The beast of the night, who are we talking about belly up to the fantasy barn, find out welcome in guys opening day edition beers daily fantasy, six pack and damn have i missed you guys, it’s good to be back here once again with six of my favorite Plays talking friday night in mlb we’re talking fanduel we’re talking, draftkings value plays team stacks favorite pitchers, all that good stuff good to be back here once again in the fantasy bar now before we get started guys a free offer for you guys, my loyal bar patrons Go to beer and that’s going to get you ten dollars off your first month of core premium, that’s going to be baseball football basketball, all the key sports right there in one package, as well as the return of the sharp side street contest going on all You got to do get in the sharpside app, which is great for lines totals player props everything you need. Betting, wise sports betting, wise in that sharpsite app get in there and lock in your favorite bets of the day, go on a streak for a chance to win some great prizes. So take a look at that. The street contest over on sharpside now let’s get into the place for friday night. We had our appetizer day on thursday.

This is the big slight, so let’s get rolling right away with our first pick in the outfield jd martinez of the red sox.

Now, looking at some of the prices here, jd martinez under 4 000 over on fandom draftkings, you got to pay up a little bit at 4, 800, but let’s be very simplistic here, jd martinez in a lineup against a left handed pitcher. He is going to be in the majority of my friday night lineups, why you talk about a guy who is absolutely dominant against left handed pitching last season, let all of baseball in iso, which is a great power statistic weighted on base average and wrc plus this Guy led the league in all three of these categories against lefties last season, in fact, was the only player in all of baseball, with a woe, but over 500 against lefties in that number, almost 540 at 5, ‘.. So very simple here: yes, it costs a lot on draftkings but again on fanduel under 4k, and i know tommy malone we’re not going to get many innings does not matter if they bring in a righty jenny, martinez, good there as well easily one of my favorite Spend ups on this slate over on both sides here for friday night, all right, let’s stay in the outfield here, we’re going to go out to the west coast with tommy pham of the padres. So once again, a great value here on fandom, with tommy pham under 3k, even on draftkings, i don’t hate that price tag at 4 400 the padres, a team i’m going to be very heavy on here on opening night, a lot of guys in this lineup that Hit lefties well against a pitcher that’s, really struggled to keep the ball in the yard.

We’Ll get to him in a minute, but tommy pham has always been one of them, underrated guys. No matter the team he’s been on we’re talking about the guy that’s, going to hit right in the heart of this order, and a guy with a over 400 against left handed pitching a guy that can hit lefties with power, and we mentioned madison bumgarner gave up A ton of home runs, but also a lot of hard contact. Two right handed hitters over 45 hard contact rate to righty, so you can get a cheap stack of the padres on fanduel, even on draftkings could be a little contrarian with that team. I love tommy fam on both sides tonight against madison baumgard, all right, let’s move on. We love the padres let’s, keep it going here at shortstop, fernando tatis jr. So once again, draftkings are going to have to pay here 4800, but that’s, a good indicator that this is a good stack over on fanduel. You get a nice value here at 3300 and this is another guy that just absolutely obliterated left handed pitching in his rookie season last year, now very high batting average on balls in play, so some will say got very lucky and that in fact is probably inflating. Some of the numbers, but still right up there in all of baseball in some of the key statistics we’re looking at we mentioned jd martinez in the opening. Well guess what fernando tates trailed, only martinez, iso and weighted oba against left handed pitching madison bumgarter we’ve already talked about the hard contact we mentioned.

The home runs allowed 26 home runs allowed to just right handed hitters last season. I think this padres team again easily. My favorite stack of the night great value here on fandom 3300, the invent draftkings under 5k love, fernando tatis junior, all right let’s move on let’s, get you a starting pitcher let’s, go to the mid range shoot with frankie montas of the a’s, now i’m, not expecting Huge ownership here on frankie montes. We have a lot of games going on on friday night. A lot of big name pitchers, we know opening day, brings out all the aces, so justin verlander all the way down the list. I think montas could be a guy that people forget about, but once again vandal tremendous value at only 7 600. draftkings are getting him under 9k and let’s go back to last season. He faced this angels team four times in 2019. He held him to just a 192 batting average kept the power down as well the whip right around one against this team: 11.1, k’s per 9 against lefty. So that’s going to neutralize some of the left handed power like ohtani in that angels, lineup and very good against righties, with keeping the ball on the ground. We know we worry about a guy like mike trout, but a rate of over three in the ground ball to fly ball rate against right handed hitters should help. Well, we know a guy like justin. Upton is certainly going to provide some strikeout upside frankie montas.

A lot to like here and i don’t expect the ownership to be huge here, great value in the starting pitching department here on friday night, all right let’s go back to the outfield more value with the cleveland, indians and jordan luplow, so fanduel he’s, almost free here, It’S hard not to press the jordan loophole button easily the best play on the fanduel slate at only 200. draftkings up at 4200, still a decent price there and another guy you’re sensing a theme here, we’re picking on the left handed pitchers here on opening day. But this guy was top five in all of baseball in iso woba wrc, plus against left handed pitching, so we’ve got jd martinez. We’Ve got jordan, luplow we’ve got tatis we’ve got tommy pham we’ve got all the guys that crush lefties extremely well here on friday night, but danny duffy, a guy always wants some exposure with. He always gives up a lot of hard contact, no different. Last season. Over 41 to right, handed hitters gives up a lot of home, runs over a home run and a half her nine innings, two right handed hitters jordan, luplow three square play on faneuil just 2200 and still a tremendous play over on dk at 4200. All right, it’s time to take a look at my favorite play for a big friday night let’s get into it. Let’S, take a look, the beast of the night, all right, guys! Beast time we got one more bat to get you we’re, going to get you one more big bopper at third base, another lefty masher we’re, going alex bregman of the astros tonight’s beast of the night.

Oh, we got ta finish out. Our top five against left handed pitching and alex bregman certainly belongs in that category. Top three in every major category against lefty go back to iso woven wrc, plus this guy was right at the top of the list. Has a good history as well against marco gonzalez 17 at bats, not a huge sample but it’s, not a six or seven that bad sample either 517 woba in that matchup with gonzalez and gonzalez, a guy that struggled a little bit with righties fifth x, fit both Over five we know this is a potent astros. Lineup we’ll see how they do without all the trash cans and thing, but we know alex bregman, a very talented player, very good against lefty and gon na be a core play for me on friday night, making him easily my favorite play on the slate in tonight’s Piece of the night, all right guys, that’ll wrap this up for our return to the fantasy bar here for mlb. If you have any comments, questions feedback on the video guys that comment section is, for you appreciate everybody reaching out during the break glad to see you guys excited to have the fantasy bar back, and i am stoked to be back here talking dfs mlb I am saying salute best of luck, guys and we’ll see you right back here next week. Good luck! Hey thanks for checking out our videos.