It is gone, alcitus escobar, with a lead off home, run on the first pitch. He leads it off here in game five and he hits a high drive into deep right. That was way back and it is gone. He hits the first pitch for a home run and the reds lead very quickly one. Another tim anderson will lead it off. As steve mentioned, he is a soft tosser and that is a home run, so you can put it on the board here. We go switch. It or batting left it’s on the way by hernandez first pitch, fly ball deep right center field way back in the alley. Nobody’S gon na get that and it is gone. Do you believe that a first pitch jennings in the first pitch of this game swung on and shot deep to left that ball’s got a chance and is out of here a line drive home run on the very first pitch of the game harvey to the plate And a fly ball to center. Deep again, this ball is gone first pitch tonight: cece sabathia kicks in the first pitch of the ball. Game is drilled to left and that’s it well, welles is going back and that baby is gone and we are underway from yankee stadium and there he’s underway too spreading around the bases.

First, pitch of the night to curtis granderson is hit in the air to right field hit well back, goes kwig to the warning track back at the wall, it’s out of here, curtis granderson leads off with a home run on the very first pitch of the game.

First, one tonight drilled out the deep left center field that is gone, mammoth big fly for yonel escobar, that’s, a good way to get out of a slump, one, nothing halo, roanis elias on the hill and the first pitch hammered deep left field. George springer has hit the first pitch of the night Applause into the bullpen area and the astros quickly lead it here’s. The first pitch of the game swung on and hit deep to center field, and this ball is going to go out of the ballpark into the west jet flight deck sin. Shu chu jumps on the first pitch to the players have to go out and play like they’re capable of playing and ian kinsler. First ball swinging deep to left field. Goodbye and kinsler ander gives this a ride. First pitch of the ball game there. It goes goodbye. One pitch one run: ender’s. Fourth, bang it’s, one nothing d backs comes in hitting at 273. In the first pitch of the ball game. High stretch he looks up, you can put it on the board. Yes, first major league home run d. Gordon first pitch swing drives. It to right mazara goes back that ball’s gone first pitch d, gordon first home run of the season.

That’S gon na liven things up here. First pitch is in there and it is headed deep out of here if it gets to the wall, and it is just out of here anthony rendon on the first pitch and it’s one.

Nothing kluber delivers a fastball that is ripped out to deep right field, and that is a long big fly for cole calhoun, who has struggled in the month of august, well desmond jennings of the batters box. To start it and there’s the drive high and deep and gone desmond jennings on the first pitch, puts the raise out in front and courts one into deep center field, andrew on the run, still going well that’s. The way the year starts, matsui had 33 home runs.