Our starting lineups are brought to you by satan. On the ground that went off of yastremski, dead, ball yostrepski out and it didn’t appear as if he was so. What you’ll notice about the giants is gabe kepler, slapped in the hole and seeger no play on it. As the shift was on, he was the only guy between second and third base, so dickerson aboard sandoval, the second on a single start off the plate and comes back and gets them beats that one into the ground may have some time fight. When we come back career starts there yeah you want deception. This is the certainly excited about it. Getting his 365 billion dollars second day starts it’s the lowest of any pitcher in history. Who’S had at least four opening day starts. I think that we went from a possibility of mookie bets being traded to the organization and the money they have and that one fouled off at the plate strike three no foul. They say still no surprise to me that they signed him long term. This is the only major leaguer who led his team in hits home runs. Are quick pitches last pitch quick pitch this one and a running catch at the wall there by alex dickerson um, a guy that was told yesterday there’s a how about this yeah it’s just go ahead was that he was going to start today.

How about that opening day? How about that 100 miles an hour first record from dustin may, who is likely and hopefully uncomfortable likes, what he’s doing now: mauricio dubon knackers one on the ground and that’s fielded by turner and justin turner.

I think we should get used to the giants using a lot of those up. The middle tough play kike hernandez in time for the third ouch this evening, carl ravitch aboard a perez today, the dodgers had eight home runs that one inside and it got turner and there it that was presented by statcast walker. Bueller in a short season could be there. They have raved about that guy, seeger tough catch over there by crawford he slaps the tab outside of the area and in anaheim that one is into right field and out shallow right. Feet saw this in the game between the gnats and the yankees. All the players on the field holding ultimately the rope unified in their fight for social justice during the national anthem. Well, different right, we’re, you know wearing masks and i think uh people are prepared right. Well, trump’s getting 107 games last year had 101 hits 3 2 laced in the right field. Past the dive of kike hernandez bets fires into second base safe at second base is heinemann. Eclectic is this: that starts with the manager connor the giants, nobody out and two on, and that ball is laced into center field off the bat of wilmore flores heinemann for the phillies were fourth pablo looks like it’s deep enough.

Peterson is there item in from will come in and the giants score. First, on a sacrifice, fly from nasty swing and a miss and a good pitch.

Dickerson was the biggest player of the year eddie back in two beating into the ground, and turner covers kind enough to join us. Uh dave. What would you say your level of concern dave is right. They got guys that can run also they can beat you in. So many different ways: this is a tremendous offensive team with great pitching, also guys, uh, really quick, keep an eye on johnny. Well, this is what he does he’s a disrupter of the timing, wow every time you see it there and he has the ability of being able to get you out not only with the fastball to change it has to for you with that off speed, muncie right Center field and fairly deep and it gets to the bottom of the wall and max muncie, with a stand up double for the dodgers, smokey, betts, retired, so dodgers and giants play now. Yankees and nationals will not conclude los angeles dodgers, putting that to may watches a ball fall in the glove of goldberg walker. What did you you know? Even if it is only 60 games? That’S 60 games there’s, none so it’s a good fish there, no it’s different luge feel get that light. Kick that justin also has three weeks of the regular spring training, always in the conversation as young as he was, as he sends this one.

The other way it’s gon na get down and go to the wall, so corey seeger is gon na head into second base, with a double okay there’s, a kiss we’ll try to even this game up, if not give the dodgers a lead.

This one a little blooper it’s gon na drop and the dodgers first run of 2020 comes thanks. You got the sense that mookie was more comfortable in a particular role like hitting the ends up there on a more regular basis. I grew up. Well, i mean i picked um here to stay, no misses and a walk now i’m with you eddie. I think all of these on the ground and that’ll do it big out for john, they are official, so the new york yankees right and that’s, the real dangerous part is, you know in whom did he come in contact with? And this ball shallow right field bets? Won’T get there, it drops in front of him and heinemann will end up going to third base. So jastremski and heinemann have been up bottom of the strike zone. Floor is punched out and the fourth striker for dustin may well. He gave him different looks first. He went slider is on that’s, caleb, ferguson and again new rule now, with watching supply visit mlb.tv for detail globally. Ferguson will go to second invade, throw throwback double play and divining bad winner. He joins us now. He, of course, plays for the a’s trying to just be more productive, maybe get some stuff done outside then uh.

It it’s, like some white noise in the background, it’s not what’s, most important what’s, most important is going out there and definitely take a lot of pride in that you know the deeper you play the more hits you can take away in my eyes, um.

Obviously, you kind of give up some swinging bunts or some slow rollers, maybe if the guy’s fast, but the the bitterness of the way it ended. Last year, yeah i mean take the astros down so that’s the goal we’re feeling confident yeah. We know this is going to be a weird year for ups and downs, but i think our team is prepared to handle you know whatever adversity gets thrown at us. Energy huh chapman was great. Well, teams used the pen and longmen versus just the three guys and that’s a little bit quicker, victoriously slow on the mound most of the projections of the best teams in baseball 30s. You know feel like the is here already, i would say around the 15 to 20 game mark and again it’s a 60 game season, everything just that benefit from the postseason. In this case, you have to play a three game series to start the playoffs. It takes a little bit away to to joe mccarthy dump shallow left and it is sora seeger who is tonight rico garcia. Last year minor. It felt a lot like during summer that the anderson beats that one into the ground. He said it was so quiet.

He said we did and that one is deep into the hole and it gets up and he was supposed to play center field tonight, but they move him over to second base ballpark had to answer all of the questions go through gotten used to dubai strikes out.

He warranted hope that doesn’t happen pitching change. Submariner on the ground, seeger saw a shot of max scherzer at one point. During one of the summer games for brandon crawford lefty on left in the top of the seventh inning events called 2 000 cubs. The 2016 cubs have to keep your hands tight to your body and unless they throw that pitch right there, that slider and when he throws that slider that’s the one, because, of course, some father son combination that one has slapped the other way. Fair ball let’s see what lukey betts does and it bounces off that wall and benson to third base bellinger to second, second and third, slow roller bets coming home sliding in safe mookie bench gets that left hand in and that base running intelligence gives it a 2 1 dodger lead it’s about that job. A lot of players take for granted, take for granted ground ball fielded and a had a difficult summer. Camp pulled up a little bit late for various reasons and he’s, not with the everyday team. There’S a knock for kk. A big knock brings in two as kiki hernandez, picks up. His third hit of the night ought to go with it if he gets that curveball over very tough day, according to one of our insiders belts or lingoria in that infield, you need it and guess what you kind of go against the numbers.

The shift was on safe at second base as aj pollock and the giants give up.

Another run come up later on in the game and he could face him with runners in scoring. Look at him. Look at that one. Two defense good pitch that time by ximena spooky bits punched out with guys that can be mvp candidates. The yankees have a roster full of but giants have a similar situation going on that’s in there for strike. Three is cool. Jess is doing here a great job with us, with baseball uh, pablo center field, bellinger flips it to betts head to the bottom of the eighth and bellinger will lead things off for los angeles blow up balloons. Where did that come from somebody call it? The pitcher ends up getting it menace. He ends up reaching in between two to turner, sliding effort not made by joe mccarthy in right field and turner into sec, a hammer shot right up the middle, those two teams and watch out with the chicago white sox.