Second, then, alex scored the main stay in their lineup salvador perez back at the cleanup spot after missing all of last season. Marcel franco, the long time philly now with the royals ryan, mcbroom franchi cordero, former san, diego padre bubba starling, and the designated hitter is brett phillips miles. Michaelis is penciled into the rotation for the cardinals and he’ll get the start for saint louis. His final tune up before the regular season for the cardinals said the same thing about from a baseball standpoint, a lot of different things in play. It out to left field well hit o’neill back, he’ll, look up and it’s off the wall played it perfectly a strike. Coming into second base and standing up, it’s, whit merrifield, with a lead off double on a 3 1 pitch and that’s, probably not the fastball fastball’s a pitch that a big league player is going to put in play at least, and the idea is to try to Get a swing and a miss here and the one two pitch gordon in the air should be plenty deep to score. The run under it. Vader with the catch merrifield will tag up and it’s one to nothing. Kansas city, tommy edmond, will lead it off for mike shields club, followed by matt carpenter and paul goldschmidt here at the bottom of the first then paul, the young yadier molina dexter, fowler tyler o’neill, the designated hitter matt wieders and harrison bader starter brad keller he’s out.

So you’ve got two spots in the rotation plenty of spots in the bullpen that are open and that’ll, be an air on the third baseman, franco and paul. The young is aboard on a hard hit ball to third mention it earlier. If you haven’t seen him look at this man, number four it’s still going strong base headed to center field, as the young will stop at second base, just the shape that yadi is in rick. I mean he’s in better condition. I think right now that he was they’re all loaded up and the next to tyler o’neil hits it out to left. That is trouble. That ball is down one hopper off the wall. Two runs will score fowler to third tyler o’neill drives him two and a 2 1 st louis lead deep dive into analytics, but uh rave reviews about him dealing with the press out to center vader back near the wall. Leaps and it’s gone a home run for salvador. Perez it’s got to be huge for kansas city to get that bat, that leadership and that defense back in their lineup, a home run off of michaelis and that ties into two earlier dan highest line drive percentage in the american league there’s a line, drive and that’s Lifted out to left center there, it is the gap in left center on his way to second carpenters sliding in safely and again that’s what we’re talking about that type of swing going the other way, a 3 2 pitch again to paul goldschmidt, hit up the middle And modesty spins, it throws it’s high it’s off the cardinal dugout and a heads up play there by mccarthy to get the glove on it.

If not carpenter may score on the left and that’s lifted to deep left center, they were playing very deep that’ll score. The run carpenter tags up to make it 3 2 i’m, telling you what bubba without having played the first half a season ago. The cardinals were 47 and 27 in the second half and let’s hope they do that again this year. Something like that cordero broke his bad and the base hit after the flyout by ryan mcbroom, so we’ve been in the 90 mile. An hour range still down a bit from what you expect from miles. Strikeout there on three pitches and that’s out number two here in the fourth team that will be held in iowa there’s. Another strikeout for michaelis so gets a couple of strikeouts and that’s four here this afternoon. Carlos martinez, his career as a starting pitcher, it’s kind of interesting 118 starts a 3 3 era, there’s a nasty breaking pitch for martinez, as he strikes out monteci Applause. I love that reaction, swaying and a mess, and a couple of strikeouts for carlos martinez here this afternoon, it’s exhibition baseball, we’re back with you on fox sports midwest that he said it’s just when he came back and they saw they’re like wow. I mean he’s in in extremely great condition, and he said rebelo would be the other there’s a fly ball out to deep left and it’s gone it’s a home run paul. The young takes one deep out to left a two run: homer for the cardinals shortstop two run, homer paul, the young and that extends the cardinal league in this sport being the closer didn’t deflect from it.

As shrock hits a high fly ball into right field, cordero drifting back at the wall, it’s off his glove hustling all the way with shrock it gets away, they’re going to wave them in now, they’re going to hold them up. Pop warner holds them up at the last. Second truck was hustling all the way, and that would have been a lot of fun. Applause and ravelo hits a fly ball out to left. Shrock will tag up. He will score easily and that’ll make it a 6 2. St louis lee revello with the rbi for giving him that position not a ton of closing experience, though for kk none during the regular season over in korea, two saved so in 2018 during the korean series. But he was asked about the challenges in his new role and he said you know i have a lot of superstitions, so i don’t really have to worry about those anymore, not as a starter. He said the day before his starts. He wouldn’t eat any meat kim and now is the closer here in saint louis good for him. Cordero strikes out looking and that’s how we start this night, getting happy birthday to kk who turns 32. Today he has two kinds of breaking balls: a curveball and a slider here’s, the curveball and the 2 2 pitch, and he struck him out back to back case for kk he’s pitched in the olympics.