Ladies and gentlemen, but in case you guys uh in case you guys didn’t know, or in case you guys, haven’t been watching. My kobe bryant series, kobe bryant, was called up to the seattle mariners as the starting shortstop, after only about 60, something games. So i mean that is the fastest i’ve ever seen any of my players get called up. I think it took cowboy jeff like a year a year and a half or something like something ridiculously long to get called up. But you know kobe bryant he’s, a natural he’s, a lot more athletic than me, that’s for sure, as we’re taking on the toronto blue jays. We are three games behind the los angeles angels as we fly out to left field most likely. We are three games behind the angels in the american league west, the toronto blue jays, who are one of the most exciting young teams in the league. So this is definitely going to be a great game, uh for sure the the blue jays. They got a the son of one of my favorite players of all time: vladimir guerrero junior. They got kevin bizio, they got dante, beshette uh, oh no, i’m, sorry bo bishop dante’s, the dad as uh. Oh, we take a two seam fastball inside okay, okay, kobe bryant he’s been in fuego absolutely in fuego.

We are two games under 500, so we’re trying to get this team back on the right track. Kobe bryant, trying to make a playoff push for the seattle mariners.

The seattle mariners haven’t made the playoffs if i’m not mistaken since 2001. Ladies and gentlemen, that was, i was 11 years old when that happened, and i remember that the the playoff series in which they lost, i think it was to the if i’m, not mistaken. It was the yankees yankees or something like that. That was a classic series, as we uh we’re down six to zero here on the top of the fifth inning runners at first and second, 2. 1. The count all right come on kobe clutch up clutch up. For me right now, the mariners need a lot of help. They need as much help as we can get and the mamba is about to deliver for let’s, go slow, mo slow mo and there’s high. That ball is deep. That ball is not gone, but it’s uh. Maybe uh, maybe a triple go: go: go, go, go i’m! Going i’m going three i’m going three go kobe, get down get down, we are in there for a triple kobe bean. He hits triples in in basketball and he gets triples in baseball yeah buddy. A two run triple for kobe bean, as we get a replay of that one. Look at that almost this much and it would have been over the fence.

As we got d gordon now, d, gordon one of the fastest players in the league bring me home d. Bring me home: oh he struck out d d. If you’re gon na go down, you got ta go down swinging.

At the very least. Now we got malik smith, malek smith. We are down by four runs here in the top of the fifth inning we’re, trying to make a uh we’re trying to make a comeback. We got don’t, the blue jays are trying to spoil kobe bryant’s return. My my return to the kobe bryant road to the show i’m so very happy that i’m back on playstation guys it’s been a month and a half. Yesterday i came out with cowboy jeff’s road to the show uh the first time in a very long time. Oh, is that gon na be a fly out to vladimir guerrero junior yeah vlad got there, no okay, all right so kobe bryant’s. Definitely gon na have to put the team on his back for sure we’re only down by three runs here, though uh. Oh, my goodness, i’m a little bit i’m a little bit nervous guys. We got two outs bottom of the sixteen now i’m gon na play shortstop in a long time. Where do we go? Where do we go? Let’S go two fourths out at two and and go there. We go okay, no errors, no errors for kobe let’s go. I know, kobe bryant’s glove has a long way to go before he catches up with his bat but we’ll get there.

We will get there with some reps tanner roark. Now 86 pitches in the game, let’s go let’s. Take him deep. Take your boy deep! No is that no that’s not gone no way that might be gone.

Hold the phones hold the phones, it is gone. Are you kidding me right now, kobe bryant muscling up? Did we in a two run jack for kobe? I can’t believe i got that ball out of here. No way as we get it. Are we gon na see the celebration, the the uh, the patented two point celebration? Are we gon na see it? No, i guess kobe bryant’s not feeling there right now. I mean why why why do we got ta hit a two point bucket? We just hit a two run jack as uh. What is the score now? Six to five, no we’re up now, seven to six beautiful bottom of the eighth inning kevin bizio. Look at this shift holy smokes, oh, my goodness. Okay! This is like this is a very interesting shift. We should be able to make this play. No problem. Take your time. Do it right, yeah, buddy, okay, nice did we just get the dub? No, we got one more at bat top of the ninth inning kobe bryant. Two for three, a home run and a triple. We need a double and a single for the cycle. Can we still do it? Can’T we it’s possible. This game could go into extras and okay, forcing fastball down the mariners in real life, uh they’re, not doing so hot last night or i think in their home opener or no in the astros home opener.

As we uh swing right there.

They lost like something like eight to two or nine to two uh we’re. I know this team is a lot better than the team in real life, as we take a slide or 84 miles per hour. Give me something: bro don’t, be scared. Don’T, be scared. Don’T be scared to pitch kobe, being the ball uh down the middle down the middle, no, forcing fastball high in the way 94 miles per hour. Come on pull this ball. Jeff pull this ball! Oh we go down swinging. Are you kidding me right now? That’S a that’s, embarrassing, i don’t usually strike out, but uh i mean you can’t get a hit on all of them. Oh no dude did the blue just come back and win. You’Ve got to be kidding me right now. No way mariners can’t do nothing right for crying out loud, kevin bizio, the player of the game. Did they hit a walk off jack dude? They they won, nine to eight kobe bryant, with a home run and a triple. Apparently i got ta get like a hit in every at bat for this team to have a chance that’s a little disappointing. It was uh, hopefully the angels didn’t win because we’re trying to catch up to that team. Let’S, go on to the next game, all right game number, two! Against the first place team, the los angeles angels of anaheim. I still am not used to that by the way the los angeles angels of anaheim just go back to being the anaheim angels or the california angels what’s wrong with y’all.

You know what for having such a dumb name, i’m gon na make sure i beat you guys down kobe bryant let’s go oh with the the snazzy uniforms too, nice kobe bryant wearing the number eight. I might switch to number 24 for the next game. We’Ll see as it’s raining here in los angeles, interesting, okay, raining in the summer, let’s make it rain right now against griffin canning and forcing fastball high okay, do you see the aos standings, the astros okay, the astros took over from the angels, okay, so it’s uh? We got a lot of teams tossling and justlyne uh uh fighting for a position as kobe bryant’s gon na get a double double right. There, yeah buddy stand up double for a stand up. Guy uh. Did we score a run? No, i don’t believe we did a double for kobe bryant, his third of the season. This is only like my fourth or fifth game in the majors. By the way guys, we have been recently called up to the majors and uh we’re we’re doing all right. You know kobe is getting the job done at the plate, but unfortunately you know this team uh is. This team needs a lot of help, this team uh it would help if we got somebody from the uh from the trade deadline or something we do definitely need. Uh somebody to help carry the load because kobe bryant, even though he has a lot to ask from one guy as we take a strike high, forcing fastball away kobe bryant.

Last three games: 10 rbi, 10 rbi you’ve got to be kidding me right now. Let’S go as we get a 14 fastball 93 miles per hour down and away. We are down by two runs here in the top of the third inning, come on guys, let’s go no one’s on base, so we just got. We just got hit a solo jack. We just got to do it. We got to do it right here, right now, actually, i’m, not going to use my slow mo pitch just yet. We might actually have a chance to score in some runs later so i’m going to save that and there’s going to be a fly ball to center field. Mike trout is going to catch that one mike trot. Look over there look over there. No, he didn’t fall for that, oh unfortunately, okay. So we are still down by two here in the uh top of the third now we’re down by three okay interesting, but we got a runner at one. I think this might be the time. This might be the time to use a slow mo pitch let’s go, we got ta even it up, though we got ta make. This count make this count. Jeff let’s go kobe, let’s go let’s, go slow mo and oh too early holy smokes heads up out there. Heads up: okay, okay, let’s! Try it again, let’s, try it one more time. Let’S try one more time. Give me something give me something over the plate over the plate: slow mo one more time and boom that’s gone.

Oh yeah, perfect! Perfect! You could hear that crack of the battle now and no my trial just wait. Wait buddy goodbye it ain’t coming back mike trout, waving goodbye at that ball to two run jack for kobe bryant, 12 rbi in the last 10 games holy smokes man kobe, is on absolute fuego as we get a graphic of that look at that slicing to the Left a little bit making it rain here in los angeles or actually i’m sorry, anaheim we’re in anaheim we’re, not actually in los angeles, uh huh, so let’s see what’s the score. Now we are up by two runs here on the top of the sixth inning. I only see a replay, i lived it. I lived it now. Let’S go one more time. The rain is coming down much harder. Now we got dylan bundy in the game, runner at one. We need insurance, we need insurance, let’s go kobe, let’s go kobe as he pitches out. Okay, easy, easy whoever’s. I believe that’s d, gordon somebody’s at who is that, oh, i forgot the angels, have uh uh joe madden, if i’m not mistaken their new coach, their new coach, so that’s interesting, that’s, a very cool move for the angels and there’s an inside forcing fastball three one To count this is a hitters count right here, high fastball high, oh actually, he might. He might actually give me an off speed pitch let’s, be ready for it be ready for a dang nabbit.

I think it was going to be a high 4c fastball for crying out loud come on. Jeff let’s go let’s, go let’s, make it rain, we need the insurance runs and and and let’s. Oh, why do you? Why did you look at that? He gave me like three forcing fastballs high if we lose this game because i would be so upset because kobe seems to be, he needs to have to go uh perfect in every single at bat. Oh look at this look. Oh my trot. I’M. The best player in the game show me then show me you’re the best player in the game, mike trout, because there’s a new sheriff in town and his name is kobe bean and kobe come on. Get him out, get him out there we go. Take your time. Do it right and nice nice there we go nice dig by bogglebach nice that’s. What i’m talking about now or did we get the dub? Did we get the dub? We are only up by one run here in the top of the ninth inning. If we take back to back losses, i’m gon na be devastated, we need to take this team down come on. We need a home run home, run, uh that’s a curveball 73 miles per hour and away come on. Come on. Let’S let’s put this team away. This team needs as much uh run support as it can get another curveball, almost in the exact same spot.

We are up by one let’s. Go let’s, go three four: five, two jacks two jacks on the game: jeff, no there’s, a 14 fastball. This guy’s not giving me squat dylan bundy ain’t, giving me diddly squat right now. Let’S go let’s, go uh, high 14 fastball right here there we go. Oh yeah. No doubt home run. Oh my goodness. Gracious that might be the longest home run. I have ever actually no wait was that the longest one i’ve ever hit 422 feet. Ah that’s, not too that’s not like fall 500 foot bomb but that’s still a no doubt homer. Nonetheless, kobe bryant, with the second home run of the game, absolutely a home, run hitting machine an rbi machine. Here we go there, we go there’s. The two points that’s. What i’m talking about you got ta love it. You love to see it i’m, pretty sure that should be enough insurance for the game. Kobe bryant, with the no doubt home, run gon na drop the mic he’s gon na drop the mic. Oh no! I guess you can’t see the uh celebration right there. There we go, we got the dub we’re bouncing back, getting a win in our return to kobe bryant’s road to the show. So uh, like i said guys, we’re gon na need a lot of help. We’Re gon na need kobe bryant to put the team on his back because we are down by three games in the american league west, but uh got ta say that is a that’s, a very nice game.

Three four five two home runs and a double for kobe.