I don’t know if he thought the fence was coming or he thought michael a had it, but look at him. Applause, 21 years of it jay skipper nice pitch off speed, diving junior once he got into the 3 1 count in the 3. 2 count was automatic. First, guy saw it, though, over seven, looking for his and brandon jury, a right handed batter next by him a couple years. He was with the d backs fifth round last year on the ground cabrera. The short way waiting as castro runs four nine against michael, a taylor and they’ll see 26 year old trent thornton last year had a 217 average against guerrero junior hall of fame right on the edge upper part of the zone him by tomorrow, wednesday or thursday. Long way to go for biggio the second baseman i think, that’s a hit. What do you think swinging? A miss we’ll put alex to work in a minute when we convection with our pen fed credit union sideline panic who went healthy, got a pretty lively bet. Dave let’s, not forget that we’re just it’s july high in the air out to victor robert former. So again, as druba overlaps eyeball for adam eaton, looking up into the sun it’s because he has the glasses on and their shade at home plate and you’re.

Looking it’s not twilight play with your oakleys. You have shades on look swang and a miss this one straight away: center fernandez, back Applause, 273 career hitter.

I can hear still he’ll still we had a game going in here. It really became obvious. Fun supports local, non profits, delivering any other now doesn’t. He he does that ball is rocked into left, threw his bat to a great start high in the air hernandez going back and that suzuki to second got ta go halfway here, so see him down the corner, retreating to be halfway around shorts. First taylor: can’t! Stop on a pitch out of the zone, two fly ball to left, trey turner under it, hernandez drifting for it Applause, communism and what would become the first major name yeah, what a hitter so is he gon na move? He had a double to that lead tonight. Swing and a miss that was quite a battle and the veteran settings of one hit ball. Didn’T allow a hit until the bottom of the eighth remember, jose martinez came off the two which didn’t hurt see bnc bank helping to make banking first time it was a fastball. He thought was up and away so he’s not waiting around this time. Same guys, great baseball players could swing by adam eaton right, there lita behind the bag at second first time, machine and a great person castro got over the top of it. I think that was all created that top spin by time, top spin left side drury to biggio Applause, Music in the left straight forward to get it stranded, five runners suzuki’s, given him and this the right by rowdy down and got it and that’s his first of The year the ball is jumping tonight, get in the air to right tonight.

Right seems like yeah, lift and separate, because the ball is rowdy teles had him all locked up. Sencha strike up. That ball makes a loud sound on a towering drive to left center and the blansolo home runs. We talked about it yesterday, carp i’ve walked a couple times this year in their three games to right field. First time the one that outs in the air to left look how far that one’s carrying that was a three nothing blue, jays there’s, a ball hit hard that’s. How you beat the shift. Chances are walking a knock tonight, pretty swing right there. He rips it fair into the left field corner and it gets deep into. The corn might have a play at the plate and suzuki first rbi of the year and then well that’ll work not an easy flight being over, and then he couldn’t find the bag and the time runs on base, but with just a 60 game schedule. They want his bat in the lineup, so he’s line drive, trouble at first Applause what’s up, and that was all it took on. A line drive so did baddies fly out to left and wants to center easy. Take another base, runner upcoming schedule sandy spring bank, real banking, for real. I think he was jay’s thinking it and would turn her on the move again. A pop up, joe panic, got it short, here’s tia, then a swinging strikeout to end the second new guy yeah and that ball out of the way adam eden can only watch cenati or coors field.

Tonight i mean last year 22 the year before that oh he’s, going to buzz him on the inside edge bidgeo. Remember we were up there two years ago, there’s a big hotel, adam eaton, on the way and start toronto originally drafted by the nats in the fourth round, two for three on a ball down to nibble there’s, the mound seeing eye hit cable driving nuts man that’s. The one he needed now watch him go uh, oh for two, but he hit it hard last time, drooble in he turns on it and it’s another line drive into an infield big level with the angels last year, but a business one better thing with: oh he’s Got to go three better taylor, circling behind it, trey turner out there, one out swing and a miss sam freeman doesn’t, throw the number nasty change up by sam freeman. I love it. Four pitch: walk to the left: hander joe panic, everybody to go, get the ring right, they did and they did there’s a line drive. So here things will walk and the lefty all locked up. We talked about thornton being kind of a vertical guy. This guy’s. Here we can’t talk to players 90, suzuki out to left center. The oscar hurt that was exciting yeah that got me fired up and we’re. The no swing says todd same pitch. Victor knew at that time: yeah that’s, not normal. When you know you get the other way inside out swing like olay henders loud sound man that guy’s been swinging it tonight.

Great lightning, quick, kevin bidgeo approaching twilight affects the families, not knowing. Where once and the question are they going to pay play the crowd? Let’S play ball? No problem: do they play the canadian anthem that’s around nine fingers or ten? Oh, but here we go top of the order. His head turned. He went home and maybe he does, that 99 turns it goes home, so missing away, that’s a good bet by adam eaton two on one out and the change here in the seventh tying run about to come to the batter’s box and cat from markham six. Four 200 pounds that one kind comes pretty good, take two and one, and this one popped into derrick fisher to third drury on the run lead by three on austin, both roark was a lights. Taking effect 20 and 50. that’s allowed center stay in the yard.