That is the stance I use. I feel it looks a lot like mine in real life, so there you go. If you want to use the same stance as me, there it is. It has a few modifications down the line if you guys want to copy it exactly, but that is the stance that I use better than its stance. 145 now let’s go use it in a game. Right now we are playing my former team, the Chicago White Sox, I’m, hoping soon I can call the Cleveland Indians, my former team, but they just are not trading me and I don’t have control in the free agent market. So I am stuck here in Cleveland until something happens, and the team to me just seems to be getting worse and worse: hey Ronaldo, my good buddy. First, ever autograph I pulled on a baseball card was from this man and I feel like every time we face the White Sox. We face him so let’s. Do it right let’s do something big here we go I’m ready, that’s, my old teammate right there I’m about to go deep off him and will that get over this center fielder and know he’s able to run it down? I can’t believe he was able to catch that. I thought I hit that as hard as I possibly could, but apparently not, and now we got a man in a box who had a pretty sweet mustache.

I saw for a second, it looked pretty nice, and this is the line drive.

I should have. Let he hit the ground should a drop no way I’m getting him yeah he’s already on the bag. That probably would have hit him in the face, which would have been bad. Tim Anderson is up to bat. Now – and I got ta say, Tim Anderson is one of the most electrifying players in baseball ever since he did that bat flip off Brad Keller I’ve been a huge fan of him, and this is to my right. I got it easy, throw right right and got him okay, I got ta, say I’m looking at the crow. While I was looking at the crowd when I can see them, but when I visited guaranteed rate feel okay, there you go see the crowd back there. Nowhere near like that, when I went it was probably like 500 people and I’m not kidding, and that is pretty crazy, because that’s baseball is gon na. Look like that right now, no fans in the crowd and when I was there that’s almost what it looked like. You when I was, I was sitting in right center and there was one family there and they got a homerun ball that I was so close to and hey let’s see how close this gets and know. It’S gon na be a flyout party yeah. I was so close to catching this homerun ball from Tommy Pham and it fell right in front of their feet if they weren’t sitting there.

It was my home run ball, but unfortunately they were there and then right after that they left. And then I had all of right field to myself and nobody hit a home run for the rest of the game and this is almost over and that would have been amazing so far, I’m not doing very well against my former team what’s that guy’s name. I was let me look at this I’m. Most bus I’m, most bus, I can’t believe that’s his name, okay, what a name! I wonder where he’s from very unique name got it here: I’ll go for the Jeter, throw yes, okay, we’re winning two to zero right. Now, no thanks to me, I have not been able to find any green I’ve been hitting fly balls it’s two to one now, so we need the insurance who’s on the mound. Trey Garrett don’t know you either but I’m you’re about to know my name right here. Right now – and this is Val almost taking out my first base coach – you know what pal I’ll pay for dinner. Okay, I’ll pay for dinner, come on crush guy. You got to get it together. You got to keep your hit streak alive and this yes, oh my god, we got lucky, we got so lucky. I can’t believe that got through was that a liner. I feel okay, 94 game hit streak we’re, trying to catch up the cowboy Jeff by the way. If you are not caught up but yeah, I cannot did I hit the ground.

No, it was a line drive or if it was, I think it was bounce into the ground. Let’S see here we go and one more time yeah that was bouncing in the ground, so we got very lucky that that was able to get through, and now we got runners on first and second, full count to Addison Russell. Is that who’s batting? I think that’s? Who that is – and he walks bases will be loaded with no outs, an ultimate opportunity: Wow 34000 fans yeah take away 34000 from that and that’s about how many people were at the White Sox game. I won here. We go bases loaded, no outs, prime opportunity for somebody on our team loop low and all we strike out you strike out in this prime opportunity. Are you serious? Who is it now? It is Kevin Cramer. He’S got two singles he’s 2 for 3, see what I mean when this team is slowly getting worse and worse and I’m. The only one here who knows how to do something: oh don’t turn it don’t turn it a tourney. Oh my god. We turn a bases, loaded, no outs situation into nothing, absolutely nothing and now it’s tied. Are you serious? Well, I can’t walk it off, but I can get a go ahead. Home run against my former, no no, not swinging at that one, my former team. That would be nice. That would feel good. Honestly, I feel like I’d, rather be on my former team right now than the Indians, and this is a pop up.

I just missed that hanging slider, and that is cotton right field. I am ashamed of myself on that. One, oh my god: ok, ok, just calm down, calm down, it’s, ok, oh we were and they walked it off. I’M, so used to being like suck. Oh, oh, my god. They take that game. But luckily we were able to sneak my hit streak and keep it alive great opportunity here to start the first and this I was popped up. So I end last night’s game by popping up in a prime spot, and then I start this one. By doing the same thing, what are you doing out there clutch guy come on? You are choking just because you’re, they must be heckling me, look how many fans showed up to heckle ishka it’s amazing they’re. In my ear they are spitting, nonsense, talking the trash and returning to DoublePlay shut them up right come on here we go, I got it. Stay down, throw II got him there and there beautiful scoop by a great bird at first base. Okay, they now hopefully, are quieter, and hopefully I can concentrate Steven Matz is on the mound come on. You do better against lefties Austin. I know you do. This is a big bum off the lefty, oh whoa. Where did that? Oh, what the did that land right there or did that bounce and land right there it felt like it was up there for a long long time.

Oh my god! I need to see a replay. I definitely do and low high five right there for the third base coach and what are we gon na? Get it home plate, hopefully something fun that definitely shut the crowd up by the way, and I moonwalking it in ok, kleczka that’s. What I like to see do with a little style, let me see where this home run landed. I feel like I might have hit it on top of the porch and dead center let’s see the distance it’s about to show it once this thing takes off. I don’t think I hit it. I think it was just up there for a long time. A 31 launch angle: yeah 468 feet, my goodness Koshka you are a strong boy, that’s right drinking all that milk, when I was younger yeah for all you that don’t know that when I was young, I that was my favorite drink. I don’t know why. But it definitely gave me power and strength, and this is an easy play that doesn’t really require that and got him right on target. I got this baby. I got this all day every single day. Every time clutch goes up again. The hit streak is already in continuation and we’re just trying to get insurance at this point come on man. You got to drive in that RBI and no, we threw a changeup and I did not wait. Be patient, be calm in kleczka, we’ll crush that’s.

What I was hired to do and that’s? Why I deliver ok could be a clutch two out: RBI single back to back perfect hits that’s what I like to see and another RBI. I love seeing that as well now, I’m gon na try and steal a base. We’Ve showed off the power we just hit for average right there, and now we are gon na show off the speed. We mi5 tools on display, hopefully hopefully come on with that foot and let me steal this base out of some rustle and he swung in the Miss, and that is three outs which hurts my soul. I really wanted to steal base. This is why my stolen base numbers aren’t up, because I know my god they tied it. Okay, four four shut him up once again from the other side and wide I swing at that. That was the absolute worst pitch to swing at out. Oh, my god that was horrendous. Okay, jog back to the dugout stay tied stay tied top ten. I got another chance here: let’s go hit, a home run, that’s what we want. We want to untie this puppy. Oh my god. I can’t believe they came back. We can’t let him walk it off here we go come on now and this opal is a Lucky Strike I held up, but apparently it was in the strike zone. I don’t think so: I’m gon na get revenge and this. Why wait a minute? Wait! A minute! Wait a minute it is gone, even the ones I don’t think are gon na get out.

Do that’s a go ahead, homerun for questio, yes, and that should get me a clutch animation. I love the clutching animations because he only get them in moments like this. So let’s see what happens when we cut on the home plate should be something cool. We got a low high foe, low double high five with Addison Russell I’m trying to get my team pumped up that’s. What I love to see clutch go. I can’t believe I got that out. I did not think that was gon na carry and now we’re doing the high fives all through the duck. Oh, they took off my helmet. This team loves me so much. I know they do and let’s look at. This replay see you later in the pitcher knows he just messed up. He just allowed clutch got to get the win for the team. Alright, if you made it to the end of this episode, then I want you to comment. The hecklers have been silenced, like the video subscribe.