First pitch ground ball right side, carpenter bees hit what a play by carpenter to his left center field. Look for coming, bouncer, left side. Hulbert fields throws more than a pizza; it almost certainly would have been ruled a base hit, flyball left field, look down; Applause, not gon na, be an easy play. Pull fire hustling over there Pro card dives it he caught it Georgeson broke up and is swinging. A high fly ball toward left center field. Jackson is, on the run, still going heed the call, Jackson, Austin Jackson and left field. Yes again with the shoutout for popular soccer, ball Lyon to centerfield singing here comes Jackie, pink on it too. Now well, right now, there’s three plays that stand, bouncing ball right side. Uggla stumbles still gets the lead. Runner two outs, a pretty smart play by Danna and slowly then in ten days, pretty fast Olson has it and it he tagged him. No Brian Gorman, actually just motioned. Some didn’t send me here and told him. You were out of the baseline, laid seven to nothing hit in the air, broken back running charges, quick release; Applause, the dugout to Chris Brian in the air to centerfield Herrera, going back toward the wall. Hard flyball, hit out to deep left Robertson is over what his elbow gives out. Applause, three one coming to milena and a fly ball deep left field back goes baxter out of the track and Baxter.

Maybe Hertz do one pitch ground ball over the middle charged by Vizquel, and this is hit out into the alleyway.

The long run for Blanco in Blanco Applause groundball slowly hit towards short pregnant charges, makes the play one at the one to ground ball. Applause to his left, he cut in front of the lardy and made quite a play here’s another one – and this is in the air to shallow left. Dad makes the catch chuikov’s nears, Joey, Votto motto: ania centerfield Applause at the middle diving is Pedroia cuts up in Savannah bankage. Second, high flyball to right Maxwell was starting to carry it, and Maxwell is gon na make the catch I’m gon na carry the long way before me now on to to brow ball Sager down to his chest. That is amazing. This ball is hit hard to straightaway center. A tough played for Gerald Applause picture up there opposite field base, hit that lessee control here’s a pitch to Morales, one on high chopped third base side, Ray Knight up with a ball quick, throw first play by Ray Knight, Ray Knight center field; well, very well, Applause. The one open right back to Verlander knocks it down his show. Applause Music toward Knobloch. He knocks it down recovers, throws in time twenty three year old marks again has died, makes the accurate throw. It is not number two right field, one into the Hampton tap her towards short charging hard Synchron.

The throw is in time and Johnson, a big high five Applause. Now ball toward the whole math bites with a diving.

Stop gets up. Fires to first got off what a play by theis run down by that position at third base. Catcher the one to pit Pappas has trouble with it. He’Ll have to hurry, he does Applause. Oh brother teach the packing up. This balls Perry makes a living Tetsu nice play by Jose Bautista Hanley Ramirez, hit it hard, but there’s a lot of room out there, they’re not broken back Bailey, better get to the bag and they throw to third Music Applause. Music Applause tough play out there that Spinoza escapes Applause. First kidding me at the middle and that’s seven, no hit innings locked it out and arrived feel long.