I guess our plans for the next couple of days still waiting for the big collection that’s going to be coming up, but let’s start off with the packs. First, actually, no let’s start off with the market, because the market there is a stub sale right now, which means prices they’re, going to start to go up with a lot of players which is kind of convenient for sds and i’m gon na be the show, since That big collection is coming out next week, so we still have our trout card and we were kind of saving him hoping for a stub sale at some point. We’Ll probably sell him by sometime tonight. I did sell both my bellingers at i think, like 110k, so that kind of sucks right there he’s at 148, so we definitely could have made some good profits from that and then i think a lot of these other live series cards. They might tend to go back up a little bit, so if you do, if you didn’t do collections, yet you probably missed out, because this stub sell is definitely going to increase stuff and then the other thing that i saw went up a lot. Is these home run derby cards? Actually they went down earlier. They were over like 100k, but i did sell all my home run derby, guys, which might have been a mistake, because if they are part of the collection, we’re, probably gon na, have to spend double of what we sold them for, but i’m.

Also thinking that these home run derby packs they’re gon na be in the sixth inning program, which is gon na, reduce that price that’s, why i sold them so i’m, still banking on that and kind of hoping, but the rest of the cards in the market. I think they went up a little bit the face the franchise cards too. From these sets, they didn’t go up a little bit more so that’s kind of nice. If we don’t need them for the collections and we don’t need prestige cards for anything, then we could sell these for a pretty high price and make a lot of stubs a lot of stubs i’m talking like 850 900k. If we sell these guys, all 30 of them, so that’s one thing we still don’t know yet if we need prestige cards or if we’re gon na need these cards for the collection that drops next week. But if we don’t need um i’m selling. Most of these guys, a hundred percent so that’s just a little update on the market. The stub sale is going to increase everything, and maybe prices continue to go up a little bit, but it also depends what drops in the six inning program. You know what kind of packs drop to reduce those types of prices, but a lot of these cards definitely went up today and yeah like or david ortiz. Right now is 107.. He was hitting 100 earlier right now, he’s 107 to 123, so that’s pretty big right.

There but a lot of these cards uh they definitely went up so we’ll go over some other things afterwards, but i do want to open up our packs first. So this is what we have, and most of this is from the event and then team affinity stage. Three, so we have 18 show packs, we have 30 ball, it is a habit. We have our prestige 100 pack and then we have a home run. Derby set two pack, which is from the event so let’s start off with, i guess, the little stuff and that’s the show packs right here so 18 of these. Can we get a diamond today? You know this is definitely the day to pull a diamond and we do have a good amount of bowline as a habit packs for that also, but today’s definitely the day with a stub sale going on. We definitely want to see what we can get and a lot of prices are up, so we should be able to make some decent profits with a majority of what we pack right now so we’ll have to see. We still have our full inventory too that’s. One thing i haven’t cleared yet, and we will start doing that this week, probably because because i’ve been saving cards just in case i’m, gon na do more exchanges, but i think i’m done with that point. You know we’re still trying to get every team at a hundred percent for stage three and that’s the other thing i guess we’re working on the next couple of days.

Until this this collection drops, because the collection is pretty much just a stub feeder. You know you need a lot of stubs to get that done and i do feel like we’re we’re at a pretty good spot right now. As far as progress goes like we have a majority of the cards and that’s, probably something we’ll go over in another video. Just a way to prepare a little bit, but right now these show packs not looking so good. I know they’re regular, show packs, but it would be nice to hit every once in a while. With these we got five left and we’re, probably not going to see a diamond some silver’s right here, which silvers, i guess are okay, but you know silvers are silvers kelly right there. Three left with these show packs and nothing right. There um yeah a couple bronze couple comments, see what we get in these last two packs anything good. I just want to see a diamond. You know not in these packs specifically, but in the ball. It is a habit. I just want to see a diamond, so the show packs kind of a bust um. Do we go right into balling as a habit? So balling is a habit, one in 15 odds, which means i better see two diamonds that’s all i’m saying i better see two diamonds in 30 packs. This could be make or break, but at the minimum 30k right, because 30 gold is 30k starting it off with chris paddock, actually it’s, probably more than 30k might be like 40 45k, but we don’t want to see golds.

We want er yeah. We don’t want to see golds, we want to see diamonds that’s. All we want to see is some diamonds and that’s that’s exactly what we want to see. Now we want to see a good diamond right. We want to see a good diamond, not no cheap diamond. We get a pitcher. This could be actually really good right, handed closing pitcher who’s that kirby gates, oh breakout series, might be uh gagne gagne, i mean ghani’s, not bad it’s, better than kirby yates he’s, a 92 overall and he’s a breakout series, which is a card you’re. Definitely gon na need for collections. I think he goes for. Oh, he goes for 22.. I thought he was going for like 30, but 22k is not bad. You know definitely better than kirby gates, which was, i guess, the other closing option, but that’s a good start. Three packs in we already got a diamond might might mean we might be seeing more, you know might mean we might be seeing more why’d. I see it like that three times, but let’s go 25, more packs to go. Give me some more diamonds. Give me some more double gold. I mean we’ll, take double golds right now, just because we’re trying to get some stubs, but we definitely want to see something other than gold. Another gold right there at least give me expensive, golds too, and not the ones that go for 1k because we are trying to maximize all of this cinder guard right.

There 1.4k – i guess that’s, okay, you know it’s a little bit more than the 1.1 k. Another one right here: 1k yeah that’s, not gon na. Do us any good but 21 to go with these balling as a habit. We get another gold rosario. He goes for 1k, also, so that’s not really the best, as far as value goes double golds that one’s that this is actually a good pack as far as golds go, you know. Definitely some solid value right there let’s see if we get another diamond today also is not bad value. I guess for a gold, most golds go for like 1.5 to 2k. I guess uh, fam and stanton stands. Definitely a good one. Fam is all right 17 to go with the ball and is a habit. Can we get another diamond severino? No good, no good right there. As far as value goes, another gold right there and semi and samia’s not bad value, and we still got a lot of him that we can sell so that’s something we got to work on back to back semiens, i mean a gold’s, a gold right, but we Definitely don’t want to see that another gold right there brantley we got too many of him 13 left with a ball and it’s a habit. Can we get another diamond? You can’t hook me up with a diamond in the first three packs and then not give me anything else throughout these double golds right there.

These ones are kind of low end let’s, see if we can get anything in these last 11 packs another gold darvish. He just got a diamond card, so that’s not going to be really useful, let’s see another gold abreu. We got the white sox hat on today for him you know, but we want to see someone good another ghost at least we’re, getting some double golds right: 83s. They’Re not bad as far as value goes, but man minus the minus, the one diamond we got these packs have been kind of rough. You know definitely have been kind of rough was hoping for another diamond. We got severino again. I think we got a lot of duplicates but, like i said, these are gon na, be all golds and we probably get what like 50 60k because of the diamond. We got a gold early on. What was that who’s that pagan? All right i mean golds are golds, you know, we’ll take those stubs but, like i was saying we probably got like 50 to 60k from these ball in this habit with that gagne pool, but can we get another diamond to top it off? We got josh bell right here, two left with the ball and as a habit can we get anything good. Another goal: marty marty’s, not bad as far as value goes and the last ball in is a habit. I mean, were they a failure today? I guess not because at least we got a diamond but it’s, not like that.

One day where we got like five from the ball and there’s a habit, let’s open up the home run derby, so this one has who who’s in this one alonzo judge and ripken. I think this is the more expensive set too. So if we get a higher tier guy here, we’re pretty much set and i think there’s the first time opening up a home run. Derby pack, we got the low end, but the low end’s still pretty good. You know these guys are going for like 23 to 25k, something like that so i’m gon na take fraser just because he’s going for a good amount of stubs. We might just hold on to him at this point because i don’t know what’s gon na happen with the market and whatnot, but todd frazier is not bad and then we have our prestige pack. So this is for prestige 100. Actually, you get it at prestige 99, but we took eric thames the first time. So this is what we’ve done with him. In 127 games 29 home runs 379 batting average. I think events definitely boosted that up, because i definitely don’t hit 380 with him in ranked seasons and then jose ramirez in 18 games. Four home runs 246. I think most of his is ranked seasons, if not all of it is ranked seasons, because if we played events with him, his average definitely would go up, because events is just so much easier.

But george springer is our final choice. He has 90 contact first right, he’s 103 versus lefties 114 power versus right, he’s, 124 versus lefty’s. 86 vision has diamond tier defense and 77 speed, so i think he has a pretty good swing and he’s definitely going to be on our lineup. I don’t know for how long, though, because even though he’s a 99 there’s still a lot of other options there, but he’s definitely a very solid card. So we got george springer and that pretty much completes the xp reward path for us, because we hit prestige level. 100, so just going over that, i guess one last time for you guys or maybe not one last time, we’ll probably do a video explaining like everything that i did. But if you watch like all the no money spent videos, you guys have a general idea of what we did do so, just just like a basic real, quick skim through that showdown xp maker that’s that’s. Definitely the most xp you can make is from showdown and you get a lot of progress with team affinity and all that stuff. So showdown is what i recommend the most and then i guess just the moment. You know the moments, especially the ones that just dropped for stage three. Those ones give a lot of xp and you know with doing all these moments. You also get a lot of good cards monthly award cards evolution cards. You know all these program, the player program stuff like that so there’s, a lot of free cards.

You can get along the way with doing moments, but these these fifth inning ones – and i guess there’s whoa. This is new opening day right here, opening day moment for a 85 to 89 live series player um, i guess that’s, not bad right. I guess that’s, not bad these moments, don’t! Look! Anything crazy and we’ll definitely do that. You know definitely not today, but actually probably later today. We’Ll do that so that’s kind of nice right there. We still got to do lefty grove but there’s those opening day, and then we got team affinity. These ones give a ton of moments there’s a lot to do, but you can get a lot of xp. When i say a ton of moments, you can get a lot of xp from these over 100k that’s a few levels depending on where you’re at and did they fix this one, because this was glitched. They still didn’t fix this. This one’s glitch – i literally can’t, do it, but once once they uh decide to listen and fix that we’ll finish that up get our extra stubs and stuff like that, but yeah moments showdown is what i recommend the most and then just naturally playing the game conquest. Whenever new conquest boards come out – and you know, rank seasons, help with like the the season, xp boost and stuff like that in events, so yeah other than that, you know collections really quick. So we have the sixth inning program coming out tomorrow right, so where can i see that voucher at i don’t even know where the voucher is so sixth inning now we’ll say this? If you haven’t gotten the voucher already, i don’t know if it’s worth it for the first time, because these guys are going for over 100k, which means you’re spending like a good 350k on these three players.

You’Re, probably not getting 350k from the boss from the sixth inning boss, who they did finally confirmed, and it was who they leaked, jimmy rollins, stan musial and who was the last one greg maddox, so i don’t think those guys are going to go for 350k. Maybe on the first day, but afterwards you know those probably will drop but then again with a stop sale going on, they might stay up a little bit longer than normal, but still you know 350k or so for these three to get a little head start. Might not be worth it this time around. You might just have to grind a couple extra days, but these three cards still are very good, so i don’t know it’s up to you guys for this one. You know normally, i do recommend it, but this one’s kind of 50 50, because i don’t think you’re gon na get that value back and get all your stubs back like you normally would that’s up to you. But sixth inning is coming out tomorrow and then just a quick run through of these. You definitely want to start working these collections up now with a stub sale. It might be a little bit more difficult because prices probably do end up going up, but one of the sets i do recommend you going after a lot is awards because there’s there’s definitely a lot there, that you got to go out and buy and then even Signature series you’re going to want to go out and get most of these guys so we’re just trying to prepare as much as possible and have as many of these cards as we can like.

I don’t have any of these expensive guys. So if, like you need chapman or another, one of these guys, we’re gon na have to pay up a little bit but we’re trying to get as many of these what’s another one that’s kind of low. I think, like impact veteran now, impact veteran has a lot of low rated guys, but i definitely would pick up as many of these diamonds as you can and just be ready for that collection whenever it drops next week. Oh, they just dropped this one too. They just dropped this one too man they’re dropping stuff on the fly right now. There’S, a new edwin encarnacion play starter showdown two. So let me see that really quick. Let me see that starter showdown 2 and a free edwin card right. Is it going to be right here? It might yeah it’s right here somewhere, so there’s a new showdown gets us at edwin and carnacion card, and i don’t know where we’re going to be able to see his attributes. So we can’t see the edwin encarnacion that’s in the showdown so completing this showdown gets you plus a hundred and ninety five edwin and canarcion. He has 91 contact for his red he’s 90 verse, lefties 104 power versus righties and 103 versus lefties and 90 vision, commentator defense, 51, speed, really solid, hitting card and another card you pretty much can do for free. Like i said, showdown is the way to go, and this gets you a pretty nice card.

I actually hope they do more stuff like this. You know showdowns that the end result is a card. You know that would be kind of nice instead of having to grind all these showdowns for, like the team affinity stuff, i want to see more like this, where it’s showdown card reward that would be kind of nice, but edwin and carnacion pretty much just dropped for Us and we’ll definitely get that done, but that’s gon na do it for this one. You know we opened up a good amount of packs. We got one diamond out of that looks like there’s some free diamonds. We can get along the way today with that free diamond player 85 to 89 and the edwin on canarcion. We hit prestige 100, so we’re done with that grind and now we’re pretty much just waiting until that big collection drops to get that done and then pretty much after that, i feel like the no money spent is complete. Obviously, we’ll still make videos for it, but that’s like that was the main goal.