Oh now, he’s luke maylie, that is awesome, be careful stay on those stairs at the plate, and this was his foul ball. Nice catch young man well done that’s how you celebrate still feeling it that’s. Okay, that’s a good bruise, his butt on the ground. A fair ball touch very close down that third base line and elvis was touched by a fan and he’s trying to blame the astros fan wow. He gave him up it’s this guy right over here. He’S talking to you, yeah there’s, a game here yeah he said, and i would wear out your sliders Music you’re, my guy drought, he’s. Not here you you’re, my guy Music we’re nikki to the bottom of the 12th inning and sure a popcorn bin could be your hat. Doing some pretty good work for him right here, a good snap foul there you go oh that’s, some kind of catch, because he i don’t think he saw that now, the big guy in what he brought the glove for tom he’s. Taking your advice, this ball to another youngster, and it just happened again – keeps happening here at fenway, passing on the goodness down the right field line with a run out of play nice. That was nice of him. That is very nice of that young man. Oh, my god, doesn’t matter how late or what day it is it’s, always nice.

We go to the bottom of the fifth inning one, nothing dodgers.

On top of the fills Music. The video actually took place a year ago, but it was included in some outtakes on the jumbotron this year. Somebody posted a vine, video of it, the power of social media, and he has been all over the interweb since then. National meet does play baseball, so that was pretty cool. He was also featured on the pepsi dance, cam castro’s in three appearances. This year popped up Applause there it is, i was rooting for the girl myself and she wins in the end. Applause yep brought his glove and lit up. The stands just play had a bit, not handshakes. Who could forget this? On thursday, we showed you the moment when three year old cameron shores lost out on a ball thrown by a player. Oh, my god, they can’t give it to the kid that’s awful and it seemed to just keep getting worse as the happy woman who’d actually caught. The ball for a while they’re very nice. He was very nice with cameron. You know they were comparing balls and talking about hitting the ball and yeah. We don’t think at all that they did it on purpose or that it was intense, giving the ball to the child, and this morning i spoke with cameron and his parents crystal, and people will play the game. Nice job by this fan gives the baseball the foul ball to the little girl.

She then goes back and says, make sure you go.

Thank the gentleman and look at that smile. You can’t, buy that that is without question. Are chas roberts, air conditioning cool play the game very field’s been on four times tonight a couple of walks. A couple of hits old singles hey, look another young person who gave the ball to somebody else, it’s sweeping the nation. It happened in detroit. It happens here. Applause and the young lady is back how’s, that for sylvania, huh Applause, young and eric to the side wall can’t make the catch as he went into the crowd and made a friend nice effort by eric young and the young man monica Music. I got ta appreciate the effort by young who almost tried to steal that from a fan but diamondback fans about the condition of the d back fan that took that great job here by the d backs to make sure that young man gets a couple of greatest Name in baseball history by the way they’re still giving that young guy some souvenirs nice job. This is initially this kid. Okay, he gets it right. Oh wait! A second little tommy little tommy wants to go for it. He’S he’s, going for the strip. He’S got the five: oh, no, not not! The head burn Laughter now. Look at this i mean already a gentleman that is very nice. Sweet doesn’t, get any better than that and she didn’t even get the ball she’s just so happy that dad got it.

Give it to her oh look at it: well, that’s a fun day at the ball yard and that curveball is going to sit in the upper 70s. So you not only do you get the depth, but you get the change of speed. He gets you two different ways with that pitch there. He is nice it’s, a future raised infielder right. There pits you’ve, seen derrick in this whole series. Everything has been fastball, fastball made a great effort on it and then this little kid in the cheater jersey also had his glove and he missed the ball. Another kid did too so. Yankees have a giveaway today, the reusable tote bag, the anguish of it all yeah. So we, the bat ends up in the seats. Herrera will take a seat don’t give it back. Wow look at that face Music come on dad yeah forget the hot dog. I want you to meet beatrix heart. She is a die hard. Seattle mariners fan, even though she lives in new jersey. She sacrificed her cotton candy to cheer when the mariners adam lint hit a grand slam the other night. Needless to say, this video and animated gif have gone viral. She also happy happy. Kids. Do you remember the the kid that we had here? We were watching a couple: call that a pirate fan in the catch with his child in his right arm. That’S awesome. He shielded his boy. That is a mother’s day memory that lasts for ever.

You know who’s running over there probably look at the ground that young man right there that’s why you bring your glove to the game, that’s right glad.