But the guy, at the top of the line tonight on the ground that went off of your shrimps, love to see this again and one of the big little extra pounds than that. This would have easily right it’s about the giants, as gabe kepler told slapped in the hole and not a single the summer camp game against the athletics at home. Scenery, you see it start off the plate and comes back beats that one into the ground may have some time couple. The dodgers come in the back. When we come back between the position and the name. L four opening day starts. It’S low opening day starts Applause right and the timing was curious to la o2 that runs high one and two organization and the money they have and that one fouled off and a little deception right there. By john, he was the only major leaguer last pitch quick pitch this one, quick pitch and we’ll. Look for our left fielder to make a catch up against the wall. Shift on and nasty pitch yeah just go ahead. It just shows you that he was going to start today how about that opening day and how about that? Ah so pitches mauricio dubois the ground and that’s fielded by turner and justin turkin about the way that gabe kaplan think we should get used to the giants.

Using a shift by dave roberts for crawford what that mound up is middle tough play, kike heard rain delay no rain in los angeles, but in the bottom of the second inning, followed by corey scene day.

The dodgers had eight home runs that one inside and it got turner rodgers in 2019., that was presented by statcast 3d walker. Bueller in a short season could be there. They have raved about on the bag. The expectations who is left he quickly, steps on the bag throws a bullet ball one been a year ago, not this year. He can he had dodgers and that was moogie bets, given this team outside of the area and in anaheim, and that one is inning at third out. I should say that guy gave prank to see the action steps that we’re taking today, basically all different right we’re. You know where i think uh people are prepared for them, as together we’re in this uh as a team last year relative to what he’s got this year. How different is it for him, as you see, giving a little perspective a little different 3 2 laced into right field and that ball was hit so hard, adam and freezes right there after the secondary do a close play, but the giants nobody out two on and That ball is laced into center field station the station just taking what they. Of course, the giants have gone now. 26, a lot of attention to those numbers and gabe capper.

The phillies were fourth pablo, looks like it’s deep enough from pablo sandoval and it’s one, nothing. San francisco, the ball in the air pablo 2007 and then the streak of new ones began and dave roberts, nasty swing and a miss and a good geared up for the fastball and then all of a sudden.

He throws that’s well, he played last year into the ground and turner. I think giants. Do that is as good as this one. I i think it’s funny dave is right. They got guys that can run also they can beat you in so many different ways. Speed pitch aj, pollock’s gon na have to go without that. You know deserves even more credit soon. Homer here just shows you. This is a great ballpark in which to pitch well, this is what he does he’s a disrupter of the timing, wow every time, he’s muncie right center field and fair first hit of the night out of off speed, stop first time full out to left double of The year he had 22 last year and here’s mookie bit romer flores one nothing giants. Young pitcher for the los angeles dodgers, justin may watches a ball fall in the glove uh, but things are good. We, you know if you, you got ta hope that the the other jersey’s gon na kind of help you that way. Obviously we’ve been playing walker. What yeah? You know you kind of you guys are so used to having a full house there at dodger stadium and then there’s, none that’s a good pitch there, great so far, even though he’s down one nothing for an update on what’s good here as far as tempo hit, It hard the dodgers, have worked.

We’Ve seen, plato, it’s hard to study him on film you’re like okay, get that light.

Kick that justin also had uh after three weeks of the training players have gone through right now. These players Applause. Well, you get a couple’s guy who’s, always in the conversation this is. He sends this one. The other way it’s going to get down guy in the healthy. The first time in a few years, kike hernandez will try to even rogers a lead. This one a little blooper it’s gon na drop and make it 1 1. His mind is caught up with with his tools that’s, where you got the sense that mookie will in a particular role like hitting lead off. Mookie betts is going to be the lead off. Hitter for the corp are going to be here to stay cradle, misses and guys watch johnny, cueto great on the ground and that’ll do giants one one through four, as we watch tyler heinemann foul one off what what the impound these players right! Next, guy and that’s the real tricky – i know – davey martinez was said. I and this ball shallow right field, bets won’t, get space, all six that’s, a good pitch ben bottom of the strike zone, florida up in the zone – and this time goes with that the inning ends he doesn’t have to come back hard enough. This ties the manager’s hands even more we’ll see in this case there are some teams who, if a ball ferguson, will go to second and get the odd off third base dodgers top of the field ready to go, and then just business raiders locker room now they’ve Been keeping that from us for too long i mean that thing.

Is it it’s, like some white noise in the background, while you’re playing the level – and i see a contract like that out there and takes care of business? And then you know it good things happen. A lot of pride in that you know the deeper you play the more he’ll, see us down the line and to be able to say player movement, especially when they’re all heading to your neck of the woods. Whether that’s, for you know good baseball, good weather there and you said marcus and olsen, but you didn’t put yourself in that the the bitterness of the way it ended last year, yeah, you know, learn from each other, that kind of run and take the astros down Off of it – and we know this is going to be just played july, baseball or so much energy huh chapman was first drew smiley. How teams used the pen and long then versus just the three guys and bullpen continues again so minimum three, so the dodgers 41 and 19 through 60 last, you know feel like the end, i would say around the fifth though they don’t play every day. When is it that you start panicking benefit from the postseason, in this case expanded, playoffs or not, here to stay, you have to play a three game series to start the playoffs. It takes a little bit. This is great compared to what we’ve been doing for the last four months, but they’re count owen two to joe mccarthy popped up shallow left and it is for the dodgers tied 1 1.

Just one run so far tonight hernandez tried to bleed felt a lot like during summer that the ball to throw an opening day game at dodger, stadium and empty peterson beats that one into the ground heads back to the they can hear you. He said it was and now so aj pollock will reach base, play shortstop and just to play center field tonight, but they move him over to second base.