The plate makes the tag. Alertly looks up, sees the runner trying to advance to third goal. They start the runners triple play caught by cabrera here’s, one there’s. Two and there’s three a triple play: Applause and he rips it. To short, this could be a triple play. It will be unassisted to lewitsky on a live unassisted triple play. This has happened now, 13 times in major league history. Fair ball takes trumbo and now he’s getting caught in a rundown that’s, a smart player in history. There it is, he reaches out and grabs him. You can see immediately saying no that it’s not going to work, then zenino tags them. Both pilar is called out and then career and going the other way and what a play by walker double play. No there’s a double play not going to second there’s, no triple Applause, Music Applause. Now they let the throw get away but it’s going to be a triple play. Yep we’ve seen an insider pagan coming on. Did he make the catch or not Applause? The catch is going to be a triple play. Reyes steps on second, to throw to first he’s hit instead it’s a double play ball triple play on the first pitch to ross a ground ball bouncing ball to third solari. Steps on third throws the second one on the first it’s, a second inning yeah. We did say that zalarte could do it all defensively.

We didn’t know he had a triple play in his back.

How about scott sizemore over at first base the ball in the dirt made? It look easy, so sabathia works. He gets that curveball hard to all over the second. They go to second for one up back to first to find the plate, oh from oliver, and still gets his man at first did he get now. I have his heart cenote on third to second and a triple how about that? How about that sickle play a rare play in baseball as the twins get three outs on one pitch and he’s up there to fight, but he pops it up. The ball drops they get one out. This could be a triple play. There’S two outs saw the runner going back to first base that’s an easy out there. They get the batter runner going to first and once again, eric young good, strong, coming over and he’ll make the catch tagging sharperson to throw to third they’re gon na get him by plenty. Nobody at second to go there and a triple play. He’S gon na go to the outfield there’s the play they double up. Sharperson now javier trying to go to second base and here live drive. Anderson plays it on a hop with the tag throwing first, oh, my goodness they did it. The rookie goes 6 3. For the third triple play of the year for the white sox, well, once he catches this on the short hop, then it becomes fairly easy after that, for the runners the ball’s hit in the air, you got to get three right here.

Yes, a triple play and that’ll take runners, go again: mclemore bounces one two three and the bases loaded nobody out just a moment ago, and look at that. Turnabout Music, martin chops it to third out there out at second over to first they get the triple play. Martin bouncy and i mean out on the triple play and it’s still a one row here in montreal, bouncing ball toward first, the out there they’ll have to apply the tag to sosa there’s. The tag runners coming home, it’s a triple play: pun on contact there’s. The tag in cabrera all kinds of time, the throw the slide to the out sue hatterberg. He swings the legend towards shorts speared by a rod, he’ll flip to ferlarti for two they’ll tag out the runner steins for three. It is a triple play and hanneberg lines into the six four triple ground. Ball saddle steps on third over to second for one, throw that ball a triple play: they pull it off. Oh mistakes out toward left field, hoskins coming on, reaches down and makes Applause there’s. One there’s two there’s three, a triple player ground ball made for two hedley will step on it. Maybe they go for three, the second for one they go back to. First, they got the triple play ground ball to third back tapping to bag. The return of one play: how about that that’s three crown ball, nice stop and third they’ll tag, there’s one relay and triple play on the bag to second for two: it is a triple play.

The crowd is now buzzing with that fight. Do you have a raid for the trouble play i don’t, but i can make one up later: yeah let’s! Do that no runs one hit a hit batter ground ball. Third profile will tag out the runner throw back to second, and now they’ve got a chance for the triple play. Applause to third out there out at second, a triple play. Unbelievable that luisa rise makes goes to the back, throws off balance and throws a perfect strike to john matheny at second, the runners are going. The hit and run is on and it’s going to be a triple play out. Number two and out number three an unassisted triple play. Well, it was going to be a stolen base. I mean you’re going to have runners at second and third, and that was going to be. They asked him to punt and no play no play we’re watching the played on fire, but the play done pop. The runners go Applause that allows him to not only make the catch the force out of class deal and now, of course, here the tag player, murphy off the end of the bat wilson. Is there flipped to univ the throw first in time throw to the plate, and kent is out Applause? Four to six to three to two runners are gone and the pitches line right to the shortstop they’ll go to second base for two, and they will run the ball all the way back.

He’Ll go to the bag. Valentin two and here coming down from first base, is keith mitchell tag him out. Thank you. Third base, one. There two there and a triple play there. They go there. They go there. It is one there. It is there’s two run the first did he get it taken off, yeah runners going a bullet good play. I mean that hit right at land and there’s. The double play there’s a triple play just like that the defense bears we’ll check. It. Lynn does the right thing: his momentum takes him to the back, so he gets the second out there and then he makes the running catch. Tagging third is gordon, throw the plate got him double play now. The throw down to second, oh he’s, called sam. Nobody out here in the sixth Music ground ball, alex rodriguez steps on second go to second for one on the first triple play: zimmerman’s got it that’s a double play: it’s gon na be a triple play: unbelievable the runner from third base slider grounded to third he’ll Step on the back get another and the triple play: the astros turn of five Music he’s on the move, spencer right to valardi, and this will be a rare, triple play an unassisted triple play. Another look at it. You don’t see many of them. So we’ll give you a chance to see it out number one passata’s number two, and there is number three with that ball in the air bounce it towards santana.

Again catch made they’ve got a double play, maybe a triple player. Applause now throw to second three and that’s. A triple play. Grounded to third campbell to murphy makes the turn double play. Trying to score now is krieg and he is out it’s a triple play hayes or the roadrunner, and you can’t do this. I wonder if he forgot how many out there were that made down to third man. He’S got a force there’s one there’s two in how about that. One triple play: five and the orioles turn a triple play to end. The second inning is throwing there’s a hard shot. Folks, Applause line drive right to the second baseman he’s got it flips. To second, is this a triple play? You bet it is the cardinals find that it was a catch Applause and he hits it out there at third out at second on to first got a ball. A triple play. Wall hit right near the bag out there, wilson out there runner from first go strike. Three fall through to second base and they’ve got him. Hung Applause. Applause against the braves started a triple play: larry durker, you usually see it happen in an unusual style. Now this is huckabee lines will triple play. That’S the danger in sending the runners there’s a line out that’s the first out, both runners on the move, throw to second just a soft toss to first it’s, a bouncing ball to hill there’s.

One the pitch to redmond is hit on the ground to third blake. Has it tags the bag for one throws to second for two hey triple play, they turn to triple play. Do you believe that there go the runners ripped caught by mike lowe and there’s the tag? It is going to be a triple play, mike lowe’s, going to throw the first how about that runners are off and going in the pitch line right, you’re ready. He goes to second for one back to first triple play: yep hot ground ball right to martinez; tough, triple play time, reynolds to o’brien triple play. Oh my! The m’s basement steps on the back for one to harold for two: the relay for three rip right to mclemore wow we’re, going to see one of those rare triple plays Applause just like that play as they double up both o’neill and martinez, who were on base. Never got the ball dirty and a line drive. They are going to get one two and three: the tigers hit into a triple play by starting the runners. How about this may work? Just fine castillo with the tag? The flip double play a run score now. The runner trapped up four to the triple play, but on one pitch wandering, comb gets out of the inning Applause that one bounce donaldson has it.