You know and it’s an it’s easy to fall back on ground ball smoke. Fair ball second base tag in time, good play by smoke and tuliwitzky’s, not pleased about where souza started his slide and that’s. Why they’re talking about it there’s a hard slide everybody’s going to get upset yeah, i think that’s, what susa he’s pleading his case saying i didn’t know that he tagged the bag over there at first base. It was a late slide and it was right on the base field right now and i’m. Turning double playing a ground ball heads up, kevin franzen. Look at that gomez really come the dugouts good call fp, as if on cue, it happened, won the series and there’s gomez going in feet flying well. You just know: gomez plays the game and ian desmond, taking offense to the slide. Applause upstairs throw back to second and cabrera, is back in there and some pushing and shoving here, rosannas and cabrera and they’re going to separate those two. The benches quickly is what it was it’s a close play as drupal cabrera went back in with the right hand and you’ll see it right here.

Just then he kind of leans on him right there, and that was it and now here they are the two of them together and uh. Sorting things out, no harm, no foul, now ball towards second base. Kinsler’S got it to simmons for one on the first right. That baby up is the angel’s turn at second base.

The bench is clear, but a win for the angels that hard slide at second base. It’S, not unusual with odor there, and this is getting a little bit tender, listen, it’s a good slide by rude gon na door. He can still reach the base. He did not change the path and that’s right there, a little push where anderson, simmons isn’t. Having it saying you kicked me, you could kick a guy, you’re still allowed to kick a middle infielder, but we got guys nowadays that have just gotten a little bit and there’s a push punt in the third. They go to. Second, they’ll get the force and wade reaches on the fielder’s choice and there’s a little talk in there between hope and austin, and the benches will empty kind of took offense to it. But you know he plenty. He actually did spike him in the back of the foot, but i mean he was he actually slid over the bag. It’S not like beltrike dumped off a rough tough hop bartista picked on the wrong guy, as our girl came right at him and we got the bases the bench is emptying now dropping down then said: nope whoa, i think bautista got all he wow that’s, some pretty Solid contact right there, 18th all time, just past eddie, murray, there’s, a base shit out to left center travel turn and head to third kane bobbles, the baseball trout is being weighed in and throw to the plate is not in town albert ends.

Up at second yeah, the inventor is right there and staring at him again wise decision by perez too and wolf, and you can see. Albert polls came flying down from second base. Also, i mean there’s no reason for ventura to even say a word to trout and i don’t blame mike broken bat roller towards shortstop, the shuffle and clark taking the runner out look out here. We go look out. Applause and here come both dugouts stone right over the head of aldrete. I know the pitcher is gone now. Tony pena is starting with the umpires and look see a kendo hitting clark in the helmet, and there goes a sucker punch from behind by ozzie and, like i said, if you’re going to throw one how’s, he in there again you’re going to throw him. You better get to get one, and here comes the throw he’s safe and now look at this davis when there was contact between ray knight and eric davis eric trying to stay on the base. Look at the area around third base. It looks like a hockey match like they dropped their gloves, everybody dropped their hats and their gloves, eric davis has been pitched out and ray knight is slowly going back to the dugout. He has also been thrown out. Well, i’ll.