Kanoa is made from a guy who they felt as though couldn’t play at the big league level because of his glove to where he is now. Taurus takes off good, throw by neato and torres is gunned down for the first out of the night peacock up there almost strutting around with the feathers peacock swing and a miss he got him and fur solo has his second strap and wade grounds went into the Shift keno is there to play it. It takes fastball high, well jd back at city, his overall numbers weren’t bad either, and he flares one down the right side foul well, the breakout year for him a chance first chance taking some reps there, both during spring training or difficult to do that as jd Lifts one into right center: you know it’s an interesting double edged sword. It wouldn’t quite be the same roll down to third and her shella throws out ahead rosario and it’s a one two three inning for michael king after two mets down and um the toronto flying the other way and that’s a base hit for tockman he’s. Two for two chase toured the line by j.d davis and so tachman’s aboard with the one out sink through, and you know for right now. They plan for both the florida teams. Runner goes, grounded down to third backing off his more off and the long throw scooped out nicely by alonso to get the second out alonzo saving more off an error with a nice sweeping scoop.

Two away now try to be honest with me about this: keith was there ever a time in your career where you handle the low, throw like that? Runner goes swing and a miss. You strike him out with a changeup third strikeout for porcello, and that gets him through the third a basic. I think of all the things that we put up in that last graph veteran who you pick up or you think of, might help your ball club. You know how long rounded right at torres who haven’t played perfectly and the speedy moor off his retired one out. I mean we talked to luis rojas before the game today and he’s, not getting rid of that and how. I think that puts more pressure on the relief domas nedo breaks his bat and rolls one out to torres, find a face shield and you can see the shield that he’s got in front so that takes the place of a a cloth mask or a paper mask And this degree is behind that plate. Another one taken the other way, but this time a great play by sheldon to throw him out stance. Remember he got hit in the face. Still wanted. Yellow baseballs stanton drives one turn at the gap: jd davis won’t get to it and it goes back to the walls. A stanton who loves sitting here at city field here for him fly ball toward the line, a long run for davis and he gets there to make the catch.

Jd got a good jump on that ball and pops. This one up should be playable for neato high fly deep left. Jd takes a look, but that ball is way out of here. A second deck home run for clint frazier, a two run shot to give the yankees a three nothing lead. Keith was a hanging first pitch slider there. Yes, it was now canoe hits a double play: ball wade with the flip torres with the turn and canoe beats it out. Oh, they took their time robbie running hard and he played and just a soft toss that’s that precious second right there and then and then torres just didn’t really back and forth. Fouls went off vikasyoga in back puts another marker up got himself a hanging slider right. There and rosario grounds, one down to her shella, makes the off balance, throw right on target and that retires the side. Let’S cash, a run major league baseball games where the crowds have been small, talkman lifts, one to left and davis, puts it away for the second out, with the equation somewhat out to center and nimo. Is there and it’s a one, two three inning for corcello his first of the night it’s a strong work by porcello in his fifth inning we’re, halfway toward that sinker, but that’s lying down the left field line into the netting foul well, last chapman and luis cesar Down with the virus, wade goes out to call and makes the catch the other.

Yet i think they’re a little overthinking here. Well, we can’t even put his name up there on the fly. Look at that there you go so that’ll negate the five man infield just make sure you hit it over them. Take that joe’s got to base it. Take that and he rolls one of the right side. It goes past forward, wade plays at the second and they get the force nice play. Yes, and i say that and gary the only reason i say that is i. I think these are at bats during the season that pete’s gon na have and pete lies one to center that’s gon na fall for a base hit nemo around third heads for the plate. The throw by tockman is not in time alonso and he grabs this one to the right side: easy for ford, mercedes, benz, tri, state dealers, mercedes benz, the best or nothing positive work with familia the mint’s new, pitching coach, getting him to split his fingers a little Bit more on that splitter and create more and there’s the split, and he strikes out forward for the first out and so that whole palm is coming right at you and instead of it being there’s a slow ground ball and charging his moro off makes the running Toss off the bag, alonso can’t get there, and staff is safe at first. He will take off for a second. You know chest to chest with a very interesting matchup.

Remember the um, the spring training game last year, where josh the small difference. In my mind, in that we have seen rochelle tops one down to morocco. He’S got another chance double clutches and throws it away goodness. Stanton will go to third or shell in a second moroff. Now has it in his head, his third bad, throw adventure in the fourth and he tops one to short morocc with another chance cuts it off. This time makes the play, but a run comes home and the yankees lead forward being a good teammate. Chad green fly ball out to right field, easy for conforto and familia takes care of bagashioka for the second half with a second strikeout minimum rule plays out as tacoma pops it up. If you get the third out you don’t have to play. One point battling the virus: they’ve got marcelo zuna, they were going to get yacil puig, but pre tested positive and that negated, but he can throw his fastball in upper 90s and so that 90 mile, an hour change for the most part, yeah it’s a real different Ways to maintain that camaraderie, but it won’t be as easy as it was a year ago for sure it’s sharply, but right at wade and that route 14 to 2017 for the yankees and gleber torres greets him with a base hit to right field. So torres has his second hit of the night. Yankees have their seventh hit of the night, and now mike fly ball out to left center, a long run back in the gap for cordell, and he runs it down.

Beautiful play ryan, cordell Applause; oh boy, bad, throw right there, totally caught pete off balance, but hustling and just an accurate, throw well done. That was they’re going to limit stanton almost entirely to dh, past potassis and played by guillermo he’s very outstanding gary in between the break they’re. Listening to you and dave freed make the defensive changes in his life and alonzo chases. The breaking ball and aveeno’s got to strike out to start his night, and i i saw exactly what you were talking about – played appearance of the night, the former giant and ray, and he takes fastball out of the strike zone for ball, one in 162 game season. That diaz would get the ball roll to the right side and guillerme bobbles. It recovers it and throws too late. You are made normally a very short handed fielder 50 games of the year because of their bullpen struggles. They were 27 and 33.