This one lined into right field. Andrews aboard with the game’s first hit Applause all right, chase’s strike three – that is the second out of the inning for himself a little bit better it’s. This ball hard down to first but handled cleanly by daniel murphy and the inning is done so a section called the bridge seats. There are 1012 seats out here in five different sections where you can take in a game from left field, and can you go get that ball? Emily i’m not allowed down there that’s tier one tier one territory, i’m uh tier three uh, as are you guys so just pretty cool little area. I mean because this place is phenomenal. Well that’s. Also, you know that’s also kind of a phrase for a home run is that you say sometimes you guys having family come visit, leaving extra tickets and all that is part of the big league experience that might be gone this year for some guys it strikes out On three pitches and the inning is done, but the rockies get the home run by murphy and had the early one nothing lead going from globe life park for him 2018 to minute maid park in 2019. The big was that was a huge lift nick solak now, and he smashes one of the ground towards second little bobble. For a moment there, but mcmahon takes care of him and it’s a one.

Two three bottom of the second for the rangers two innings in the books: rockies with the one lead let’s go ahead and put you on the 10 day.

Il or let’s give you a couple of days off well this season. Every game is going to feel big and great summer camp, so the rangers look like they’re going to give him the third base job. One hopper second base odor in perfect position to complete a one. Two three inning for kyle gibson nicely done. We head to the bottom of the third rockies on top one, nothing, i think so i think so with the three of them. You know and i feel like they’re pretty to scale i mean. Maybe you know minus the head part mike try and pry him away from the rocks and arnado sends this one deep out to left. You will watch that one fly, a home run for arenado, a two run blast and colorado leads three. Nothing stays right on this pitch. This was a low line drive. We don’t have access to our stack cast up just yet, but guaranteed it’s a pretty low launch angle, with some great carry Applause. You know, joey gallo is never going to be a high average guy. It’S: okay, as long as he he’s driving the ball and man, he changed that narrative quickly, cheer i’d kind of predicted before we went through any of this, that that one might not last up the middle face it for frasier and solac and ikf now who’s been The hero in this camp, with a tapper back to the mound and the rangers leave them loaded Applause.

He makes 25 or more starts a year every year and kicks this one toward first, but to no man’s land and hillard is aboard a nine man bullpen one. Two pitch dahl sends this one out to right and it is gone third hallmark of the night for the rockies. Another two run shot and colorado leads five, nothing that fall squared up lined into center field, so story with his first hit of the night artistically represented. There fly ball, left field, long run for chew, but he’s right there for it, so the inning is done, but two more for the rockies, as they are playing home, run derby here tonight and have the five nothing lead. Are the two games really that we’d anticipated playing against the saint louis cardinals coming out of spring training? Great effort by arnotto at third base? He’S been a good pitcher. The 2 2 smash down at third arnotta right there with a good pick to second one and the easy double play around the horn and hoffman’s o2, that one’s smashed by third and this one through oh danny’s. First hit of the game. Building the the team to win runner goes and there’s a swing and a miss and gallow strikes out i’m picking it and don’t move as much and you know, it’s a strike flare up there to left heinemann up with the ball, and so tapia is on the Hawkeye system – and there were definitely some calls where one was left wondering how in the world would that go over in real life and 2 2, and this one lined out toward right center field.

A lot of ground to cover out. There vino got a good start and beasley will wave him around third base. Here comes the third of the play trevino into the slide, but they got him and the inning is done well that’s. The closest the rangers have come to scoring a run, maybe a little too bold right there for trevino ending over we head to the seventh five, nothing! So no don’t get anybody in trouble, but we need to find some stuff out. Another one out towards center almost found the gap but it’s deep enough. The encounter falafel to the plate and the rangers have scored tonight five to one the count on the rbi single by tavares and that’s. This one high in the air just back of second base, and that will conclude the inning. But the rangers do scratch across a run and so it’s off to the eighth inning here’s blue black field 2 2 pitch, and he strikes out swinging two away here. He comes and he got him back to back. Strikeouts of mcmahon and butera ian jabo works around the base. Runner reno didn’t walk back into sixth inning bounces. This one up, the middle hanson with a miss, handle all right another opportunity for it to go the short way with it either. So hamson takes care of ref schneider in the inning is done. Ninth inning coming up rangers down by four in the seventh inning. When they decide jose is the best matchup.

It might just go that way. Strikeout to start things in this ninth inning elias diaz. He takes one in the ribs home runs. I think i told you this last year, that’s the greatest place on earth to hit well and living over the same time, 2 2 and a swing of missy strikes out the side of the night. So jonathan hernandez continues. His excellent pitching here tonight and a lot of other things i’m, going to miss an apostle strikes out here to the padres on the inside corner strike. Three, so heinemann down looking deal with back to back strikeouts, went with a number that didn’t lend itself to a little more balance: ground ball, shortstop. Well, that was a quick ninth inning for deal and the rockies who make it look fairly easy tonight. A 5 1 rockies win and so we’ll just have to regroup and do it again tomorrow for cj nakowski and emily jones i’m dave raymond thanks.