They will call obstruction on that play interesting. Bouncing ball. Meyer gets the short hop nice flip to second and they’re, going to call the double play: there’s the new rule right there, antoine richardson, watch it right here: yeah that’s, a late sly, not a dirty slot up the middle gloved by murphy there’s one, and they will Not get the double play, wow did chase ugly go in hard at second. This was going to be a tough turn anyway, the ball behind second base. He was going to turn that way to make a throw ugly got off in a great 2 0 marcelo’s delivery chopped the shortstop that’s one relay nope not going to have any there now they’re going to argue about the slide. Corey blazer second base umpire he’s going to take a turn, so he stayed in that lane see i’d call that interference. I don’t think anything is mandy, i just but that’s how reading the rule shuffles in right center bounce to third out at third out at second. No throwback to first, but they get two perfect ground ball and frazier doesn’t even hesitate, he’s, taking triple play and so is lori. I think buck’s trying to figure out and so are the umpires.

I mean right there. He grabbed the ankle and then he had to reach back on the base and i’m just not sure whether they can actually ask for a review, because if we get a review, he’s going to be out grounded to third solari gets one and then throws the ball Over the head of tashera yeah that you know, can he reach the base got ta reach the base is the ruling.

I believe i think i know it is at second, so he’s definitely out of the baseline to get them. The fielder looks like his bullpen finish. This ball game double play chance. Although they’re gon na go home down three, oh, that might run and do it right and diaz down and the pirates very upset via scores schwarber to the plate. He is safe about that slide, while elias diaz is flat on his back on the grass and meanwhile, two more runs score. The umpires are going to confer, they could call a double. I don’t see the rule fitting the means there. If it’s open season now it’s open season, everybody’s, gon na, say i’m turning double playing a ground ball heads up, kevin franzen, look at that has really come. The dugouts good call series and there’s gomez going in feet. Flying ground ball smoke; fair ball, second base tag in time, good play by smoke and dulwicky’s, not pleased about where sousa started, his slide and that’s. Why they’re talking about it? Applause and now cuthbert on one hop second one cuthbert to first on the run again a difficult throw, but these guys are big leaguers.

Now. Look at that slide, that’s not directly into the base that’s coming after him, and he ripped him with his right forearm that’s. The illegal automatic double play and he pulls it to the right side. Posey will go to second for one back to first, not in time how about the slide at second base, and he was within range of the back it wasn’t like he could not have reached the base on the slide, see that he see here’s.

The thing is it: i thought the rule was he’s got to go straight into the bag over towards shortstop. This might be too galvez to second for one hernandez over to first Applause. Well, i don’t know. Maybe he did do something wrong and ends the top of the third, so a break for the phillies on the new rule and the inning is over ground ball. Jeannette goes to second out there dangerous throw, but they get the lead out. Wait a minute. We got a call in second off the back that’s a double play and if that holds up dad, molino calls it right away. When you slide into second base like that, breaking up a double play, you have to maintain command or control of second base. He did not. You saw dan bolino immediately signals runners. Beware, you better know the rule can’t slide like that anymore. Amazing, finish, i mean that’s. This is going to be one it’ll, be opposite for travis there’s, a ground ball.

This could be two beckham bobbles and won’t. Have a chance to make the turn kevin one more time tries to get it out of the glove and the transfer and then pilar’s right he fit now. How could you imagine him not, being there high throw as hayward went in with clean baseball at second base boy? He takes it bryant to second and molina, going hard into russell a lot of action around second base. There always is they had it in the first, with shinsu, slowly hit ground ball to second that’s.

All the dodgers are going to get with everything good, quick flip over to rollins, with the sliding odor bag you’re trying to get there. You want to be close enough to be able to and that’s really what the rule is and he hit it there. But you know one Applause here in toronto: that’s it to short cabrera with a great diving play that can’t flip for one they can’t turn two, but cabrera saves the day and they’re gon na call interference against worth well that’s a later slide right there and you Know what that’s a clean! This is just a good clean play all right, it’s a boom boom play at second foot two ground ball. Third out at second and safe at oh right here, coming in hard bautista Applause. He grabbed him. With that left hand, yeah we’ll see that this may absolutely. The slide is right into the bag, but the left hand reaches out and clips that back foot logan foresight, then yanks the throw on the ground for the third baseman alberto Applause, especially with donaldson.

Coming in hard and gets a knee to the head, well, you got it knew first base. Then donaldson need in the head later in the game at four in the seventh inning off of herrera’s foot and mustache flips to second base and a hard slide by lori into alcitus escobar there that there really is no place for a a takeout slide there.

Unless you’re trying to injure the infielder that’s your, i totally agree enough. They’Ve been hit more times than anybody in baseball and now that was a late hard slide. You know and it’s an it’s easy to fall back on Applause and a roller to the hole, force and bloom Applause doing well to straddle him and, at the same time stay out of his way. 2 2 and flores hits one past the man, but tomlinson. Is there to scoop to crawford no play at first and they get the out on walker as duda moves too hard, but let’s see once he gets past the bag? Is his hands say on it, or does he go past the bag? You’Re right i mean crawford’s. Already held the ball the play’s over and he had his hand on the bag, and then he took his hand off the back. I agree there he goes. Faith could hold on to the Applause. Now pick him up. Connor on the ground chop towards third base. Donaldson will go to second for the force there throw to first is gon na be wild and thrown away, but it glances off that short, fencing beyond the red sox, dugout ramirez bouncing ball to freeman at first he’s gon na go to second and chance at it.

Ross never never touched him and never slid yeah playing. Oh he’s up yeah he’s on the grass right. That should be a double play. He was trying to get in the way of the throw and then he’s covering before nice, pick up by for kyle to get one.

The bear headed pick up and return double play. These guys are good. They already facing first base right. There see catches it all. He has to do is broken bad roller towards short ivar’s got it he’ll fire to second for one and not in time at first look at it and see what happened and that push right. There bounces to second watch out here, there’s one back to first, not in time and the run scores. Look replay, replay, look replay replay to finally decide whether you want a challenge or not.