So you guys, if you have not seen my planner lineup, then you would not know that this is my mini um vertical layout, franken planned planner and i actually utilize this for work, and so i actually just use it for sets and so forth. And so i am going to be planning for the current week, which is the 13th through the 19th of july, and when you are actually watching this video, it is ice cream day, and so i decided to celebrate ice cream day with an ice cream spread. I am so excited because i love ice cream. I did get an opportunity to treat my husband to ice cream last week and we may even go for ice cream today as well. So i’m super excited to be able to have the first mini plan with me for ice cream day. So what i did is i decided to go ahead and look through some of my sticker books to find out what stickers i can use for this spread. I did want to let you guys know that i recently just picked up a few mini sticker books, because i didn’t have any in my collection, but i did not get an opportunity to use any mini sticker books in this spread, except for my mini everyday sticker Book, which is wrong wrong. I did go ahead and use my food sticker book as well as my happy hostess sticker book and my dates and holidays and a little from pastels a few summer boxes just so that i would be able to go ahead and put the spread together.

Most of the stickers that i’m using are not stickers that were designated for a mini planner. It was a classic size, sticker book that i used for most of these, and so you guys will get an opportunity to see that as well we’re going to go ahead and dive in so i won’t talk you to death, but i did decide that i have Two different types of washi that i want to use this one is the sprinkles and then this one has ice cream all over. So i don’t know how i’m gon na incorporate these, but i’m super super excited, so let’s go ahead and dive right in i’m gon na zoom, you guys in just so that you can, because this mini you guys. I just didn’t notice like how many it is. Okay, let’s get started Music, so Music, so Music, Applause, Music, so Music, me, Music, do Music, you, Music Applause, Music, foreign, Music, Music, you, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, all right, you guys! So this is my spread and i absolutely love it um. The only thing that i really didn’t like is, i put the numbers up top where the washi is, and i don’t think you can see them very well. But then i decided it’s, okay, because it’s just a work planner only you guys and me are gon na see it so i’ll just remember next time to use black numbers instead of using the colorful numbers, because i had enough color on the page.

But i did go ahead and pull some stickers from my shop lux clever crafts for the um date. The days of the week covers and headers. I absolutely love the way this turned out. You guys. I think it is so cute and i love how i was able to go ahead and cut some of the ice cream cones and put them all over the spread. I love these little mini um checklist boxes. They are so cute. I love those and i just love the way it turned out i’m, not going to be tracking quite i’m, not going to be tracking a lot on here, just a few stats, and so i just wanted to make it decorative. I love the washi on the bottom. I think that turned out super super cute and you guys, i hope you enjoyed it, make sure you give this video a huge thumbs up. If you did make sure you comment down below and let me know what you think make sure that you drop your gym. So that i know you made it to the video in case you decide not to comment and happy ice cream day. You guys make sure you go out and treat yourself.