for you, you tied a career high.

Congratulations on the way i appreciate it.