We’Re gon na make our way into world series with a giant smile on our face. Well, we got the race quit and guess what we only got 15 points so now we’re at 8.98, and not only is today our war series game but it’s also a debut player as a new headliner came out and it is 98 overall yadi air molina. Now i was not that hype on this card coming into it usually yachty emily connor molina cards aren’t that good, but this is probably actually the best one. We’Ve got him. He’S 101 contacting his righties 115 versus lefties 73 power against ratings and 85 against lefties. So he actually has solid power way better power than he usually gets, and of course we already knew he was gon na. Have the fielding 97 fielding 96 arm springs and 97 blocking behind the plate, so he should be nasty. Hopefully he can hit righties well enough to where maybe he sticks around for a little bit. He also has 35 speed, but we don’t expect yadi to be fast, our lineup this game for our world series games. Looking like this, we got mantle leading off yachty in the two spot: larry hitting third ernie’s; fourth big poppy; fifth bloody, six cano 7 and gary sheffield rounding out our lineup hitting eighth. If you guys have been enjoying the videos, please make sure you guys hit that subscribe button.

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That is insane. I appreciate you all support, also, if you guys enjoy the video make sure you guys hit, that thumbs up and also don’t forget to turn on your notifications, as we find our opponent let’s see who he has his cool hand was on the mount he’s his cap. Mickey mantle thames springer prestige, larry walker for steve, sheffield, ben sobers and tipper jones – he is an absolute god squad. We have the yachty debut against celesti let’s, see what he can do. Okay, remember guys. We have yachty’s debut and our war series game. So we got ta get this win. I don’t know why it looked like that ball moved so damn much oh drop for us to drop for us, the twos. I am not going to go to second, the singles enough i’ll take the single cheese which brings up yachty come on yachty, just go deep in your first that bad, oh man, okay, yachty, perfect, perfect in his first swing with the squad, so we have two guys On nobody out, we need larry, oh my. We just i mean by an inch missed that if we’re on the other side of good for the timing on the early side, that’s a three run homer, i mean that’s. Just i got ta turn on that. Just have to turn on it all right, full count, we’re gon na steal. Hopefully we get a gap or maybe score two here, oh up to middle, oh damn it.

Of course it hits the pitcher wall. We get two guys on it. We don’t score that that is not a good way to start. The game o2, though see. If we can get him looking there or swinging here, he went there’s no way. We got him. Okay, he checked it at the first slider. Why not try it again? Oh, my god, he’s swung it at it again go to count. He was super early on the cutter. I’Ll just go right back to the slider struck out the first two hitters with it. Oh no, we got him so we strike out the size for outliner. We got guerrero, canoe and sheffield. Let’S go vladi, someone to the moon here first pitch. If you’re facing the left, you crush them just miss that we just missed that i’m, not sitting back at all on that cutter it’s. Just i got ta hit that piss, better Music we’re gon na take the welcome guess and yes so we’ll take a two hour walk which brings up our pitcher. We need some cheese, Music yeah. Well, no, cheat wait! Oh my! I was about to say he was almost running the center field. Maybe we can get him to chase this. We got him four strikeouts in a row for outliner. We need to keep this up or you can just pop up the yachting look at that diamond defense from yachty. No other catcher makes that play got a nice little roll over here.

Gary don’t do anything mean to me that works too right to out lighter. So we get six up six down, we have the top of our order up. He’S got to get the bats going a little bit. Mickey mickey Music let’s go mickey with the solo. Homer puts us up one zero well now it’s yaddy’s turn, but yaddy needs to hit a little bit further Music larry doing what larry does i mean he’s, just a hitting machine, all right, three one count one spot one spot only that is not the spot. We will take the walkway first, a second one down here comes big poppy, all right poppy, no double plays no double plays moonshots only i’m late on that, okay, okay, full count, both guys are on the move Music. What am i swinging at them? I just so bad at least we take a one, nothing lead, but i just ruined that inning. Okay, we got him in the first inning. With this pitch twice see if we can get him again, nope just kidding, we got him. I don’t think i should be throwing this pistol stripper. It works. He pops it up the mickey he’s under it, so we got eight up eight down right now. Please do not give up a hit to the pitcher Music. I mean i almost gave up a hit to him, but at least he hit it right to larry. So nine up, nine down Music got ta sit back there.

He has a shift on. That is an easy free double. If i just sit back and go oppo on that Music, just missed it, we just missed it and ground out the short all right later. I’M gon na need you to get on. So mickey can drive you in. Oh my chipper jones, showing off the range that short stop. Why, if his pitcher hit that my source, that wouldn’t have made the play crazy, all right, vladdy, i’m gon na need you to show off the glove here: okay, laddie! We got him another striker for owl, lighter no two out rallies and just sitting on the inside pieces, so we’re just gon na stay away here, not a good fish, blew it by him, 12 up 12 down. We need the best to get going. We have mantle molina, larry walker, oh my goodness, mickey mantle and just like that. We take a two: nothing lead! What a swing by mickey now it’s the audi’s turn Applause. Music, two bad swings for yachty. You just hate to see it full count: i’m, guessing he’s, gon na go back to the cutter here and we will work the waffle guy at first one down ernie headed to the moon, ernie hit it to the moon to the bone ernie’s doing what ernie does We take a four nothing lead. One ball. Two strikes account not a good swing at all. I wish i had that one back just dropped.

Her pci is that gon na find a gap, though no mickey mantle just comes out of nowhere. It makes the play. Imagine getting out twice with vladi against lefties. Could it be me or actually it is me, i won’t get ball for again with vlady. I mean i guess i just want to get. I guess i want to get blatty out that’s it. I don’t want him to walk, i mean okay, i mean, i guess, i’m, just gon na swing at every single pitch with platy just to try to get him out. We got him. Man out later has a there’s a lot of strikeouts this game. Okay, we’re! Actually, going inside he’s been looking inside, hopefully misses it and that’s his first hit a late hit cheese. I mean what else would you expect that’s how it starts get that hit, and then you hit a bomb i mean, do i know this game or do i know this game? I mean it happens all the time it just makes. No sense can i dot this Music. These are the hits we’re giving up. Now i mean it’s crazy, how it just changes like momentum changes so fast in this game you get one late hit, you get a bomb, then you get a you’re on the late side of good and you somehow turn on an inside fastball like that. It makes no sense Music turn that or canoe’s not even gon na move.

Now we can’t get him out all of a sudden turn it. That is huge. We needed that so bad. Just for the momentum thing. How is that not gone? One gary you’re hitting 292 for steve’s got to step it up a little bit just missed it. We’Ll, take the double off the wall outliner’s having a great game, but i need more runs so we’re gon na pick hit him and we’re gon na bring in mr charlie blackman come on charlie i’m gon na need you to make this move pay off, or i Should have just kept that lighter and i would walk him right here and piss the atti smart move and three for three with mickey’s hawaii, mr mickey yachty it’s, your debut come through in the clutch and we’ll take a walk with larry. On that, we take all the way and we work the walks and we have bases loaded. Two down here comes larry. He brought in billy wagner. I need to make this game eight to two or just a a bullet up. The middle i mean larry’s is so good, second best outfit of the game, maybe second best player in the game behind mickey he’s. Just all he does thank you for bringing in billy wagner to the bone. Ernie does it again. We take a 9 2 lead, billy, wagner’s, batting practice, just missed it, but we put up a five spot in the top of the six we’re up nine to two.

That is a great pitch right there to get that roll over to cano makes the play Music or we’re just going to throw the slider inside, because we know we can only hit inside pictures and he hits the bomb, not a good that’s, just not a good Pitch by me, we’ll take the roll over there. Look at poppy’s showing off the glow. That was a bad swings. Go back to the slider, perfect pitch cano don’t take your time there we go so we got three down. We have the six run lead. Okay. I said i was having some bad swings with bladdy that’s not caught right. I thought that was way out of here. I didn’t get a lie right, we’ll count, canelo, do something positive, that’s, a hell of a bitch, hey. Look. We brought the average to 301 for sheffield and now it’s, even higher i’m, just bringing chipper. I think, if i brought in told me he would have brought in the lefties, though we’re going to bring in shipwreck. You know what we’re just do back to back real quick to the bone. Tiffer goes back to back, we have an eight run, lead got lucky there. That was a fastball down the middle larry walker. Usually that is not a good idea. Damn or we’ll just keep it at six pitches as we get a one. Two three inning let’s keep the bats rolling, get this mercy. Okay, yaddy show out here we need a moonshot from you.

I’Ve taken three really bad swings with yachty. That was a chess swing, but, okay, why would we check the swing? I thought i was early on that and i’m actually very late on it. That’S, not a good sign. We’Ll take the pop up to ernie, oh carlson, on the bench it’s. Actually, a really good fence pad bladdy i’m gon na need you to make that play gladdy’s, actually a solid defender for being a bronze and and in the secondary in left field. So he’s actually surprising me out there. You know i love kanoa, a second he’s just so damn good, and also i mean why am i even swinging at that? It’S? Okay, though eight run lead. We need three hours. We hit world series, see you nikki, you just love to see that range. There we go pops it up to mickey g g. We hid world series, let’s go so there it is. We hid world series with an 11 to three win. Sadly, yadi went one for four, but the rest of our lineup kind of went off. I mean actually look at poppy vlad and canoe. They combined for oh for 15, but still scored eleven run so came out to win. We got mantle one yard twice: banks did it twice. Sheffield and tipper lighter actually got eight strikeouts in five innings that’s, really good. We’Re trying to work towards his prestige, so that’s good, but this is what we’re going to say about yaddi.

This is actually the best card, we’ve gotten from yachty his attributes wise, hidden, wise, not too bad. They usually give him like 50 60 power. So the fact that he has 73 power against righties and 85 in his lefties actually solid. We already know what his feeling was going to be super super high but fielding behind the plate. The only thing i really look for is arm strength. He has that so that’s good his swing, not too bad. I still i just the best cap or the best catcher by far is your creative player. If you could have your creative player at catcher, i highly advise that second is shortstop, but i just i just don’t know about yadi i’m, probably gon na sell him and maybe buy him back a little bit later. But just for me, i mean i’d, rather a cab i’d rather bizio. I do think he might be better. I don’t know he kind of reminds me of posey if you can actually hit with righties with yachty he’d, be really effective because he may actually chris left he’s low key but i’m. Just scared about the clue burst and all the guys that carry wood her size are facing yachty, so i’m, probably going to sell him back. I almost forgot to show you guys our world series reward. We did just make more series. We got to 9 13., so let’s go buy or let’s go, get eddie matthews a lot of you guys in the last video i asked you guys.

Do we want to, or do you guys want to see an eddie matthews debut? A ton of you said yes, so look out for that coming soon, as we get eddie matthews, if you guys enjoyed the video make sure you guys hit that subscribe button, while you’re there don’t forget to hit that thumbs up and until next time.