What what do you mean? Fuzzy majorly baseball – i woke up this morning to a community post with myself tagged in it and all the fuzzination majorly baseball, shouted us out and congratulated us on surpassing 200 000 subscribers. So you already know that this 2020 season is going to be so special. Two days left until opening day, so we have derek jeter days left. We have who else is number two and major league baseball? Who else has been number two? I can’t remember, but this is how many days left our until opening day. We have a ton of news to recap. From yesterday. Some history has been made from aaron judge to the san francisco giants, but we’re gon na go ahead and dissect all of that today and if you guys are brand new to the channel. We talk about this stuff every single day and we will be doing it every single day of the 2020 season. So if you don’t have espn or mlb network, this is the place to be. We interrupt mlb recap to bring you some breaking news. The dodgers have cut gavin lux from the 2020 main roster, so just three or four months ago. They refused to trade him for francisco lindor and now he’s, not even gon na be on the team for 2020. So if you’re a dodgers fan, let me know your thoughts, because this is wild to me, but to start off the video.

I quickly want to show you a very happy moment. So if you’ve never heard of logan o’happy, i wouldn’t blame you i’ve never heard of him either, but he is a phillies prospect. He is a catcher in that organization, but he grew up a yankees fan. So yesterday he got to play the yankees and you can see by his face right now that he looks like he is the happiest guy in the entire world. He is a kid in a candy shop. I wish that i would have never quit playing baseball because i can’t imagine how it would feel to play live in front of all of your people watching from back home in your favorite ballpark of all time. So i wanted to show you this and also guys. I found a little easter egg of logan ohapi in yankee stadium before he was actually drafted to the phillies. He caught a home run ball, so i want you guys to check it out. It’S it’s, pretty special this. This is maddie machado against cece. Sabathia hits this bomb into the upper deck that is logan o’happy april 6, 2018 from west islip new york and he fires it back into the place dude. This next topic made me crack up so much alright. So a lot of people have been concerned that you know what the astros they got off easy. We cannot boo them because the fans are not allowed in the stadiums for this season.

Um no scratch that. So if i take a look at this article right now, i’ll go ahead and link it it’s from john paul morocy on mlb.com, so there’s a brand new feature on the mlb app where us, as fans, are going to be able to dictate how the the stadium Sounds are going to be utilized once the game is actually live. So, as we can see, it is called cheer at the ballpark it’s going to allow users to communicate the roars, applause and booze to stadium staff at games. They’Re watching those emotions will be incorporated into decisions by sound engineers regarding the piped in ballpark sounds that will be added to the ambiance of every major league game. So you would almost have to imagine all the yankees games. All of the dodgers games all of the astros games, the games that are going to have the most people watching, i feel, like a lot of people, are going to abuse. This feature that, even though they’re playing at yankee stadium you’re going to hear some booze versus yankee players, because maybe it’s the yankees versus the red, sox and the red sox know more about this app than the yankees fans. And then they just press boo and spam. It i actually think this is pretty nifty. I think it’s a lofty idea, considering we can’t have fans in the ballpark. So if you guys have not downloaded the mlb.com app or maybe it’s just on mlb.

com i’ll go ahead and link it in the description down below. If you guys want to cheer, if you guys want to applause, if you guys want to boo anyone in specific astros – oh sorry, it’s very dusty in my room, i need some water excuse me, but yeah. I just wanted to update you guys real quick, because i didn’t know that this feature was being implemented until last night, when i was doing some research for this video. So there you go it’s called cheer at the ballpark. You could probably just google it, but opening day you can applause, you can cheer, you can boo, do whatever you want to do. You can feel like you’re in the stadium and actually that’s, pretty cool good job. Major league baseball, you’re kind of coming around a little bit now, speaking of kind of coming around a little bit. I feel like the giants and the city of san francisco are always going to be the most progressive team, just in terms of social issues and everything else in between they hire the first ever female coach and alyssa natkin, and she knows her stuff. I watched an interview from her yesterday and she was using words that i mean i still can’t even comprehend. She knows her stuff she’s awesome of what she does and yesterday she made her debut on the field at first base. So i wanted to go ahead and give a quick round of applause as well.

I really like that the giants are doing this. There are a lot of angry fans on twitter. I will say that they have actually done this in specific aubry huff, but i think for every one person that likes aubry huff there’s about 10 people that dislike him and don’t agree with his opinions. But here we go alyssa mackin, i tip my hat off to you. This is an awesome moment now that was the first time a female has ever been introduced to baseball on the field as an actual coach, alyssa nackin is making history. Another player that is making unofficial history is aaron, judge, vince velasquez of the phillies, he retired the side. He got one out, he got two outs and then he got the third out. But what happened is joe girardi of the phillies and then aaron boone of the yankees. They decided to go ahead and say you know what vince velazquez. He only threw a couple pitches just stay out there, so he was pitching past the third out. For the first time that i can really remember – and he was not happy about this – but you know who was aaron – judge who hit the first home run ever after three outs, a little different right, so velasquez said i’m done that’s the way to go out. So it does count as a home run here. You’Ll see, judge, go what what’s going on here: hands out i’ll go back to the dugout, no no it’s a home run.

This is why i love my job. This is exactly why i mean what’s not to love about all the stories that we’ve talked about today. It’S, been such a great video i’m having a blast i’m, so excited that baseball’s, almost back. Okay, let’s focus i’m, pretty sure that all of you dodgers fans are pretty excited for baseball to return as well, especially considering mookie betts has done it again. He homered yet again, so i don’t know how many that is, maybe four or five already in summer camp. He is primed and ready to go and then also angels, outfielder, um dodgers, outfielder jack peterson. He got in on the action as well. I’M. Sorry, angels fans that i still cannot believe that trade did not happen. Ready himself flies this one to center field and deep way back there and gone here. It comes that pitch is hit in the air to left center field. Back goes marta at the track. At the wall and gone that’s, why it’s uncomfortable now, all you angels fans who are mad at me, because i just showed jack peterson hanging a home run for the dodgers i’ll go ahead and let you clown on me right now so lendore. He continues to stay hot as well. It’S, like him, aaron, judge and mookie bets, are all absolutely scorching on fire right now, with how good they’ve been in the play and also lindor in the field as well, he is playing at an mvp level already so i’m crossing my fingers that he continues that Into the 2020 season, but he had a home run yesterday.

So if you guys want to make your comments about 3 1 or the fact that he’s going to be a dodger or he’s going to be in a yankee uniform by the end of the year, now’s your chance to say it, i will allow it so. We’Ve talked about a couple guys that are on fire in summer camp. Now, one special person in specific is the exact opposite. He is ice cold and when i say special, i really mean it, because christian yolich is probably the best hitter in all of baseball. I think that mike trout is the most complete player, because he’s got the speed. He’S got the arm. He’S got the power, he has everything, but i think as a pure hitter inside the batter’s box, christian yelich has to be my guy. He is starting summer camp with a 2 for 20 streak, which is not good at all. I would say: don’t worry about it if you’re a brewers fan, because you might as well get your slump out of the way before the season officially starts and also i don’t really know what to make of the brewers. So if you are a fan of the brew crew, please let me know in the comment section down below what do you think you guys are going to do in 2020? Do you think you’re a playoff team? Do you think you’re an outsider? Looking in again, i just i don’t know what to make of them, especially considering yelich is really cold right now, he’s their spark plug.

I really don’t know what to say. I don’t if you’re an ace fan. Please listen up, because this is a crucial injury. Aj puck has been put on the ir. I don’t know how long he’s going to be there i’ll go ahead and throw up all the articles that i can find on the screen right now. He was going to be a linchpin in that starting rotation. He is pretty much the second coming of randy johnson he’s tall. He throws 98 to 99 miles an hour i’m gon na try and put some highlights up right now as i’m talking about him, but considering him and jesus lizardo are going to be worked into the starting rotation throughout the year and then lozardo contracted kovid and now Aj puck is on the ir, the a’s pitching staff and their young guns. They are taking a big hit right now for sure. Now, last but not least before we get into this day in major league baseball history fan graphs. Now you guys probably know what baseball reference is it’s, a site that has all the stats i spent. I spend way too much time on it. It’S kind of sad, especially when i was in college instead of listening to lectures, i was on baseball reference, but fan graphs is just as good and they put out a best 60 game stretch graph in the history of mlb, and as we can see, you can Get lost in it as well.

You can see all of the players that have the most home runs in 60 games, the best wrc plus for all of you advanced stats, nerds and, if i have to say something kind of crazy brian dozier. Just four years ago, hit 28 home runs in a 60 game stretch which was tied for fifth all time in 2020. He was just released by the padres, so there’s a lot of fun stuff to look at. If you guys want to check it out, link will be in the description down below, but that is going to do it for today’s mlb recap. I hope that you did enjoy if you did do not forget to leave a like on this one and also make sure to hit that sub button, because we post this stuff every single day so congrats to logan o’happy for making the philly squad congrats to alyssa. Mackin for being the first female coach in major league, baseball history and everything else we talked about today, it was a wild ride. So yeah let’s look back in history and see what happened on today’s date, damon going back to try to make a desperation catch. He can’t do that the ball bounces away now here comes the first, throw that manny cuts off and then minnie throws the bell horn that’s one of the strangest relays i think you’ll ever see. None of them were very good throws of the three either they’re gon na, be on the side.