The braves are plus a buck and a quarter to win it, and if you like the braves to keep this one close, they’re minus a buck 80 catching the one and a half and following wednesday’s sports wagering action. I’M. Currently, 7 3. In my last 10, extra daily pick premium package plays on patreon dot com, slash brock, page and that’s. A website where i sell sports pick subscriptions beginning at just 1.99 through the end of the month. Link for that website is in the description section below and once again that is page we got mike soroka for the braves jake degrom for the mets de graham coming off one of his most efficient years, 243 era on a very lackluster met squad in 2019. He also went 2 0 in spring training with a 1.29 era: five strikeouts and a 0.28 whip degrom pitches uh. He pitched in 32 games last season and struck out 255 batters. Meanwhile, on the brave side, mike soroca had a solid 2019 himself, although he struck out only 142 batters, he did walk 41 of them and following a uh, you know very impressive, run through the nl east during the regular season last year, the braves you know they Fell off quite quickly in the nl postseason losing the uh division series to the cardinals three games of two now the braves have also lost in six out of soroka’s.

Last 11 starts not the type of numbers you want kind of out of your opening day.

Guy now the mets on the other side, they finished the season uh getting the w into grom’s final four starts. As a matter of fact, the mets gave up just five total runs in jake’s final four starts of the 2019 regular season. New york won five out of their last six games at citi field and they went 5 1 in their last six head to head battles with another member of the national league. Now total wise three out of the grounds last five starts, went over the posted total. Meanwhile, on the brave side, three out of siroka’s last five starts got over the number themselves. So with all that in mind, give me the new york mets minus a dollar 35 in the over seven runs in that game before we go ahead and move on just want to take another quick timeout and welcome you to the video. Welcome you to the balcony. Uh, the balcony cam uh, excuse me, but anyway, uh got some lines and personal leans out for friday’s major league baseball action. The weekend is finally here, but before we dive into some more of that, i just have to quickly remind you once again that after yesterday’s sports, wagering action, we’re, currently five and two in our last seven extra daily picks on brock, page we’re, also 10 and 4 in our last 14 package selections in that same category as well.

If you want some more information on how you can join in on the action link for that site is in the description section below and once again that is patreon.

com page now, moving on we’re going to go ahead and take a look at the phillies taking on The marlins 705 pm eastern first pitch at citizens bank park in south philly, the fills are the two dollar favorite totals eight and a half juice to the under the marlins are plus a dollar 65 to win it. And if you like the fish to keep this one close they’re laying a buck and a quarter for some runline cash. Now we have sandy alcantara for the marlins he’s, getting the start on the bump here. Aaron nola for the fightings nola went 12 7 last year on an underachieving philly squad. Nola struck out an impressive 229 batters and had a 1.26 whip he’s squaring off against sandy alcantara, who finished 6 and 14 last year and struck out only 151 batters sandy also finished out spring training this year, with a 7 5 0 era, giving up 10 earned Runs in 12 innings pitched the marlins finished dead last in the anna lease last season and had the fewest wins in the national league. They actually finished the season 48 games below 500. wow uh. They had arguably the worst pitching staff in the league and they really struggled at the plate as well. Now the phillies on the other side.

They certainly have some. You know key components. Some key players in place for this season and they’re also being led uh this year by former yankee manager, joe girardi.

They got rid of gabe uh gabe kepler he’s over with the giants right now, so several sources are actually predicting this philly squad to sneak into the wild card picture by the end of the shortened season. So only time will tell really can’t uh back the marlins. In this spot here so with all that said and done, give me the phillies minus one and a half and the under eight, no hook in that game, all right! Next matchup we’re going to take a look at the american league i’m. Talking about the mariners taking on the astros 9 10 pm east, the astros are the 3 favorite total 7 and a half juice to the over. The mariners are the plus 250 underdog and, if you like, seattle, to cover they’re plus 1.15 on the run line, marco gonzalez is on the bump for the mariners verlander for the stros justin merlander finished 21 6 in 2019, with a solid 2 5 8 era. No real surprise there, this guy’s, actually he’s been an absolute machine in recent seasons. Uh 223 regular season innings last year, just 64 earned runs given up 300 strikeouts on the dot and seattle’s, certainly going to have their hands full and speaking of the mariners they finished dead. Last in the als last year, 26 games below 500.

. They also won just 33 games away from home marco gonzalez finished the year with a ‘9 era, just a smidge below four.

He gave up 210 hits while also walking 56 batters. He also finished with a whip of 1.31, so not so sure how good the ashers will be at the plate without the trash cans. Uh, maybe they’ll find another way, but they should be able to. You know hold off this mariner squad regardless. So with all that in mind, give me the astros minus one and a half and the under seven and a half runs in that contest and with that we’re going to slide into our next and final match up for the show it’s going to be the la Angels, taking on the oakland athletics, 10, 10 p.m. Eastern first pitch the a’s are minus 154 totals eight and a half flat. The angels are plus a dollar thirty to win it they’re also minus 155 catching the one and a half with andrew heaney for the angels. Frankie montas for the a’s montage was nine and two last season. With a two six three earned run average. He struck out 103 batters in 96 innings pitched and he finished with a 1.11 whip. He is squaring off against andrew heaney. On the other side, who finished just four and six on the season last year, with a terrible era of uh 4.91, he also posted an era of 7.04 in seven and two thirds innings of work during spring training.

This year, heaney also finished 2019 with a 1.29 whip. I really think the angels pitching is going to be suspect this year.

Oakland might not even have to get to the angels bullpen to really blow this one up. So with all that in mind, give me the oakland a’s winning this one outright in the over eight and a half in that game. With that we’re going to go ahead and dive into some shout outs and from our patreon platform shout out to tony isaguire alex91 sean anderson, jw07, stephen heinz pj, desimone, roger montgomery, raj, kamal b, delvin whitehead and derrick pate. Next, from our instagram platform, shout out to cody dunlap keaton johnson, alex shire, aben babu, michael diamond tom, casellica, tamika, melton, phoebe, hope, dave, kantner and will slade and then finally, from our youtube platform, shout out to lewis yates dominique hughes, etienne kalama, michael jordan, thomas martin. Also want to give a shout out to matt mayer, the dingman c dinger, domingo, alves, calico jones and last, but certainly not least, got to give a shout out to my man, thomas kingston, all right guys, that’s going to do it for me once again, don’t forget To check me out on patreon, if you decide you want to dive into a package here today, uh just keep in mind that the way patreon works is will bill you the day you sign up and then the first of every month, following that that’s just kind Of how patreon’s billing cycle works so the bill you the day you sign up and then the first of every month following that.

So if you were, you know to decide to pull the trigger on a package here today, we’re gon na bill you today and then you will get billed on the 1st of august following that, then after that you’re just going to get auto build on the first Of every month, just auto renewed, and you can cancel at any time just make sure that if you do not want to receive these plays any longer on patreon make sure you have to unsubscribe yourself. I can’t do it for you so anyway, guys that is gon na. Do it uh. For me, hey mlb’s, back major league baseball is back it’s a great time of year. Hopefully we keep things going and stay out of harm’s way and we don’t uh. You know have any corona relapses. Hopefully we can continue to move on with normal life and really uh kick this uh. This virus uh right in the butt and get rid of it, but anyway guys it’s great to have uh sports. Back with that said, i got ta. Thank you guys for joining me right here on youtube. I really hope you enjoyed all this great free content, all this great free information and with that said, happy thursday or friday to you, depending on when you’re watching this best of luck to you, and i look forward to seeing you later on today on my website.