They started out uh one in one. I had the key wound: heroes – i’m – trying not to look off this side here. So much i’ll put my notes right here, but i had to keep them heroes. Minus one and a half they won by one did not cover the spread. That was a loser for us samsung lions. First five run line easy winner, um, you know great pitcher going for us. I got the win and then i had spiesia over the soccer on the money line over freon and uh freon scored a goal, and that was all she wrote um. You know that was a loser. There so had two losers pretty early in the day and was thinking here. We go it’s going to be a split day. It was looking bad columbus crew got the job done easy winner. There, three zip over the chicago fire, uh toronto, blue jays. What a sweat job that was uh, philadelphia and game, two scored, seven runs in the first inning blue jay scored two in the first inning and then there was not a lot going on that whole game and then the bottom of the six, like the blue jays. Just woke up, scored, seven took the lead, uh phillies came back, scored one in the top of the seventh um seven inning game uh. To put it within one run, had it runner on. Third, i was thinking here we go. We we had to.

We lost the game, it was lost, then it turned into a win and then here we go. It might turn into a loss again, but they got the job done, got the win for us, uh padres same thing: everything’s going smooth, dimlinson or nelson lumet, throwing a no hitter. Again, you guys crazy and then top of the fifth inning base hit two run bomb. Padres are down one i’m thinking well, that’s all she wrote for that bottom of the fifth uh padres load, the bases slam. Diego comes through eric hosmer um four run shot. I got ta give the slam diego to the padres announcer that’s. What he’s been saying? I guess four four days in a row now they’ve hit a grand slam, so that’s pretty awesome, but uh that got the five to two win for us there in the first five uh chart picks had the indians and the dodgers uh both of them won. So the chart pick is now 4 0 on their 5 0 on the week, so that’s rocking and rolling, i believe it’s, 20, 24 and nine. Now overall um just going off top my head, i think, was 22 and nine. So, between four and nine um i had the new york mets team total over four and a half uh. As you know, apparently i should have had the over four and a half on how many players have coveted. They were hanging out down in miami and uh it’s a bad place to be right.

Now so they’re going to be canceled for a while and uh they got a series of yankees that’s canceled, also coming up um. Then i had the houston rockets uh over the okc on the money line. Uh they took care of business, got the job done and uh. You know we’re, rocking and rolling. So you know overall, seven and two day: we’ll take it and we’ll carry on i’ve got a free mlb pick for you, guys right now, i’m kind of riding the indians lately they’ve been in my chart pick the last couple days taking care of the pirates getting The job done, they’re heading off to back home, faced the tigers and the tigers come into town 9, 13 on the season they’re gon na they’re, going to start michael fulmer former’s coming off tommy john surgery he did face. The indians had a loss at comerica park, gave up a couple, long balls he’s, going to get another shot at him here. Overall, the indians, uh lineup hits fulmer pretty well a lot of high batting averages of francisco lindor’s 20 at bats. Against him, three home runs. Seven rbis hitting 400 and uh. You got carlos santana 14 at bats, hitting 357 jose ramirez 14 at batch 286, two bombs uh. They take him deep, quite a bit on the other side, the indians. They come in at 15 and 9 on the season. They’Re gon na send adam plutko to the mound plutco’s making starts for clevenger.

Is they got that whole clevenger? Please act thing going on where hey you know, if you guys are going to break protocol and not take our safety seriously, we don’t want you on the team. I agree with that. If, if you’re not going to uh, you know if you’re not going to do what you need to do right now, in these times it’s different times, it’s a different world right now and the sooner everybody complies and just gets over with it wears a mask, and This thing goes away, the better we all are, but the more people that you know don’t don’t, do what they should do and don’t do what they need to do to keep everybody safe, it’s, just going to drag it out longer and longer and longer – and i Fear we’re going into next year with this, because everybody’s still partying and all you hear about is: oh 25 more people got covered because they were at this huge party. Okay. Well, you know smart good idea, but pluto’s making the start for clevenger get off my horse. Here a little bit um, he got roughed up last time, yep against tigers threw just two and two thirds gave up three runs uh. You know it almost spelled disaster from the start, but um the tigers they don’t uh. They don’t have a lot of great success against plutco, but if they do get to him, you get to him early you’re gon na get to him he’s a guy that uh.

You know he. I don’t think he can get over that that last hump uh he’s one on one on the season with a 3.95 era versus fulmer’s 7.56 era. Bullpens are going to have a lot to say about this game, but um. Your official ricketts diamond paw pick for this game. I’M gon na go to cleveland indians on the uh. First, five run line uh a little risky, but i think the money line is gon na be around 180 and that’s just way too much for me, yeah or 160. Even i don’t know i i’m not gon na like the money line when it comes out. I can tell you that they’re starting to be like dodgers, i mean the dodgers – are only 228. that’s too much for especially for the game. The matchup they got bueller and gray. Two really high year is the outer should not be 228. I mean that’s uh ugly. Over there, but this game i think the first five run line the line is going to be somewhere around 125 130. I, like that so we’ll, take it i’m going to put half a unit on it. There’S a little bit a little bit of a risky play with the detroit there um they could break out at any time, especially against plutco, but i think pluto is going to get the job done for us. The indians are going to get the job done for us they’re going to get the former early and knock them out of the game, take care of business.

So with all that being said, thank you guys very much for watching this video hit that subscribe button tap. The bell turn your notifications on. If you want the videos as soon as they drop give me a thumbs up, if you appreciate true free daily sports betting advice and appreciate good runs um, starting to have a good month this month and uh. You know good things turned around so it’s all about.