Should we be having a season i mean? Probably not, but guess what we’re getting one anyway so what’s going on everybody, it’s, dawson and strapin it’s time for my full 2020 mlb season preview. In this video, we will be going over some of the changes this year due to the pandemic and how this will affect the season, because it will affect things a lot. What to expect from every single team this year and finally, my predictions for this year because i’m somewhat of a predictions guy myself, but i see the nationals winning this series and winning the world series in six games. Music, all right, let’s, get started. Second, deck home run for harper, since mlb owners and players are as bad at negotiating as people who speak different languages. We will only be getting a 60 game season this year, but not only is the amount of games different, but who teams will play in those games has changed drastically as well to try and keep players as safe as possible. Mlb has come up with different regions that each team will play in so teams on the west region will only play. Teams on the west region. East will only play east central when we play central you get it here. Is a map by darren willman of what the travel situation will look like for the playoffs mlb will keep the same. Wild card format and divisions will remain the same as well, but as far as redder season goes, we will get to see some inner league matchups.

That we rarely get to see like the first game of the year nationals versus yankees. However, this also means Music. It is gone. Some people are going to really love this and some are going to absolutely hate it, but for the first time ever there will be a designated hitter in the national league, good news for the purists it doesn’t look like this will be permanent. Quite yet, but i wouldn’t be surprised if it became permanent sometime in the next few years. However, this should be able to help out a few nlps that have a stat position on their roster with no minor league season. This year, teams will have 60 players as a part of their player, pool that they can call up to the active roster for the first two weeks of the season, teams will have 30 man active rosters, the next two weeks. It will cut down to 28 and then for the rest of the season. It will be cut down to the new normal 26.. It is also very important that i mention opt outs. Any player is allowed to opt out at any reason. At any time, players who do opt out will not be paid. There are a few notable players that have already opted out of the 2020 season. I will put the full list of who those players are in the description and try to update it. As best as i can Applause, there will be a few rule changes this year, but for now only one of them will be permanent.

The three batter minimum will be in place this year and it is here to stay. Any relief pitcher entering the game will be forced to face at least three batters or finish the inning r.i.p lugies this year. We will also see the dreaded runner on second base to start extra innings role. However, this rule will not be in effect for postseason games. It will only be there for the regular season. Applause, alright, now that we got all of the changes out of the way let’s go ahead and look at what to expect from every single mlb team starting up east. I think the yankees made it pretty clear that they are going all in for another chance to win the world series after they signed garrett cole to the largest pitcher contract ever last december, and the yankees are in a prime position to win the world series this Year they are currently the favorites in the al, but the biggest question around this team is whether or not they can stay healthy for the regular season. Even if some players get injured, they will probably be fine. I mean they had a lot of injuries last year and still won over 100 games. However, they will need those key players back for the playoffs if the yankees want to win their 28th world series this year, Music, the rey’s player development magic, is looking to tape. Them a bit deeper into the playoffs this year, while they do have a lot of depth.

Their pitching does raise some questions, but if the top of the rotation is able to stay healthy and the bullpen is able to fill the hole left by emilio pagan, who is now a padre, it is very possible that the rays can beat out the yankees. In a 60 game sprint to win the al east, it looks like boston’s pattern from world series to complete destruction is going to continue. Mookie betts and david price are gone and who knows what is going on with chris sale, while the red sox are not in full tank mode, at least not yet without their key pieces, they are looking like a middle of the road team at best, and if I had to guess i would say they will probably finish third or fourth in the east, depending on how the blue jays do. Speaking of the blue jays Music, the blue jays are continuing to get closer and closer to being able to compete for the ali’s crown, but they aren’t there. Quite yet the rotation has improved and the reuse signing was absolutely great. It does look like their number one prospect. Nate pearson will be called up this year as well. It is possible that the blue jays will end up finding themselves in a position to compete for an ale wild card spot, but even if they do, i don’t see them going deep into the playoffs they aren’t there yet, but blue jays you’re well on your way.

Music, it has been a while, but the orioles find themselves in the same position as they have the past few seasons. Let the tank continue on, but hey look on the bright side. The farm is starting to improve and you still have trey mancini after getting swept by the yankees in last year’s alds. Everyone knew the twins needed to improve their pitching. So what did they do? They signed third baseman josh donaldson to a four year, deal taking him into his age 38 season. Of course now they did made some improvements to their staff acquiring rich hill and kenta maeda, but this isn’t, the big pitching acquisition a lot of people were expecting. The twins. Lineup looks great, and i currently have them as my favorites to win the central, but i don’t see it likely for them to go on a deep playoff run without another bid named starter. Cleveland is in a very weird spot. Right now, it looks like lindor will be on his way out soon and their ace cory. Kluber got traded away in the off season, but even with all of that, going on the indians are still contending. I guess they do have the core pieces right now. That are required to pursue a championship, but it seems like their ownership. Hasn’T done anything with the twins and wide slots on their way. Up, as for this year, i don’t see cleveland becoming anything more than a wild card team.

It just seems like they aren’t motivated to meet the changes that could give them a legitimate shot at a championship. I absolutely love what the white sox did this off season and i think their efforts will show in their record this year. They are on their way up and believe me, they do need some tweets, but for right now the socks are still a very good team. They are kind of in a similar spot as the blue jays, but they are just a lot closer to contention right now. The white sox will give the twins a run for their money in the central, but i’d say the more likely scenario right now is for the sods to make it to the playoffs as a wild card team if they make it Music royals. May i just say that taking ace lacy fourth overall beautiful, take all of the chef kisses, but as for the royals right now, they are getting closer to being able to compete again. Mike matheny, taking over should be great and getting a few guys back from injury. Should help improve the team this year, keep it going and the royals could be back to competing, maybe even next year. I don’t think i really need to sugarcoat things. The tigers are still continuing to tank and will probably be the worst team in the league this year, at least maize might get called up or not depends. If the tigers decide, they want to abuse a service time.

Astros are looking to make it back to the world series again this year, and man is the pressure on now without any of the players being punished. The astro should be at full strength. Bregman is one of the more likely contenders for mvp this year and, although they lost coal, verlander should still be excellent at the top of the rotation. As always, we will see how dusty baker does while managing a team with so much controversy, but it’s bet to see the astros making another deep run in the playoffs. If all goes well, you can never really count out oathlin. Can you most of last year’s team that won 97 games is back and matt chapman is ready to explode, especially since he’s used to not having that many fans at games. The a’s are still a few pieces away from making a deep playoff run, but this year it’s looking very likely that they will at least make it back to the wild card Music. The rangers did everything they could to put the division contendi team on the field for their new stadium, but they just aren’t there. While the trade for kluber was interesting, it looks like he is starting to decline. They still have one of the worst defenses in baseball and the lineup just won’t be able to keep up with the runs. The pitching staff gives up there’s a lot of new things going on in anaheim, but it’s, not enough joe madden was given a bunch of money to become their new manager and something else oh yeah.

They signed anthony rendon feels like ages ago. At this point, i kind of forgot that it even happened: anyways even with rendon the angels don’t have enough to compete for a title. If things go well, maybe a wild card spot. But who even knows if mike trout is going to play for a majority of the season, but for this offseason angels, please get some more pitching Music. Seattle is one of those teams rebuilding, but their prospect farm is starting to look very nice, as for now at the major league level, the mariners will just keep doing what they’re doing, but do keep a look out for shedlawn’s bat. This year, the braves are still very young but it’s time that they go on a deep playoff run. They have more than enough pieces to do so, and while the loss of donaldson will hurt, they are still one of the favorites in the national league, not to mention they just signed yasiel pui to help fill out their outfield. The question with atlanta isn’t, whether or not they will make the playoffs. The question has now become with them. How far can they go Music? I know some people will call me crazy to say the nationals are world series contenders, but people were saying the same thing. Last year, the only real big loss the nats have is losing anthony rendon to the angels, which, yes, that loss does hurt a lot, but they aren’t completely stranded at the hot corner top prospect carter kibum is expected to be the third baseman starter.

This year i saw him play around 50 games last year and this guy absolutely demolishes the baseball. He may not ever end up being random, but he is still a very good player, but the thing that people are forgetting about the nationals is that the top of their rotation is the best in baseball and all of them are returning and, as we all know, Pitching wins championships, the mets are probably one of the hardest teams to evaluate every year. They either go on a huge run or they disappoint and fall below expectations, and the usual result is the latter, rather than the former. This year, the mets do have a shot, but i don’t know about their pitching. Cinder. Guard is out for the year strolling can be very up and down, and at the time of writing this degrom might be injured again. It is a stitchy game season, but realistically, i think it’s a stretch that the mets win the division. However, they will definitely be there in the wild card hunt Music. The phillies are going to be a good team. They are just a little rough around the edges. Andrew mccutchen is coming back and he was playing great last year, but after an injury like that, who knows how any player will perform when they return their offense is solid. They do have the best catcher in baseball and some other guy who’s, also good at hitting. But their pitching just isn’t there, yet especially their bullpen, but philly you’re close, the marlins are still rebuilding and they will be for a few more years.

The good news is a lot of their prospects, are getting closer to the majors and we could see some of them coming up this year, so the rebuild shouldn’t last for too much longer. Next, the cardinals will pretty much always be division contenders, but this year the offense just isn’t there last year during the nlcs, the cardinals offense got absolutely exposed by the nationals and this year with no marcelo zuna, the offense just isn’t there for them to be a Serious world series contender Music. If i had to guess, i would say that the brewers are going to end up being haunted by their starting pitching once again. Their offense is all right, but the loss of moose will definitely hurt the core of their lineup. Their current younger starters can improve. I just don’t think it will be enough for them to win the central. The cubs absolutely fell off a cliff at the end of last year, but i wouldn’t expect the same sort of thing this year the team is almost identical. Apart from the losses of cole hamilton, nick castiano’s, and they are now being managed by david ross, the team is good, but i don’t see them getting past some of the nl powerhouses if they made it that deep into the playoffs Music, the reds are one of The more slept on teams going into this year, but if they perform as expected, i would not be surprised at all if they make it to the world series.

Castianos and mustachus will be great in that lineup. Their defense, probably won’t, be very good, but their pitching should help make up. For that seriously, though, look out for the reds this past offseason the pirates finally moved on and are starting to build for the future, as for this year, they do have some talent, but not enough to put them in contention, see you in a few years, pittsburgh. Music, the padres are on their way to becoming a new powerhouse in mlb, but they aren’t there. Yet more and more of their prospects will come up this year and the padres should finish around or slightly below 500. Music. I genuinely don’t know what the rocky’s direction is. It seems like they’re trying to compete, but at the same time they barely do anything to improve their current roster. It just looks like they are set for a repeat of last year’s disappointment. The giants are going to keep the light rebuild going a lot of their core pieces from those world series teams are still there but it’s just not the same as it used to be with posey sitting out. I would expect top prospect joey bart to be called up sometime this year, but other than him most of their prospects should probably stay down at camp madison bumgarner is on the dummy vets now and man. That’S, weird, the diamond bats, are looking pretty solid going into this year and they could even make a run at one of the nl wild card spots.

This is really surprising for them, considering that they are partly rebuilding, but it looks like even if the d bats don’t make the playoffs, they will still finish top two in the nl west. If the dodgers do not win the world series this year, i don’t think they will ever win it with this core. The team now is the best it has ever been and frankly, i don’t think there is anyone in the nl that has the talent and depth that they have, but it is the dodgers in october. So we’ll just have to see what happens. This video is already long enough, so i’m going to go pretty quick with the predictions this year for mvps in the nl i have juan soto and in the al i have francisco lindor for cy younes in the nl i have walker bueller and in the al. I have justin verlander and for my world series match up this year, i have yankees versus dodgers, with the yankees winning in six games predictable. Yes, i know – and i didn’t want to pick this matchup either, but after looking at all the teams this year, i don’t see any other teams. Besides the astros and possibly the braves that are very close to the yankees and dodgers yankees vs dodgers has seemed like an inevitable world series match of the last few years and if it’s ever going to happen, it looks like this year is going to be the Year, whether we like it or not, the good news is, though, is that this is a 60 game season and there’s really a lot that can happen from teams in that short amount of time, so it can almost be anyone’s year this year.

Let me know in the comments below what are your predictions for the world series this year. Thank you all for watching and if you enjoyed be sure to drop a like on the video and subscribe to the channel. If you are new, we got new content. Dropping all season long and i wouldn’t want some of y’all to miss out best of luck this year to whatever team you support. I hope you all have a great opening day and i will see you guys in the next one i wan na get to know you. You got some i wan na kiss it hold.