They did what’s going on guys. It’S fuzzy welcome back to yet another major league baseball recap. If you are brand new to the channel. This is a series where we talk about baseball every single day of the season, so if you don’t have mlb network, if you don’t have espn, this is the place to be, and before we actually start talking about baseball, i have to say thank you guys from The bottom of my heart, we have officially surpassed 200 000 subscribers. We did it on my birthday yesterday, so to everyone watching this video again. Thank you so much. You have completely changed my life love you guys so much, but not to be too cheesy not to get too mushy we’re gon na go ahead and move on to baseball because that’s, why you guys are here? What i wanted to do real quick is: i wanted to show you guys mlb’s power rankings for the 2020 season, so, as you guys can see there’s a tier list, so it’s broken up into seven tiers. If we start from the bottom, we have all of the kind of bad teams the teams that don’t really have a chance to make the playoffs. Then, if we move one stair up, we have the blue jays, the padres, the rangers and the white sox i’m. Not quite too sure what these tiers are, but we go from that to the cubs, the indians, the red sox and the rockies we’ll talk about the red sox in just a second.

But what do you guys make of all this? Let me know in the comment section down below because, to be honest, this is probably one of the worst graphics i’ve ever seen in my entire life. Come on mlb we got ta, do a better job i’m super confused by this. Listen also the red sox and the indians and the cubs i mean they’re, not in the same category as the rockies, so let’s get this figured out all right, well, um, that’s, interesting, so some breaking news for you guys and it’s kind of ironic because i’m wearing Some reds gear today derek dietrich, the guy that absolutely erupted last year and then kind of you know faltered off the rest of the season. The guy who stole the show with his pimp jobs for the reds last year in 2019, especially against the pirates. That was a lot of fun to watch. He has now been released. The reds have granted him his opt out because i don’t think that he was going to make the main roster just like aristidis aquino, so the reds are saying goodbye to derek dietrich. I want you guys to let me know in the comment section down below which team do you think that he would be best suiting up for? Do you think that maybe he would go to the padres because they’re still looking for a second baseman, i know they traded for jorge mateo and jerks and pro far but dietrich he could be a nice bench back.

Maybe he goes to the cubs i don’t know. I think a lot of teams could benefit from a bench bet or even a starting second baseman in derek dietrich, so so that’s, a very surprised news update for me. Yeah literally popped up on my phone about two seconds ago: we’re not gon na waste. Any more time we’re gon na swan dive into the meat and potatoes of today’s video, the astros did something right and when i say they did something right, this is huge. Now i could be wrong on the fact that i’ve never seen this done before. I think major league baseball itself has done this throughout the course of the mlb at bat app being live. I just haven’t seen it done in a while, but they listened to us. What did we want for the 2020 season? We wanted free baseball because, because let’s be honest, the game of baseball has kind of been screwing. The viewers at home for a good amount of time, with blackouts. First of all, blackout shouldn’t be a thing, but if they can’t go away, you might as well do a deal like what the astros did where they gave the game today versus the royals for free. So, even if you’re, not an astros fan, let’s say that your home team is blacked out. The astros are playing the royals today, and everyone is going to be able to view it live for free on the mlb at bat.

App now there’s also going to be audio included, which sometimes you just get a live feed where a pitch is thrown, then it shows up as a ball or strike it’s very boring, it’s pointless in my opinion, but there’s audio there’s. Video i’m super happy that they’re deciding to do this, and i hope that the rest of major league baseball follows suit. So i didn’t think i’d be saying this anytime soon, but that is a round of applause for the houston astros. They listened and they followed suit. With a course of action that is really awesome, so maybe the boston red sox can get on this, the yankees, the dodgers, the indians or anyone in las vegas for that matter, because the people of las vegas where i live, we would very much appreciate it. Considering we have six teams, six teams blacked out going into the 2020 mlb season. So even if i buy mlb tv i can’t watch a fifth of the league it’s completely stupid. It needs to go away. So i commend the astros. So let me know what you guys think about this story. In the comment section down below cody bellinger looks primed and ready to go. Yesterday he had an absolute moon, shot for a grand slam and also someone else in that game could tell marte. He looks ready to go as well a couple weeks ago. I predicted that both him christian yelich and then a third other guy.

I think i said anthony rendon. Those three guys have a chance to hit 400 and 2020 and martay is proving me right. I think that he is going to have another special season, but yeah cody ballinger could tell marty in the same game there’s something special. 2 2 ballinger turns on it lifts it down the line to right back towards the pole, calhoun to the wall, a grand slam. Oh, we got into that one drives it deep to right field: mookie betts is there, and katel marte sends one out of dodger stadium. Now this is exciting news as well. Shohei ohtani had his final test of the summer camp because we have three days between now and opening day, so we have to make sure that all of the question marks are answered and shohei otani pitching has officially been answered. He is going to pitch once a week every single sunday, so if you’re going to church just know later that day, shohei ohtani is going to be taking the mount. So the last start that he had. I think it was an interest squad or an intramural practice. He went five innings, he only allowed one run and he struck out six hitters, so he’s healthy, he’s ready to go his arm is looking good. His knee is looking good as well, because that kind of derailed this 2019 season was the knee in terms of hitting. So he’s gon na be ready to go full force and i can’t wait to see what he can do.

I’M so excited the yankees, absolutely dismantled the new york mets yesterday, no interest squad or summer camp. Anything like that. This was legitimately a real game. I know a lot of these guys are going through the motions, but still you want to see progression with the players that are taking the field. Aaron judge and the yankees hit five home runs in a route to absolutely destroying the met. So if you’re a mets fan, you might want to look away for a quick second, but if you’re a yankees fan enjoy here’s. My early christmas present to you the back end of that bullpen that can fill it and he does massage high drive deep into center field memo back still back. Looking up see ya into monument park, a long home run uh, oh here’s, another blow for the boston red sox, the newest member of their starting rotation. Carla mchugh has decided to sit out for 2020.. This i mean who are the who do the red sox have? If you’re talking about pitchers, i know chris sale is not going to be in the rotation, i don’t believe they just got back eduardo rodriguez. Nathan, avaldi is going to be starting this season on opening day with a 5.99 era. I mean the red sox are just kind of a shell of themselves and it’s kind of weird to say that out loud, their bullpen is not very good. Their lineup is still going to be decent, headed by jd martinez and devers and bogarts and even verdugo.

I think that he’s going to be special, but if you’re a red sox fan. I said this in yesterday’s video it’s, just not a great time to be alive. Right now, it’s i mean you got all of your world series in the last couple seasons. So i guess you could have one off year, but it’s not fun, to call him q. He sits out that hurts them now the final story of today. I cannot believe that it has been brought up yet again, francisco lindor according to mlb, and this article is the number one trade bait candidate for the cleveland indians, which i guess is kind of obvious it’s, all going to depend on the first 15 to 20 games. If the indians come out playing like absolute doo doo, they might be trading away my favorite player since grady sizemore. So i hope that does not happen. I have to imagine that it there’s definitely a possibility, especially considering with what i just said. If we start really slow, i mean the twins are going to be really good. The white sox are improved and that’s, really it. If you’re talking about the american league central, so it’s going to be a three headed race to the finish line and we have to compete with some of the best teams and most improved teams in baseball, but that’s gon na do for today’s video. Thank you all. So much for the new faces that have joined fuzzy nation over the past couple days.

You guys are truly making this 2020 baseball season just a little bit more salvageable, because i know we started off super rough with the quarantine spring training was cancelled. Then all the negotiations were falling through then players were getting upset and then we just here we are 200 000 subs. Thank you guys so much one more time. I would not be able to do this without you guys so make sure you give yourself a pat on the back tip a cap to yourself in the mirror, because you guys deserve it, but now let’s get into this day in major league baseball history enjoy Applause With two runs back runner goes pitch cut on driven right field, pretty deep sammy back sammy leaps. It is in the basket. I think yes, it a is three homer game, unbelievable Applause, oh and that one’s to right down the line is this it? It is going and then it is 500 for hideki matsui off the foul pole. Number 500. ryan.