h last night does the catching off of the top. But you look at julio rios as one of the key pieces this season. If the dodgers are going to get to where they hope they’re going it’s the 1 1 plus he gets the pick off he’s feeling like he’s backing here’s a high drive from vargas. That will leave the yard halfway up. The pavilion and little maro vargas who’s had a really good summer camp for the diamondbacks has a home run to open the scoring here in the second definitely less command this inning than he had in the first inning. One more chase is here and arias gets him. Two out that’s been the biggest issue for jake lamb hitting against left handers just 169.. Take a look at the lineup for dave roberts, it’ll, be mookie betts to lead it off and then max muncie hitting second and starting at first tonight. Justin turner is the three hitter and third baseman bellinger in center hitting cleanup seeger’s the shortstop it’s the same top five as it was last night. Hanukkah left jack, peterson bh chris taylor, starting at second and will smith doing the catching out of the nine spot. He’Ll face off with arizona’s taylor, clark, who’s 27 years old, originally from virginia. Those are the numbers in his big league debut last year and he bangs one the other way again down the left field line into the corner when he’s at his best that’s.

What he’s doing hitting the ball? The other way with authority he’s got a lead off double here in the second we’ve seen varying methods from jock through the years to ready himself flies this one to center field in deep way back there and gone jack peterson with a two run home run. Just to the right of dead center to give the dodgers the 2 1 lead there’s. One person who knew this ball was gone when he hit it. Questions about the competition at that stage, yanks one that’ll loop over short and into the left for a base hit and so they’re at first and second, with one go muncie on deck 3 1 count to mookie bets here it comes that pitch is hit in the Air to left center field back goes marta at the track at the wall and gone that’s. Why it’s uncomfortable three run shot for bets and a five spot for the dodgers here in the second things that make you go home? What about that makes you go hmm? This lineup at the bottom, you know last night. It was the top of the order that got all the work done going into the vents and upping and lowering the temperature. How far did swinging a miss and vote is the first out of the third. I think a lot of people became good cooks during the quarantine yeah or at least better than they were before the record for the best era through 60 games.

Never expect you to guess this bellinger on the ground up the middle martay can’t get it the muncie. Will hang on the person or the number the person summer, camp 2.0? At that rate? Where is it vogue finds it seeger’s three for three with three hard hit balls and oh man, he is he’s, squaring it up about eight out of ten, with runners in scoring position bangs on the other way base hit past first and down the line it brings Home muncie they will hold bellinger. Rbi single for aj pollock makes it six one on a two one from chaffin. He yanks it to right base hit and he scoots by calhoun to the wall. It brings home two ringing double from jack peterson against a lefty cross to left center field. Chris taylor driving this ball gone rattles around out there in the new home run seats, some of the cardboard cutouts fighting after a souvenir and a mercy rule fit 31 year old from venezuela swings and misses. Ramos gets him for out. Number two should be out of the inning, but just the error by gavin lux, a little slider right here gets him out in front after the high fastball dylan, getting ready for his fifth major league season and his third one since coming over on a 3 2. He gets him swinging and with a change up so to the bottom of the six. We go: the dodgers getting five in the second and six in the fifth tonight.

They lead at 11 1 broadcasters around baseball running their cell phone bills. Up this year, only way of checking in crack bat flared down. The line. Barrels are overrated, but rbi’s aren’t he’s, going to get at least one here gore is in ruiz stops. It third taylor’s got an rbi double and they lead it. 12 1 come on. Chris. Give us the patented shake radarol last year, touched 103 in aaa 99, with movement at the top of the strike zone for a strike that was the fastest pitch thrown by a twin since at least 2008 19 6, with a 2 4 8 in his career. In the minors, as a starter, stephen vogt breaks his bat on one right back to gradual. That will finish this one off.