Why shoot it every time you touch? It just shoot it every time, this game, the next game, all season number player vlog we are riding with you, mr make. This is what we’re gon na live. Oh man got questions for jonas did you feel any difference today, as you were getting to the rim uh? No, i didn’t feel no difference. I was just trying to be more focused, obviously um. I felt like in game two. I missed like a lot of easy one that i usually like finish and uh. You know uh and that’s part of the game so going to this game i was you know telling myself when i get close to the game or uh. When i get my uh, you know my balance right or when i go by my guy. You know just try to finish uh finish strong by the rim: he’s just he’s, killing clark right now, he’s figured clark out and knows what he can do. I wasn’t thinking. If i had the perfect game i don’t know, i was just trying to um focus in my balance: try to finish stronger than him playing uh the same team for like the third time, you kind of know where your shots gon na come from uh. You know how to go and guard you uh. You know uh what to do when you roll. You know what to do when you post up. You know what to do.

When you come down the floor, you know where the hell is coming from and you know i was ready. I knew when the hell going to come. I knew where they’re going to move. I was just trying to make the right play. There was time that wasn’t coming, i was just trying to go downhill uh, but yeah. That was my mindset. The buck’s been able to put up points haven’t. It cumbo leads the way today. 1 21 to 107. Applause. This last one was quick. The form before that was almost the same quickness i like now i’m afraid to make moves. Like i don’t know, what’s going on i’m gon na. Take it easy on you, man what happened the first two games. Why would i set up my you keep playing, though you gon na get used i’m gon na be up till 4am just reading chess strategies, so i can beat the mr miyagi of chess sterling brown. I need to get out there. Applause, hey Applause, get ready to play defense on three one; two, three i’m kind of worried: hello, that’s, wait where we going. What are we doing now so now you shoot two yeah, two, four Applause: Music: the hierarchy of mickey mouse, treats this one’s up. There there’s one that’s like half chocolate dipped with sprinkles it’s, fantastic it’s better than this, but i went with the generic rice. Kiss creepy treat you know, i was trying to um harvald for tomorrow’s game and really be healthy, and i thought you know this was the way to go.

You got a lot of rice krispies. Obviously, in there some marshmallow um vitamin b6, some folic acid. You know all the stuff, you really need there’s, calcium pancetta in there too, so it’s very healthy. I thought this was a good time to get it in my body before the game tomorrow. The early game should the chairs be worth. The chair should always be worried at any moment. Mark raises your level of shooting up, he’s, just he’s, a professional there’s, a difference between physicality and then things that cross the line. Like i said, the first shove i didn’t know if he was just being physical or if that was intentional, but the second one i certainly felt like was intentional and, like i said, it’s it’s, not something that i can know, but at the same time it’s. Not something i’m ever going to stand for so Music yeah. I got media, he does it before me. That’S, crazy, starter, galactic, ultimate dante man. The thing is: when people see us is chilling here, they say: oh man, life in the bubble is nice in the middle uh christian um to ride a bike but it’s uh. I should figure out how to do the brakes before i got on hey, be careful? Wait there’s no brakes. Oh you can’t! You can shit out there. Oh, i don’t know if they uh really thought about making bikes for six, seven, six, eight, six, nine guys so post practice just finished up a great one.

I was on i put myself on the crisp middleton treatment plan, it’s all about body maintenance, making sure that he takes care of his body and one of those things is ice, cold tub here in the bubble, the cold tubs are slightly different than the ones back Home kind of like being in a kiddie pool and it’s just you know, gallon ice bags that they dump in there with us good recovery tool, good recovery method, and i mean whenever you’re following a guy who’s, an all star, i feel, like you, can’t, really do Anything wrong: cold, tub crew! Thank you! Oh man, 14 minutes now i can’t feel my legs right now. Last one in means you’re in for a little bit longer man, i might go chill by the pool if the sun comes out, probably got a couple minutes before it come out. You might catch me over there, diving down the slide doing what i do. Aqua smooth i’m out, ah, you see what it takes to be great. Do you want this? You don’t, ah you gon na put this on tick. Tock! Oh you put it yes, see. Let me give you guys a list. It takes a lot to be great. It takes a lot to be great don’t. Forget that you see what we do every day, just to play a game just to be able to play a game for you guys for the fans for the people of milwaukee, for the city of milwaukee, for ourselves.

For our family, it takes a lot to be great. Remember that he could tell you more because he’s been uh 27 years in the league right there, just 17., oh gee he’s, going to live a thousand years, he’s, so slow look at. He takes his time with everything: slow, no he’s standing now, don’t bother nba bubble, nba bible life, Applause Applause check, check, check, hey, more refreshed, hey, fellas, the same energy and same effort. We played last game with this game is an important game. All right communicate on both ends of the floor. All right, let’s have fun, let’s, put them away early, alright, together on three one, two: three: they will walk you up: Music, Music, shooting the bunch 35 to 30.. That will change anna’s hammers eight points for out of the coombo way outside late count. It yes, wesley matthews giannis, does the double quiver on that one? I guess lead in the best of seven against orlando. A victory and milwaukee is up three games to one giannis. Gyros hammers, just so pretty and matthews loves it. That was not an easy finish. 13 point game and middleton count it again: fouls middleton cash money baby that connection will dribble it out. The bucks take a three commanding one lead winning 121 to 106. very similar score to game three, as it turns out my teammates thanks. Chris have a good one thanks! Thank you, sir chris. You have the best matching shoes appreciated um i’d, like to start.

Is it okay? If i go first yeah go ahead, just like to send out my thoughts and prayers to jacob blake and his family, another young black man shot by a police officer. We need to have change, we need to be better and i’m hoping for the best for him and his family i’m, hoping for the best as we work through this in wisconsin and milwaukee and kenosha so thoughts and prayers with jacob blake ha. If you’ve had a chance to discuss this with the team yet – and you know maybe some of your objectives when you you do broach this topic with the team and what those conversations are like and what you hope to gain from them, we have not approached the Subject as a team, but i can tell you it’s on our player’s mind, it’s on our coaches, mind it’s on our staff’s, mind it’s on our organization’s mind and certainly a lot of respect for we have a playoff game, that’s very important to us, but an incident Like this is more important than anything we’re doing in orlando, and i think there was a lot of talk before we came here that we needed to continue this conversation. We needed to be better as a country and have no more of these incidents and understand that black lives matter, and so i think, sometime soon you know, as a team um, we can sit and discuss and share and uh just continue to push forward and try And find progress and find try and find systemic change, that’s lasting um.

So you know, as we said before, we came and a lot of people have said it. You know very, very often it’s it’s much more important than anything we’re doing today in our game and then we’re doing in orlando um, and this is just another reminder – that’s very sad and very unfortunate and um, but hopefully we can find progress.