We are down here at the box park at wimbly. You can see the stadium in the background, and you know what it’s a beautiful day here today and I’m just sitting here and I’m thinking to myself, FA Cup semi final against Manchester City. This place will be buzzing absolutely buzzing with people wouldn’t. It it’d be like well and now: there’s, no fence, no fans gon na be it’s. Just gon na be rolling a lot down the team watching at home. You know I mean that’s that’s it’s gon na be a weird weird, weird semi final, but regardless of that it’d be great to get a win Arsenal. Vs Manchester City, we reckon any chance, it’ll always a chart in the FA Cup in it. No, I mean a proper table boy. We don’t know about perfect our my dog. We need, we need Gandhi, Jesus Buddha understand the war, leaper them, because we’re gon na need a lot of luck. You get me that’s, a big big pitch blood and you know see II played that expensive foot would allow to attack on the flanks, but our blood you get me in women, went up to City and we lost Reno before Danny Louie did a stupid mistake. We were, we had a good game, it was nearly half time contain them. It was nearly half time and it was still nil, nil, exactly and if you also think about that game, everything that could have went wrong with went wrong right at the sorry right.

I started a game: Jaco mmm came off injured and Myron we’ve seen how important these bids actly Mary yeah came off. You know me so everything’s disturbed straight away: davin Louise came on and did a Debbie bluey hunt yeah. I wonder as well. If David Luiz was fully fit was remember, he started on the bench in that game. He normally would be a starter and he started on the bench and he was just completely listen, it’s, not an excuse because he’s made mistakes I have before us, but he was so out of sorts. It was unbelievable. He hasn’t really put in as bad a performance as that since yeah true so yeah. He has his shaky moments, knowing it by II, been as managed at the one thing you can look to. We add the perfect audition. I think against. You know coming up against a team that’s gon na play a similar star with the game against Liverpool. I mean that game. We defended right because you know we’ve offended all right, because you know that a game like Man City is the same. Like Liverpool you’re, not gon na have a lot aboard yeah. Your position is gon na dominate position. You’Re gon na spend large periods of the game. Without the ball, you got ta defend, right and I’ve fought in that game we defended. Well. There was two banks of four we’ve got behind the ball. It was lots of blocks. I mean they couldn’t get for our lines.

If you really analyze that game, it was like watching Arsenal back in the day when we used to go to Stoke and we couldn’t break them down yeah. It was like that wait if we can watch the game, but it was no real how many times, apart from that sort of deflected chance right at the end, the salami yeah yeah right. There was no other time that you thought. Oh, we weren’t like yeah on a drill, so it was a good defensive performance in a second oven. We it’s gon na have to be a similar thing here, because we will have to be dogged. Gon na have to because they’re, a better team them and like on us and like on Wednesday night we’re gon na have to take our chances when they come that’s. Not we can’t be putting them slide blog the car when they get their chance. You got sterling a we’re all got brain are this is gon na be Douglas? Two of us lost game at Wembley KY, you know, say: he’s going to he’s gon na want to go out with a bang. Well, Alyssa get to the final you know say: we’re gon na have to be our best blood. You get me long. The performance on Wednesday night gives me a lot of hope, blood understand but it’s the hope that kills. You you get me but um. You know my thing already: blood FA Cup anything can happen blood.

We run this tournament fun. We run when believing one it more than anyone else. The last harmony our previous managers wanted the most up in here. A job we’re not as well II, understand so it’s lat art is first cop if they caught the guys copy one. That Austin was the FA Cup. He brought in a doc now it’s just it’s, not it’s, written in the stars in it, but yeah. I stand as if the stars written and the stars aligned because he written, but we need them to align, yeah it’s gon na be a really tough game and I think team selection I’ll be thinking about the team selection finished game right. I don’t know what you think that this is my team that I going right. Obviously, Martin is in gold right, but that my free are you go for battery he’s gon na play it back free, opener beans, but we’ll get slapped. You need that extra coverage because they work a lot on the flank, so those wing backs are gon na have to work back, but I don’t my free would be David, Luiz, I’m still unsure whether to go holding almost a fee because holding did alright yeah, but He did really good right. Leslie gets morning right, I might stick keep holding in there I’d keep holding in there and tear me you ever know. I can a lot colossi much TampE in that free, because city are not a big team.

They’Re not gon na be whipping loads of balls into the Fox. Where you know your height is required as much I’d have tyranny, then I’d have sacker, as my left wing back bill arenas. The right wing back right, yeah, better in I’m, going Billy really play well in that loss. My drop him right in and in jakka supply us and in the front free Pepe luck as it a Bama I’m that’s. What I’d go with you’d go: Pepe yeah! I was performance. The other night was bad, like I’m still, I’m thinking what you just said, look at really ground, yeah, it’s, a big stadium, and I think, with his little trickery in that yeah. If he can get his game going yeah and his five subs in it, if he’s, not you just whipping off, you know so that’s what I’d go. This team selection is going to be really really important for this game. I don’t want to see clashing that’s on there, he’s, not a good enough defender. You know I mean, and if you’re talking about putting him in a wingback position, then I’d rather suck on right in the all day, look the fret he has going down that wing. Yeah – and he will quote he will he will see how his sucker there he’s gon na make Walker double guess I walk is only be that blood and I want to go but this product yo. If you mess up, you know Ross and down the wing doctor.

He understand so that is a I’d probably go on the same yeah I probably gone Martinez. Holding Louise teenie I’ve got better, install better in I’d, go sit, I’d, go yeah, teenie and then obviously Jacque has a BIOS midfield pair and then yeah. I bar lacarpe man. You know I might have Reese, I might go Reese because his performance on the understand he was calling for him to be aggressive. I said you got the goal. What the assist Pepe was non existent, why you got he’s, confident, he’s booming? Why you’re not gon na put your he was playing on the left hand, side yeah, but Pepe you’re, 72 million. You should be able to play on any side of the window, but this is where the big plans gon na step up yeah. So well, you know, and before anybody tried jumping me, everybody know, sir. I probably bap epidermis. I anyone dog miss an EEOC, my figure in this game. Hmm, I put him on the bench and everything having him on the bench will scare them, but look how much power they got on the bench come on dog our feet. We need to have a little fire there, yeah that’s that figures about it. By the time you bring him off the bench, a game won’t be dumped, but hopefully right predictions because obviously we’re predicting and what we’re doing is that if they cut special for our predictions this weekend so predictions for this one, you go first, Oh last time we Beat them it was to one extra time: I’m gon na go for the same result to one extra time to one extra time same as last time, blood because I’m involved when a gret was called that goal yeah.

I remember natural chasing him. Blood I’m. In my Ramsay gave way the ball fam, I was like you fucker and then I just see yeah we’re all running down here and I’m like check, check. Styling, look, go I’m shocked because I was uppity and I’m shy. Come I’ll. Fucking go blood check this. Then you just loved him and just member that bull from ox blood I’m in when Hawks, had it yeah, I shot balls out and I could see natural yellow. You know your lap good blood and then, when I let you know remember you know Ellen the first man you had blood clot in their name was Alexis yeah, Alexis blood, clot Sanchez brother when he scored that goal. Yeah bro. Oh look back on my flock. You hear high pitched beyond belief. You see our voices, but brother, I was run. You would have four time. I had my balls like that dog squeezing me blood because it was lat. They batted us first half second one when they got the ghost with me that’s. When we woke up and then we took over and then I remember where Tori hit the post remember check me that mad saving their Showtime become it. When I say blood, I was at all my god fun. I also do remember the last song. We played a man in a League Cup final run away, free no going on ten. You absolutely dominated us. We’Ve got to play much better than that.

So you know what I’m going to one as well, but in the game or extra tank I’ve got a time time and you can go pennies, so I’ve said I’m just going to one more every section of time since when but up this is a game where You have extra time pennies or full types and again can be wandering for time. The gate comes loose. Your full time resultant one one now, if you just have a result for the game, I’m result is to one extra time, which means it would be a draw in the 90 minutes and then we’re winning it now listen. All I want from you is a result. What the results kind of mad I mean you’re, trying to whack me, sometimes confusing up the feet. What’S the score win a game done well. So if the game ends when the game done in normal time before any, you know well, if it goes to penalties, then it’s just a draw between us now. I should just give a result. When you get one two one, two one Applause, two one yeah, alright I’ve got a bigger; better one go scores. What now you know I’m going bolder than the point? No, no. I want extra point. First goal extra point for extra point. First goal: a Bama young black on black, oh yeah, good game, playoff, lack of blood clots it the black I step up in the big game about you: go Ghost Dog, yeah that’s, not me with it.

Second semi final on Sunday, Chelsea vs. Manchester night. That should be a good game, actually to be fair hard to call that one as well, because both teams – I mean you know you know I’d – have been on Form not for me, but they’ve been on Form against. They really come up against. You know: listen, they’ve been they’ve, been good right, they’ve been good, not taking anything away, but they’re coming up against a proper team. Now I wouldn’t say: Oh Chelsea Chelsea are a good team, they’re, a good team. I will, I say, a proper team. I think I proper team, as I live, a poor, a city, a good team would be a Chelsea rule all right, but it’s gon na be a hard it’s, not gon na be hard it’s, a big test for them, but they’re on Form our shells on fire Rush foods, you know, as all the United fans reminded me Bruno, we know the midnight and in recent games, I’ve had a word if you unite fans and even said to me, since the last two games, he’s been kind of looking a bit tired and he’s played A lot of games and this games coming, you know, and that beat us our big pitch dog yeah. I just get the feeling our big picture operate. Well, you can just ping his balls in if you ping in the corner round table bar as well. Yeah they’ve got a lot of big time plastic, but they solve Chelsea’s your roots, a big time player, yeah Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong’s being on fire.

But for me I think I think you’re not evil. I’Ll do a day from, I think United. The way they’re playing and momentum, they got they’re chasing the top for Bruno Marshalls on fire. Let me just address it. On yeah, I see a tweet. Yesterday, yeah I mentor. I told me Marshall. I don’t have you trying to get likes? I trying to draw my now but he’s, drawn mine out now, yeah, McCarthy, I’m and say Marcia is better than a bomb Ian. You are smoking butch, but I see I’m, a knife I’m walking past you can hear me. Martial art is nowhere near about my blood clot yang. It took Marshall five years to get 50 goals, yeah it’s, not about me on to burner yeah. For the last five years. A Batman has scored 20 goals plus in the league yeah only for my karate five players have done that year: Messi Levin dusky, I think I’m batty and couple of a man marshy up says the lockdown has gone mad yeah he’s gone mad, but to compare him To a bomb our blood clot yang, who’s, better meet honest who’s Belle right now you don’t you go Specsavers my love to whup your ass. In the final you get well in the cloud tournament next year, yeah you’re done already, you have to be fair, Marshalls been playing, we can uh compared to a buffet but nine. Oh I’m. Sorry, you know you’ve got to judge it over a season exact and to me over a season.

A Bamian has been bit i’m planing, not as good a team exactly right. So to me, I’m. Sorry, I go a Bamian 100 came in. It was mushy our dog yeah yeah. Thank you very much. We got huge lifts up. You see because the bogs are on that love blood. Right. I’M. Sorry, I know I’m with you, man, it’s got ta, be it’s, got ta, be other and it’s got ta. Be a bomb young man, but going back to the game. Yeah predictions whoa I’m gon na go first on this one yeah god it’s difficult man really hard to call this. You know me, I see you’re, not you do it. There I’ve got a funny feeling hazard, yeah, yeah yeah. I just got a funny feeling: yeah yeah, because you’re not I’ve been playing so well yeah and everyone thinks it’s gon na be a United City. Final I’ll just bring you ain’t gon na, be there. I just got a funny feeling: Chelsea Chelsea, a good team man. Now I mean when they click yeah, they’re good. We saw in Baku Russia yeah when they put it there good man and that guy pulled us. It has been playing really well. Captain America, Giroud they’ll. All be up for that game. You know many pieces, remember that’s the only silverware they can win as well. Yeah facts right, so I’m, going Chelsea to one rough yeah, I’m, going your night okay and you’re knighted I’m going your night free one free one, yeah man! I think I freaked Marcia rash furred Bruno hog bark that’s too much for that defense.

Blood, rudakov, amusingly Mama’s been defending blood he’s been moving worse than then, and that Dan flip in David Luiz broke understand. His defenders been absolutely shocking. My brother, you get me that yeah, I think you know I limit it to the sword. I think people don’t underestimate Chelsea they’re, a decent team man yeah, but you’re, not it Duff. You have to look black look at the front freed away their fire even green. With blood you forgetting about Greenwood dog mmm Chelsea, really went on fire power up top dog, they have pull of soot but yeah. They got a threat like that front free. That is a look, but they’ve got she’d a whole united front free ship, where they’ve got a different type of frame. They’Ve got his route I’m sure he’s been on fire man. You get that ball into the books. He does things like that I’m telling you man yeah, I mean and he’s a guy as well. They could soak it up and he can hold a ball up. Bring man in he’s, very good right. I’Ve just got a funny feeling. Man seriously, I know no one’s giving Chelsea a chance in this game and I just got a funny feeling man that they are a decent team man, you’re gon na turn up turn up turn up turn up, so you’ve gone to once I’ve gone to one I’ve Gone free one United. Those are the the to get. Obviously so if a cop um special, so those are the games that we’re predicting obviously don’t forget we’ll, be doing the watch along to the game.

You know really really looking forward to that and it’s. Just a shame really, as I said as fans we can’t be here, it’s, always a massive occasion, semi finals, now yeah I mean used to be just off, obviously to fire them, but now even semi finals, it’s always a massive occasion, but if a still can come Here and get a win, and we get to the FA Cup final after the season that we that Wow – and I remember when we won it – lost some when we beat City in the semi final and Chelsea in the final, if you remember rightly, no one gave Us a prayer in either of those games and, if you remember Chelsea, which is in the double Chelsea, were chasing the double right, and that was a brilliant City team as well with Yaya tour and Guerro. And so a bit comedy was still in there. Probably a bit of City team than the one now now wouldn’t go that far blog remembered a walk at first season as well. He was getting them to learn his photography and empting. Then now they have a now. They know their draw. They’Re trained got that City team. How big are names yeah this city team is more of a team. You understand and you know we can look at sterling. My brother he’s got my son Taylor carotid started now yeah. Maybe a blood clot self seeing send on how do we stop him? How do we stop him? How do we stop the broiler that’s the to find out? We have a fan on the Orton cinema.

Cory, go for be a pepper in it. Do that before go down whoreson and get what I am bidding like about four days, I, like four days old anyway, looking forward to the game coming up this weekend and um, hopefully also can get a win here at wimbly, is where it’s gon na be happening. Remember Saturday, Arsenal taking on Man, City Sunday, Manchester United vs. Chelsea Rubio from a of TV. We just want to say a big thank you to everybody who follows us across our various channels.