Today we have the two new, 12 and old rewards. We got Josh Donaldson first off here: 102, 104, 102, 114, 82 vision, 85 fielding 84 armed 93 reaction, which is extremely solid over there third base those I have a secondary position, 52 speed. Jd has one of the best swings in the game: he’s, absolutely stacked, hitting wise just across the board. You know over a hundred and to contact 104 contact 102 power, 114 power versus left 82 vision, so vision this year. I want to explain vision a little bit because vision this year yeah. It helps me foul off balls, but it also opens up at the timing window. So the more vision that a player has the timing window is opened up more for perfect perfect. So that is another factor that uh you got a factor in when looking at players, vision, it’s, a really solid card, though Barry saw it card. It’S got good defense good reaction and he has a good pop from both sides and just like good overall hitting from both sides and a good swing he’s currently up at 400 K. The other card is Bob Feller Bob’s, going 123 with the stamina, which is a ton 108 for 9 124 k. 9 solid has a four seam to 12 six, the slider, the change of the sinker, all very good pitches as well 98 velocity 99 break, so he’s got some solid pitches Bob and generally.

For me, his wind up is a little bit it’s.

Just on Orthodox I’m, not really a huge fan of using his wind up in particular, I see 600 400 up here immediately for him that is pretty dang high. I definitely would not go. I would not. I understand why it’s there, because the new content – but this is way too high, he’s very, very good, but he can be a little bit. He could be traditionally his cards a little bit slippery. So if you’re out there with the million stubs and thinking about picking them up, I would probably pick this card up for her. It sounds crazy just because we’re seeing these numbers right here, but I would this card up for, like 150 200 it’s kind of more his realistic range, probably around a hundred so he’s he’s real good, but I just the new content that’s. Why he’s up there at that price right now, so I would, I would just be a little bit careful in going after this card for that kind of price. Jd, obviously, really really good, really good, but still like it’s a it’s, a high price right now. Wait on these cards I’d say you know: JD I’ve put them out more down in, like that 100 to 150 K range ish, I still kind of like Chipper Jones. More personally, I just like the switch hitting ability that he brings to the team, but this is a really really good card, as well at least 100k for this card.

These numbers are, I mean this literally just came out, and so you got a lot of different people that are gon na bid on them. People that you know have millions of stubs and there are those people, trust me they’re. Definitely people that have millions and there’s. Also, you know you got the content creators trying to get videos out on these guys and that kind of stuff, so right now pass because these cards will eventually go down in price. They will definitely eventually go down in price, but look at that card art on josh donaldson looks amazing, looks amazing, that’s for sure I’m. I am intrigued by this Bob Feller. I am a bit intrigued by this Bob Feller it’s kind of like a what’s. A word. I’M, looking for in a mortal type of version of Bob Feller, much better than the one that we got in the program, but just to be wary of his motion, go try him out in practice mode. You know see if you like his motion. I’M, not a big fan of it. I’M. You in the past to do missions yeah mo b 17, comes to mind. Doing like a mission that I had to you know. I think he had to throw like a complete game. Shutout with him. He’S got everything else, though. He’S got amazing. Four nines he’s got a good pitch set it’s, just emotion. If you do some people like it, some people don’t, if you do this, is gon na, be an excellent picture for you.

That price point is extremely high. Right now, though, for both of these cards it’s extremely high – I was thinking about today – they possibly released Clayton Kershaw in these, because obviously we got Kershaw for free last year. If they were to put him out in one of these, I thought he might go for 700k and I was looking to pay, maybe like 350 to 400 K for him that’s kind of what we’re, seeing with these new rewards, they’re going to get more expensive, got. Ta flip stubs that’s. All I wanted to talk about also today. So today I actually had Wow whoa dude. I just I just made the right move. So let me uh, let me show you guys something today. I’Ve been these, are my active orders? I’Ve been buying a lot of different cards isn’t. Actually, this would be fine to show you so I’m starting to buy. You know cards that are a lot more expensive to try to make big flips. I don’t even know how well I did on this one to be honest with you today, but I was able to all looks like I got a lot of stuff sold, probably as people open up these headliners, so I bought Joe Adel today for 109 501. Someone sold him to me. I was able to sell him for 121. Basically, I was trying to sell them for, like 130 131, make it quick 11000. This is kind of my first foray I’m.

Trying to like you know. Sometimes you got to burn your hand on the stove to learn so that’s kind of what I’m trying to do with some just get more experience. I’M flipping like high tier cards like this, and so basically what happened today is. I was able to flip him for a decent amount, not a huge amount, but a decent amount based on my stack, but you can definitely get burned. I definitely feel like I’m gon na get burned on this one I was able to. I picked up Royce, Luis. Actually he’s not too bad where’s, my Royce Luis hopper, maybe it’s, not gon na, be as bad. Somebody had him up for, therefore, 4004 uh somebody had him for forty four K after I picked him up. I picked him up around ‘ I’m looking to go. 42. 697 pick up, you know a quick 7 K profit, but just be wary of these, because they can be a little bit more volatile a little bit more dangerous. You don’t want to get stuck with them if I’m. The way I looked at Joe adele was, if I’m gon na flip it, at least at the other day. I want to make sure that I, like the card so I’m. Definitely gon na be testing the waters on this in the coming days. Basically, what I do guys is, I wake up in the morning and I go through, and I just put a bunch of buy orders on a bunch of like of these higher to your cards that have good price gaps.

I see if they get sold to me during the day. If they do, then I go overhead turn around and then I just flip them immediately. I don’t stack up on any card. I stacked up on a ton of these Gary Sheffield cards. Let me show you this: I stacked up on a ton of these cards right here. I I had like 20 or 30 of them. I still I’m, getting rid of them I’m still getting rid of them. I tried stuff like even buying someone my left side to sell them for more that’s, a huge mistake, that’s a huge mistake. What I really learned is like the markets, always gon na dictate itself. You can’t I’ll use the term like rage, buy like you bought. You know let’s say you bought them at 63. You bought like six or seven of these at 63 and then you want to sell them, for you know eight and then people start going way under and under bid. You, like it’s, really tempting to just want to buy the other ones in front of you, so you can keep that profit margin or whatever and then just kind of sell back the other ones out what they were. But you cannot do that. Do not do that. Huge mistake I made I’m just pretty much been trying to cash out these. It takes a while, so just go one card at a time that’s. What I recommend that you do go one card at a time Mike when I buy like I’ve, been flipping a lot of Greg Maddux lately when I buy a Greg Maddux, I wait till he it’s old.

I put them back up. I don’t stack up orders when we start getting these these amounts of subs on cards. I don’t stack up orders on those I don’t replace in order to that’s another thing that you can do so I’m waiting on max tickets sold to me. I might even have a guy Maddux I’m selling right now, but I just want to use the I am so I just want to you. If the perfect example, though, I’ve sold lots of them around eight thousand eight thousand one hundred, it can change drastically and it can change fast. So you only kind of want to use one at a time by it. You know BOTS, like I’d, buy this Smoltz at 6301. Once I get him did I sell him by dongle just right, as I put him back up for the sell order, I put it back up to sell him. I don’t go buy another one and tell that other one is sold that’s, just a good rule of thumb, so you don’t get you don’t start stacking up a ton of these at one time. I just think that’s a better way to go about it, because the market can shift the other day went up like two thousand, then it’s gotten back down two thousand, so you kind of want to get everything done in somewhat of a realistic timeframe after you buy It getting it up so that you make sure you get the profit in that amount of time.

We’Re gon na go ahead and take a look at the show shop packs. We do have a Yadier Molina. I have not seen his stats until right. Now. 101. 115. 7385 pop from the left side, 102 vision, 97 feeling with a nice it’s arm 97 block 96 arm accuracy, 35 speed, so he’s not fast. Ah great defensive, catcher has first base and his arsenal as well he’ll, be diamond over at first base. I don’t really see you put him over there, but he has the power versus left isn’t that bad the power versus light left is not that’s great. He does have a good swing in this game. I think this is gon na be really popular card with just Cardinals fans from like. You know, overall perspective, with all the catches that we have. I did put out a video yesterday talking about all the cards I like in the game right now that I’m a real big fan of it’s about an hour long. If you want like kind of a podcast II type of video, if you guys, I think a lot of you guys are starting to like those kinds of videos from me, make sure you guys check that one out, I would have him down on the lower tiers, Though I love his defense, I love his defense. The speed is a very slow though, and if you’re gon na have that little speed, I really just don’t like the contact hitters like he’s, more of a contact type of hitter.

He has a great swing, but I don’t like having the lower speed in conjunction with the contact hitter like if you’re gon na have 35 speed. I want you to have a bunch of power as nothing is. It has nothing to do with. Like me, disliking out of your Molina, those are just the cards that type of builders kind. Of like what I look for in Diamond dynasty itself. Let’S go. Take a look in the market, so we can take a look at what Molina is selling for because we are gon na try to pull him today out of the headliner sacks he’s going for a lot. We want to see if we can rip these early and I would definitely sell him for that 68. If we can rip him let’s go ahead and open up these packs and see if we can get them out of these today. Hopefully we can stay hot on the headliners tax. We were able to get Mackay last week, it’s a huge gamble, it’s just basically drawing a lottery ticket at this point, but how much that cost. But if you can’t hate, you hit big I’m gon na look today. I hope a lot of people pull some stuff, we got a diamond, then we rip them again. We got a diamond picture. Oh, my god, please tell me: we hit Big, O it’s a closing picture at the time enclosing pigeon there’s, a curb it’s got ta be curvy Yeates right, nice is Kirby, Yates I’ll.

Take that I’ll tell you that we we but Kirby goes for about a K or so so I’m cool. With that I don’t you see the sell, no price but I’ve been flipping. Kirby Yates I’m doesn’t that’s, not bad for a head lunch pack let’s go ahead and rip another one, that’s kind of what I’m gon na be looking to buy those people rip these headliner facts, I’m gon na go, try and buy the diamonds that people get out Of them, because I’ve been enjoying flippin those low tier diamonds – quite a bit – but you know the Pete Alonso’s, the price Harper’s, the Aaron judges be JT. Realmuto, curvy, eighths, Ketel Marte lots of those like at the top of live series. Collection, I’ve been flipping them a lot, so we got all of our our headliner tracks about there. We didn’t get them this time, but when you do get them II do hit big. So I do like to do that. It’S, like you don’t. Even you know the other headliners facts are gravy, so the headliners tracks have been really rough on all year. I mean they’re really really rough, probably gon, na loose subs out of them a lot of times, but I wanted to see if we could hit there because we would double up our stubs. So I you know we got Kirby Yates back as well. I’M. Fine with that can make moves on the market right now we have a lot of stubs it’s, a very exciting time in MOV.

The show right now, as we wait to see what the collections are going to be. We got the big tier collection, let’s see if we got a new schedule as well. I want to see that for sure headliners packed so not too much of a new schedule yet, and you got the SDS dream on the 23rd that’s two days from now. We’Re going to see all the sixth inning boss, the tributes most likely they are going to be Jimmy Rollins, Greg, Maddux and staying mutual. Those are the three that you can expect to see. I got elite, I don’t know if they’re gon na change them it’s very possible, they could change them it’s very possible. They could change at least one of them to something else. They may not, because I feel like people were kind of happy to see. Like you know, Rollins and Maddux especially stand the man. You know always a interesting it’s, not like a super popular card but it’s, not a it’s kind of like a good third tier card. I like what they release, if that, if that is what’s going to be in the third inning bosses which it got leaked, and that was a what it basically happened was when you went into the XP or a reward path. This is how we know it. Got least when you went to the XP roared path. One of these, I think, was this pack right here. Accidentally had the pack art for this so or it accidentally had the pack art for the sick sitting program.

It had all three of those players on it and it said sick singing program so know how that happened. I feel bad for SDS. Oh that happen, because it is kind of fun way, is more of a surprise, honestly that’s what’s making as we go back to the main menu here, that’s what’s, making this the chase for the collections. So exciting is we’re. All kind of wondering who is gon na be that card. None of us know who it’s gon na be. Is it gon na be a brand new legend? Are you guys getting your collections for a pair don’t? Let me know down in the comment section below, if that’s eight as well but uh. Yes, so there’s everything you need to know about what’s, going on today, it’s, usually our Tuesday time to upload we upload, we open up the headliner, shacks and kind of give you guys a little bit of an update. I wanted to talk a little bit about the market as well. Are some of you guys flipping higher diamonds? Let me know as well how abouts going or what kind of strategies have with that is my strategy good back on a deal see like there’s a huge gap Adele like do I do I go after him again I mean this is like a serious, serious gap. You know there is right now is that’s like that’s a quick 20 K. It just costs a lot to buy in you know what I mean.

It costs a lot to buy it. I think I am gon na buy in again. I think I’m gon na buy in and get on this and try to try to make some moves. Um. Another car I’ll say this. I’Ll say this. I think I said yesterday in that video, but the one move there’s two moves. I really wish. I would have made I bought a bunch of Robinson Cano at 43 km east he’s now at 57. My other prediction for that 100 right now would be this all right. The other card let’s see, I think, it’s signature the other card day. If you got a lot of stubs that I would buy right now that I almost should buy and right now is this a roll of Chapman there’s. No doubt of my mind, this card is gon na, go up this car Charlie gon na be 300k and like whatever those uh one packs, go away and they’re just completely away the board they an elite rounds. I don’t know I don’t know I’m. Just I just feel like this card is gon na easily go back up to 200 K. Let me know if you guys say, go wrong. I think it’s gon na go as high as 300 K or 500 well. 500 K this year, so that’s a lot of about that’s a lot of stubs but it’s a long term investment. If you got a lot of subs, alright I’m gon na get out of here.