Just three runs: they’re 13, 0 they’re. The only team in baseball that can make that boast well, it’s been a heck of a combination on this six game. Road trip and the winning streak started by bieber capped off by bieber, and you know what the offense did. They scored early, they outscored their opposition. 17, 7 and turned it over to the pitching staff and they just slammed the door both the starters, the relievers. They were truly uh outstanding on this trip and when you look at the numbers, 55 innings, one of them a next running ball game they’ve only walked uh 10. They struck out 64.. The starters were outstanding, the bullpen at 135 era you’re going to get on streaks when you start doing that now, if you score, then you will start opening up a lot more well, as you know, when you dominate a team, the way the indians have the tigers Over the last several years, it’s, never just one player. At times, it’s been lindor at times, it’s been ramirez, sometimes it’s been santana. Franmil reyes is now the latest tiger, tormentor well that’s how this team works. It should be somebody different every day, but what a series he had in detroit he hit a high fastball the other way, and i mean it got out in a hurry. He had a big, a big series down. There hit a breaking ball way deep to center field, and i mean when you look at the numbers on this.

He was five for 11 with three homers. This is our statcast 3d brought to you by google cloud, and i mean it was awesome. He put on a display, they outscored the tigers – 21 10 in that series – and he was a very big part of that weekend. All right, it’s, the indians and the tigers, we’ll be back with tonight’s play by play. We’Ll check in with andre knott and we’ve got a showstopper. You got ta see it two believe it coming up next, the only time they come to cleveland but we’ll be back to detroit again. So let’s take a look at adam plutko, he’s gon na be the nissan starting pitcher for the indians tonight this will be his fourth start. He is one and one, and we mentioned he started against the tigers last week and he didn’t fare very well. It was a short start for him, uh just two and two thirds inning. So you know he’s going to come back and look for it that high fastball, that he throws he’ll get a lot of fly balls and we felt detroit would be a good park for him to pitch in. But he’s got to follow that up. As andre said, with that good that curveball change the eye levels and he’s ready to go well let’s take a look at ron. Gardiner’S starting lineup tonight for detroit nico goodram back in the lead off spot. Victor reyes is in the two hole miguel cabrera batting.

Third jonathan scope, jamer candelario candelario recently, was batting leadoff for the tigers. They’Re trying to find the right combination in their lineup jacoby jones was batting. Ninth, when we saw the tigers in detroit he’s up to the six hole, jorge bonifacio, batting seventh austin roma in the catcher hitting eighth and the rookie isaac for radius. Batting. Ninth, taking a look at the indians defense tonight, brought to you by spitzer it’ll, be domingo. Santana and left uh delano de shields in center tyler aquin over right on the infield, the same as always jose ramirez at third francisco lindor short cesar hernandez at second carlos santana at first and roberto perez behind the plate. Umpires look like this. Chris conroy has the balls and strikes david rackley is starting pitcher palmer, making his fourth start now he’s going to be on a pitch limit, i would say right around 70 pitches, because he’s working his way back after injury, the longest he’s gone in the game against The white tax was three innings. His last start against cleveland on sunday was two and two thirds innings acting manager. Sandy alamar has this lineup filled out tonight, brought to you by progressive insurance, cesar hernandez, jose ramirez, frankie, lindor, santana, reyes and naquin.