He has been amazing. He went 17 days between you know the 25th and then august 15th and still delivered five innings of one run baseball to the cardinals but i’m, not sure that i’ve seen jesse winker in a better streak of swinging, the bat and just body language in the batter’s Box as what we’re seeing right now, no on pitch weights on the breaking ball and into right field for a base, hit motto will hold up at second base and the reds in business. Here two on one out, the 1 1 pitch suarez hits it on the ground. A third bobbled by miller he’ll, go to first and throws it away. Here comes vado to the plate. He will score around the third base as castellanos and he’ll hold there. The reds get a run capitalizing on a cardinals defensive miscue, this one, a little looper into left center field and making a diving catch and nicely so o’neill tagging and scoring, though, is wenker and the reds have a two. Nothing lead, sonny gray back to the mound. Give him a two run lead at the very beginning of the ball game that is really playing with fire. If you’re, a cardinals fan strike three called a fastball over the inside corner to punch out colton wong here is the switch hitting tommy edmond he’s playing at shortstop tonight and it’s a swing and a miss, and he strikes out tommy edmond back to back strikeout colton Wong looking tommy edmonds swinging dallas has had some success against adam wainwright we’d like to hope that success continues and the 3 1 pitch in the air right field.

This will drive. Fowler back continues to drift and bye bye. How about galves make that five home runs on the season and a three nothing reds lead draws. The walk in the bases are loaded, so the cardinals have something going here: bases are loaded for yachty air molina. Why does it be a welcome back wouldn’t? It though i was thinking the same thing, one ball and two strikes yachty base head into right, carpenter being waved in along with miller, throw to the plate and he is safe. Yachty back in the lineup drives into how about yachty or molina unbelievable. What a great moment, but to have their leader back not just playing but producing very classic yachty or molina drive to right. The infield is a double play. Depth mustachus has not yet grounded into a double play in 2020. line drive that’ll find the gap. That’Ll, go all the way to the wall. Suarez they’re gon na wave him around and he will score and their heads back to a two run. Lead like an rbi of the game for mustaches now gray had walked nine in 30 and two thirds he has walked. Three in this one in two in the third inning carpenter, was the first walk and that turned into a run no upstairs and see ya. Third strikeout for gray two outs laid off strike. Three called says: c.b buchner back to back punch outs through three four two reds runners at first and second and two out matt carpenter stands in a walk in a strikeout on his line tonight.

Now the 1 0 on the ground should be out number three sonny gray dances around trouble, stranding two. We played five in st louis wainwright back out there for any number six. He has set down nine in a row coming off a nine pitch inning freddie galvez. The shortstop he was homered and struck out the pitch to galves. He tries to find his way on. Wainwright will bare hand throw to first in time he would have been pitch hit for last. Inning and wouldn’t have had that one. Two three inning in the six 12 in a row, sonny gray, he’s not done yet well he’s doing something good tonight, he’s in the sixth inning, with a 4 2 lead strike three called fastball over the inside corner. That is six strikeouts for sonny gray. His follower represents a tying run at the plate. Power turns it loose on 3 0 and thank you very much. Double play. Pitcher’S best friend gray, through six that’s 14 in a row set down by adam wainwright. The last base runner they’ve had was back in the third outside corner 90 miles an hour on the black and he froze both of us with a fastball. What a finish for adam wainwright, going to the bottom of the ninth trying to close out a win here. Right, hander, reichel iglesias, will come out of the reds bullpen iglesias coming on for the seventh time runners at first and second, with nobody out.

Fowler is fly to left rounded out to second and single 3 2 pitch to fowler dexter base head into right, miller will be held up and the bases will be loaded well, yadi or molina returned to the lineup came up with the bases loaded first at bat And singled to right to drive in two the base is loading. Nobody out, molina off the glove of iglesias and everybody is safe. A run will score to make it four to three and still nobody out now it’s uh carlson and he could win it with the bases loaded. He’S fly to center, grounded out to first and struck out and here in his first week, and that will be a block. It’S called a buck and a run will score a buck and o’neill will score and runners at second and third and nobody out not only box home a run, but it moves the other runners up long with a chance to win it. Five cincinnati reds on the infield wong with a fly ball, and this will do it a drive into deep right field.