You know what how he grips it and you know what he’s thinking with that pitch, what type of counts to hit certain hitters and whatnot, and then his changeup as well a little bit that’s one fish that I’ve been working on for a really long time, and I finally feel like I’ve gotten a grip that works for me pretty well and just kind of same type of thing like how what his thought process is with that pitch and stuff like that, yeah absolutely I mean he’s a super nice guy, like you know, he’s Been one of the best in baseball for a good bit, and you know you can just learn so much from him and he was willing to answer any questions that I had and you know it just makes it easy. You know to kind of you know just continue to learn and learn and learn from someone who’s been so successful for so long. I don’t want to give away any of his secrets. Can’T, do that me just seems to me so far that, like he slows everything down, he’s, never rushing to go through anything doesn’t go through the motions at all, so like every every throw that he has every pitch that he throws there’s intent behind it and there’s A purpose behind it and that’s kind of something that I’ve tried to learn is to just kind of slow everything down.

I wouldn’t remember him. I’Ve asked him a couple different things and I’m trying to remember the best I can, but I can’t remember: jungnam yeah, okay.

Okay, I’ll, make sure to say it every day, jungnam close enough Music I’m getting to know him a little bit better here and there I mean every day is a little bit different. I mean he’s on this completely different program that I would be, but you know what just watching him go about his business and how he does his business it’s, just it’s it’s a it’s, a high class kind of pitching. I mean it’s it’s real, pitching he’s a pitcher he’s, not gon na overpower. You he’s gon na, go out there and go deep in the games. I mean it’s, really impressive. This is what he did last year and I’m really looking forward to what he does this year and just kind of lead us the way. What does it mean for the bullpen guys to have a pitcher like it’s, a good feeling? Purple Panda means the end of the day we just we need them to just go at least six. That leaves six or seven. I mean eight is a great day. I mean it’s, one of those like if you guys can stay out there longer the better success. We’Re gon na have in knowing that you can eat up those innings and go deep into games. That gives a lot of the younger guys, a calm sense that every time they take them out, it’s, okay, we have a chance.

What can you say to all the Korean fans that’s going to be watching jay z? I don’t put too much pressure guys.

I hate to tell you the truth. I mean I’m always for the truth. I really appreciate that. I mean I’m, just gon na go out there and get my hundred percent I’m. Never gon na take a pitch off. I will take. I will always take the blame when I don’t need to take the blame. I mean that’s, part of being the job and I’m gon na go out there with my best effort. Even if I don’t have my best stuff, I’m gon na go out there to give it a hundred percent. For you guys, I mean that’s that’s, the tough part about me in a closure you’re gon na love them you’re gon na hate them. But you know what I take that with open arms, because I mean I take the shots. I’Ll take the blame. I take accountability of what I do on the field and then no matter what and back your head I’m gon na give you my all, no matter what 82 is 445 days, but King Joe. Would you take that? Oh, I would take that all day every day every year.