George springer, alex bregman, who i have is the mvp for this season. Jose altuve who’s already won an mvp carlos correa, jordon alvarez, a name. A lot of people don’t know was rookie of the year. Last year. He hit over 20 home runs in the first 60 games of last year’s season. I think he is going to turn some heads in just 60 games this year. This is a lineup up and down eula giroel i mean i could go on and on and on and they’ve even got guys off the bench like kyle tucker. That can come in at any point. So i get really excited about this houston, astros team. I know because of the sign stealing they don’t get a ton of love, but they’re still ridiculously good jessica, jessica. Look um the astros. Have this monster lineup, the dodgers have a monster lineup, i think it’s, the yankees and i don’t think it’s close, and i want to take you through it forget about the batting order. Let’S go position for position. Catcher gary sanchez is one of the greatest slugging catchers home run, hitting catchers in the history. Baseball like in terms of a home run threat at catcher. There aren’t many ever who’ve been like him uh first base. They have a platoon jessica of luke voight and mike ford.

No one even thinks about these guys. One’S a righty one’s, a lefty they’re, both 350 on base 500 slugging, guys like when last seen in decent sample sizes second base.

They got dj le mayheu le mayheu was supposed to be like labor tourists supposed to be second base. They’Re gon na use la mayhew as a platoon, but he’s a gold glove caliber. Second baseman who’s bat made him fourth in mvp voting last year. Third base on duhar one of the best hitting rookies two years ago, professional hitter goes down with an injury. They bring up. Urshela who’s, not who’s, all glove right, no bat. He was a 350 500 guy 350 on base 500 slugging 21 home runs hit 314. gleber torres now plays shortstop didi gregorius. They let go of because there’s no room for him, not just to sign the ace derek cole, but because where are you going to play? Dd, when gleber’s, probably the best overall player on the team who’s now your shortstop in the outfield mike stan giancarlo stanton before he got to the yankees hit 59 home, runs when last seen. Basically healthy and acclimated he’s a 59 home run threat. Aaron judge went last healthy, 400, plus on base 600 plus slugging 52 home runs and since then he’s been a monster, but that was the last time he was healthy for a full season. Well, but max they’re they’re, not healthy, all the time right, that’s why they have brett gardner, who slugged 500, can play all three outfield position positions they bring up mike talkman pachmann, another 350 500 guy jessica, like every single player and every single position, usually multiple at The same position does that to say nothing of a guy like clint frazier, who has like the quickest bat in the majors.

You can’t find him at bat. I may be forgetting someone the yankees line up this upcoming season, whether they’re, healthy or not has a chance to be the best of all time. I i’ll take my astros lineup this lineup and not my astros, but this astros lineup against yours any day, because the point you made about health – and i know that’s something, but you haven’t even seen these guys on the field together, i mean the way that this Lineup is conformed, i love it. I love the yankees lineup, i think it’s amazing, but the houston astros and what they can do, the athleticism the stolen bases. I love the versatility and i mean we’re talking like apples and apples. I feel like that. Houston astros have that advantage because of their experience of playing together. How long this core has been able to play and we’ve seen it with what they’ve been able to prove on the field, and i love exactly who they are especially there’s. So many young guys continuing to come up like we see with the yankees too, but that doesn’t like chemistry matters. I agree in terms of the overall season on the margins that can make a difference: teams that come up through the minors together better than mercenary teams. Even if they put up similar numbers, you’ll, probably win more games. That history has told us, so i get that, but that really relates to all components of a team in the field.

Pitching hitting everything. Just in terms of your lineup production is production and jessica. You know what else when you look at teams where even the guys, they call up everyone i just gave you is a 350 500 guy, like minimum everyone on the team, when you, when you have lineups like the great all time teams the detroit tigers in 84. They just ran away with it: the yankees in 98, the mets in 86 um those kind of teams where the reds in the 70s, when you’re going – oh, my god, they just they won 100 plus games. They had the whole thing wrapped up in a couple of months. Those were the teams where you look at the bench players and the role players all were hitting. They were all hitting the backup, catcher, the backup third baseman. Whoever is that’s the yankees, the bat, the guys who may not even make the roster could be in the middle of the lineup in a lot of errors in terms of the numbers they’re putting up it’s everywhere jessica, they don’t have a weak bat on the roster 2019 was exactly that i mean i i agree with you. It was ridiculous, i mean the guys they were bringing up and you mentioned dj leahy wasn’t even supposed to be a starter. He wasn’t even on their opening day, roster. What i like about astros for 2020, what we’re talking about today right now, this team has a crazy chip on their shoulder.

What do they have to prove? Everyone thinks the only way they hit is because they cheat. I will. I can attest that this is a team that will hit without stealing signs. I mean they are so talented, but they have to prove that now, everyone’s going to be looking to them to be able to show that this is a team that can put up crazy offensive numbers without stealing signs. They will they’ll put up crazy, offensive numbers altuve when it looked like he was stealing those signs. Don’T take his shirt off. It looked like he was mic’d up, also probably stole the mvp award from aaron judge that year, by the way, you could argue that even based on the seasons, they had, let alone if altuve was cheating all right, well, it’s, opening day we’re talking about this, i Think alex is gon na get it this year jessica. You, like the astros max, of course, you’re.