My criteria is a little bit different than normal we’re, not going s, ABCDE, F, we’re, doing World Series, favorites, really good, good sort of bad and Oh stinky got all 30 teams giving you my brief thoughts and opinions. I can’t go to in depth, but you know I’m, a very opinionated person. I’Ll tell you everything you need to know. As always, if you guys do enjoy this video, you want to see more tearless on channel. You want to see the comeback I’m gon na need to see you hit that, like button I’m, talking like 3000 likes subscribe to, the channel, few guys are new. You enjoy the content, baseball start and Rupp loading everyday over here make sure to get in the comment section down below. Let me know what you think about my tier list. Do you agree? Do you disagree with me? I want to hear you guys thoughts and opinions check me out on Twitter Instagram Twitter. All my social media links are in description down below, which leads just perfectly into today’s, sponsor draftkings in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock. Let me tell you about draft Kings. Draft kings is the leading daily fantasy sports brand in the world, and their mission is just to make sports better. They want to bring us the fans closer to the action. As we know, Major League Baseball Opening Day is coming up very soon July 23rd and 24th.

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You’Ve got three MV P caliber players on that team, with Otani trout and Ren don’t. Pitching, though, is still incredibly weak, so for me, I’m gon na put the Angels in the AK category they’re, not necessarily a team that, I think, is bad.

I think they have an outside chance, especially in the short season, to make the playoffs right. Now I can’t put them as a good team, because that pitching just is so weak. The Houston Astros, the Houston Astros. To me, I know why people want to say their world series favorites. I can’t I can’t put them they’re, really good they’re, pitching isn’t bad. What they’re pitching is not to me at the caliber to make them a World Series favorite well. For me, the Astros are going really good. That lineup is still loaded. You got out to babe Bregman gory yell Correa, Springer branly, your Don Alvarez, I mean the lineup. Is absolutely loaded and they got some talent coming up as well, but the pitching is definitely taking a step back Verlander getting to you’re older, yes, coming off the side young currently, at summer, camp he’s looked a little steps that gray keep getting a little bit older. Still good, but those are you two guys leading and then you have Lance McCullers coming off a major surgery of Josh James, who has never really been a top starter just yet worst Whitley, Jose or Keaney. There are a lot of questions towards the back end bullpen.

You still have some good arms. The answers to me are still very good team, which is why they going really good. Just not World Series. Favorites Oakland, A’s Oakland A’s. Go in that next category. For me, good teams, I don’t think that they’re part of the elite.

I know they have some really good players got mad Olsen. You got Matt Chapman, Marcus, Simeon Ramon laureano. On the offensive side, pitching wise they’ve got a great bullpen. Liam Hendriks is locked down back there, but again to me starting pitching. While they have a lot of talent – and I think have a lot of guys that can perform better – I still can’t just give myself this opinion that the A’s are one of the absolute best teams in baseball. So for me they go on a good Toronto. Blue Jays Toronto, Blue Jays, are in the a category as well. We’Ve made a lot of improvements. They got a lot of young talent. They still don’t have that team. They still don’t have that core in place necessarily put them to the next level. They’Re, a team that could maybe sneak into the playoffs just like the Angels this year, if a young players step up, they get hinge and Ryu healthy, pitching. Well, Matt shoemaker comes out pitches well there’s, a lot of possibilities for this team to be very competitive and compete this year. I just don’t know if they are a playoff team gon na get through my head.

They go into f4 me kind of middle, the pack, the Atlanta Braves. To me, the Atlanta Braves, I think, have to go into that World Series. Favorite category the Atlanta Braves are really really good. I think they are one of the top five teams in baseball it’s.

Not top 4 and to me, if you’re in that top 4 category, you are a World Series favorite and the Braves. I know I had them losing to the Mets it’s a prediction, but in actuality on paper the Braves are a much better team than New York. Mets, I know that the offense is loaded. You got Freddy Freeman who’s. Looking back and healthy he’s got over coronavirus cause you all bees, Rhonda Cunha, Marcel Ozuna, pitching’s much improved. The bullpen is super deep. Now I like what the Braves are doing there to me. They’Re one of the top four teams, which is why I put them in the World Series favorites. Ah the Milwaukee Brewers, I think, also go in the a category similar to a lot of teams. Here they just don’t, have like the team build that I perfectly like they are to me. The stereotypical third place team in baseball. If you’re talking about average across the board, I think that’s what the Brewers are they’re starting pitching, it’s bad, but in actuality it’s average. Pretty much their bullpens really good. The lineup has some great bats, but overall they did get worse from the previous year know.

For me, the Brewers are in at T st. Louis Cardinals. Ah, the Cardinals also fall. I think like towards the back end of good. I don’t think that the Cardinals are nearly as good as a lot of people say: they’re pitching if Jack Flaherty is not amazing, which is possible, I don’t think it will happen.

He’S gon na be very good outside of Jack flurries. The pitching is shaky. The pitching is rough. The bullpen you’re losing jordan hicks this year, which you didn’t have much last year, but still losing him. Gallegos is great. You got Andrew Miller. Who’S got to take a step forward. He can’t pitch as poorly as he did last year. Their bullpen is definitely probably one of their stronger areas, but at the plate I’m, not confident about this Cardinals team, a lot of holes there is yachty gon na be able to hit what about kolten Wong. Will he be able to hit? Matt Carpenter has been issues. The outfield there’s, so many questions with the Cardinals offensively. That makes me doubt them being a really good team just why they dropping to good Chicago Cubs. Oh man, I don’t think Cubs fans are gon na like this. I don’t want to put them in sort of bad. I think the Cubs are low key, not that good they’ve got the offense. We know that. But even then there are holes who have the big names. You have the guys who have been there’s Brian couch warmer Javy Baez, Anthony Rizzo will sing interest.

Those five are going to be good, there’s no planet where they’re, not, then the rest of the positions are serious question mark and then the pitching, while the pitching is bad, Yu Darvish is their number one and you Darvish is the definition of hot and cold.

You will either be one of the best pitchers in baseball or forget how to pitch we’ve. Seen that happen, can’t rely on Lester, Quintana. Hendricks is real good as a solid guy who’s. Just gon na give you consistent numbers every year, 35 er a but the pitching. Just weak, the bullpen is weak. This Cubs team is sort of bad. I don’t know it’s, so weird cuz they’re, either gon na dominate the division. Cuz everyone’s gon na click and they’re gon na play well or they’re gon na be that old team that didn’t get any better gon na be sort of bad, which is why I think I put them in sorter back sorry, Cubs fans, I actually like the Cubs. I don’t want to hate you guys the Diamondbacks, the Diamondbacks are definitely in the good category for me, not yet really good they’re. Definitely good, though I think that they made some improvements on the pitching side. You know I love Zach, gallon and no Madison Bumgardner gives up some home runs in Arizona’s, not a pitcher’s ballpark. I think Bumgarner is going to be fine out there. I think their lineups absolutely loaded actually think that they have a lot of talented arms and their bullpen Archie Bradley is good, even Kevin Ginkel, I think down the stretch ended up pitching really well got some nice young starting pitchers.

They got good town. I like the way this Arizona, Diamondbacks teams built I’m, putting them in the good team, Los Angeles Dodgers, clearly going into the World Series favorite category, one of the top four teams in Major League Baseball.

Arguably, if not the best team in the National League on paper, he added Mookie Betts to a team that already had Cody Bellinger, Corey Seager max Muncie, justin turner, joc Pederson Will Smith, I mean like we were just naming all these crazy names on the Dodgers. It feels like they’re an all star team. At this point. The bullpen is definitely shaky, but I think the starting rotation is very good. Having luck just got optioned down today: he’s, not gon na start the year on opening day with the major league team, but he’s gon na come up at some point. Make an impact. It’S Dodgers team is clearly a world series favorite. I don’t think I need to explain it much more. San Francisco Giants. Welcome to the first, Oh stinky yeah. The Giants are bad really bad. I don’t have a lot of pitching have almost no bullpen. They have no catcher this year because right now, Buster Posey’s not playing, he opted out and it doesn’t look like Joey Bart’s gon na start the year at catcher for his base, Brandon Belt gross Randy, Crawford’s old, Evan, Longoria’s old Yastrzemski had one season. He showed some promise but he’s a journeyman Dickerson Jalen Davis like there’s, just a lot of guys that don’t get you excited on this Giants team they can’t go higher than stinky leave it in use our team that’s good.

Now I know my predictions I don’t have them making the playoffs, but that doesn’t mean good teams.

Can’T make the playoffs, especially in 60 game season 60 games. Anything can happen that’s. Why it’s a prediction on paper? They are a good team, great starting rotation, Clevenger Bieber Carrasco savaii. They got police act pouco they got pitching out. The wazoo bullpen is strong, a lot of decent arms out their lineup there’s some great spots, Carlos Santana Francisco Lindor, Jose Ramirez, Oscar Mercado, fron Mele Reyes. But then the rest of the outfield is a little weak and I’m still not sold on Roberto Perez being even an average offensive catcher cuz still last year he was technically below average offense Louie, but hey this Cleveland team’s good on paper, they’re going in the good Category Seattle Mariners joining the Giants: annatto stinky, the Mariners are not great. I think all Mariners fans know that right now, you’re in a rebuilding process, so you’re not really stressed about the 2020 season. Gon na see them going through a lot of different people. Maybe Jared Kelly Nick even gets his first taste of Major League action this year he shouldn’t, but maybe he does they’re just bad bad, pitching bad lineup Mariners, aren’t great Miami Marlins, the Miami Marlins are also gon na fall in that Oh stinky category, but like they’re Kind of towards the top, I don’t think the Marlins are actually as bad as we think. I think they are the best of the worst team, all the bottom dwellers in Major League Baseball.

I think they’re going to be the best one.

They’Ve got some young pitching they’ve got some talent on that roster and farm systems absolutely loaded right now, it’s just I don’t necessarily know how many of those guys are gon na come up and make an impact in the short season in 2020. You’Re gon na see them in 2021 and they’re going to be dangerous in 2021. Well, right now, in 2020, they’re still a year behind still you’re back in my eyes, they fall in the stinky category. New York, Mets yeah World Series, favorites now I’m, just kidding I’m, see. I understand how the Mets are yeah. I told you they’re gon na win the World Series, my predictions, but I know that they’re just a good team. We have issues too outside of degrom and strowman. There are question marks. There will Matz be the mats that we saw the second half, or will he be mats that we see a lot of the times not really pitching great Michael walk up for God had a pitch last year, looking better Rick Porcello was the site young. At one point, but then he also has been horrendous. There are questions on the pitching side, the bullpen Familia des on the offensive side, I’m, very confident. With this team. You don’t really have a center fielder, but I like what we have it to plate me, though. I’Ll put them in good, I don’t think they’re a really good team.

I think they’re good, just like the rest of these guys team that can win a World Series if they get hot at the right time.

Team that can make the playoffs, I think, should make the playoffs oh. I know that they’re not one of the top five teams in baseball Washington Nationals. I think the washing Nationals are really good. I don’t necessarily think they’re gon na play really good this year, because I think they’re gon na have a World Series hangover. I think that’s a real possibility, but I think on paper, this national team is good. One of the better teams in the National League, the pitching, is still elite. You still got Scherzer Strasburg Corbin honorable Sanchez had a Renaissance to his career last year. Bullpen is much improved. That grab will Harris Daniel Hudson. Still there I like Tanner rainy. I like wander, swear, oh stuff. He doesn’t know where it’s going, but I, like it, Sean Doolittle still there to line up while you did lose Anthony Rendon and that’s. Huge still got Juan Soto, Victor Robles looks like he’s gon na be really good. Adam Eaton Eric Thames at first base is a huge, huge pickup, he’s gon na be so good right Turner. Still at shortstop, you got Asdrubal character. Key boom Howie Kendrick, this Nationals team on paper is really good and that’s. Why they go in the really good category. Orioles uh, oh stinky. I don’t really need to talk much about them.

The Orioles are bad. Padres are in this category. I think which makes me think that the Cubs aren’t sort of bad.

I think the powder is also going sort of bad. I like the Padres, and you know what my bias if I was actually biased. I would put the Padres in the ad category because I like that when you think about this Padres team on paper, they have some good spots, but they also have a ton of weaknesses, the starting pitching being one bullpen, nice, very good, arms of the bullpen. I think it’s a little overrated. I think we are definitely banking on this bullpen having another career season like it. Did you got great arms out there I’m, not ready to call them one. The best pull pens of baseball, like some people do and their lineup has massive holes. You have nothing offensively from catching standpoint. Your space as a whole, Eric Hosmer, does nothing second base is a hole. Jerks in profile has done nothing recently. Katis Machado, great Tommy, Pham great, then you’re, relying on trying pressure, but we haven’t seen play for a full seasons. Olivarez kids might be playing right field. She’S got a lot of question works for me: they’re not there. Yet they’re gon na be competitive. They’Re gon na beat some teams they’re in the sort of bad categories. The Phillies, the Phillies, our fourth place team, and I stand by them being sort of bad. Their pitching is not good.

Their pitching is not good at all. They have one arm in the bullpen and that’s Hector nerese, and they have two arms in the starting rotation and that’s Zack wheeler and Aaron Ola.

Otherwise, it is massive massive question marks from the pitching side on the offensive side, strong, just kind of like the Cubs they’re built very similar Harper real move to Hoskins. Those are three guys you know you’re going to get legitimate offense out of this year, like there’s. Just a lot of holes there to own the sort of bad category pirates. Pirates are also Oh stinky, they’re, not very good. They don’t have a lot of great stuff to talk about there. I, like Brian Reynolds, I like Josh, Bell. I, like some of the pieces up the middle but they’re not really guys. We’Re gon na make your team much better there’d be great on an allotted team, but on team that needs help. They’Re not gon na do much pitching’s week the bullpens week. I just not crazy about the Pirates they’re. Definitely a stinky team Texas Rangers are gon na, go in that sort of bad category as well. They made improvements. They’Ve got three legitimate starting pitchers in Lance Lynn, Mike minor and Corey Kluber and there’s a bit of a drop off afterwards; I’m, not crazy about Kyle Gibson bullpen, still a little weak and at the plate, kind of very one. Dimensional they’re gon na be hitting homers striking out and that’s how they’re gon na beat you they’re going to hit for power for sure I just don’t know how consistently they’re gon na be able to do it Rangers going sort of bad for me, Ray’s rays are Going in the World Series favorite category, you guys know how high I am on the race.

I think they’re, one of the top three teams in Major League Baseball from the pitching standpoint, they’re, absolutely loaded from the bullpen to the starting rotation. Everybody is great, Charlie, Morgan, glass, now snow, the lineup Wow doesn’t have the names that you want. The lineup is good and it plays the matchups extremely well. They don’t have the biggest names, but they are going to perform like they do every single year. The Rays get it done, they’re a World Series favorite in my eyes, Red Sox, Red Sox, are sort of bad another. One of these teams, with some great offense little to no pitcher, I think in a short season. You can probably get away with it. You can probably have some mediocre, pitching and still be somewhat successful, there’s a chance. The Red Sox surprised everyone to make the playoffs again to me on paper I can’t see pitching is so incredibly bad. Lineup is still loaded. I don’t think it’s gon na be enough to outweigh how terrible that pitching staff is sort of at Cincinnati Reds. I think the Cincinnati Reds are really good. I do. I think they have enough arms in the bullpen enough talented arms in the bullpen, where they can be fine. There Iglesias Michael Lorenzen, Tamir Garrett, that’s, three good relievers started rotation, love it Bauer, Castillo gray, desclafani and Wade Miley that’s, a really good starting rotation Wade. Miley at five is so good. The lineups loaded – yes catching his week in shortstops week, but everywhere else they have a legitimate hitter.

Who is going to make an impact right now I, like the Reds, a lot I’m very high on the Reds. I think they’re, really good Colorado. Rockies are definitely sort of bad, no pitcher; they never have pitching there. The Colorado Rockies pitching just fails in Colorado, their offense loaded, but it’s, very much carried by Blackmon, Arenado and story. I just don’t see them doing much. They’Re, a team that you don’t want to play at home. You want to play on the road on the road you’re gon na smack them and at home, it’s, probably gon na be close to, even but unfortunately for the Rockies that’s, not gon na make them a good team that puts them in the sort of bad category. Royals stinky I’m gon na just put both them and the tires in there real quick, because they both are not very good they’re, both gon na be the bottom dwellers in the AL. Central these teams are in rebuilding phases. The Tigers have little to no offense, adding scope and Kron is going to help. They still can’t score. A lot of runs and their pitching is not nearly good enough to make that be effective. Oils are a little bit opposite. They’Ve got more offense little to no pitching now they do have for hazel a Whitmer field. I love to pick up a Frenchie Cordero. I don’t burn Tom on to see hunter Dozier. They actually have some really exciting players offensively just their pitching is so incredibly atrocious.

It’S not gon na matter. How many runs they score. Cuz they’ll probably give up more Minnesota Twins, Minnesota Twins and go in that really good category. For me, they’re essentially like the Tampa Bay Rays, a little bit in the fact that their pitching has the guys that aren’t necessarily known, but their offense is absolutely loaded. So the Rays have the load of pitching twins. Have the loaded hit barber behind the plate? So now, at first base array is its second Polanco short down sand. Third Rosario Kepler Buxton in the outfield Nelson Cruz at D, H! Stop it. Who do you get out in that lineup it’s, filthy sabor? Rios is a really good pitcher Jake odor is e is solid. The bullpen with Taylor Rogers back there. This twin team is really good, definitely won the top 10 in baseball Chicago White Sox. For me going the add category now I know in my predictions I have them finishing second in front to a rank higher in this video, but in a prediction, video you’re, talking about what you think might happen right now. This is strictly what’s on paper you’re, not expecting anybody necessarily played better or worse than what we know they are capable of. I think the White Sox have great chemistry. I think they’re, a great team, something that you can’t necessarily quantify on paper got bad juju going on there, bad chemistry teams, don’t play well White Sox, I think, have a great culture.

They’Ve got a great lamp, they’re gon na score, a ton of runs the biggest question mark, of course, as always with them is going to be pitching its gia Ledo and kike old, and outside of that you go. I don’t necessarily know how good it’s gon na be their team is going to need the pitching to step up if they want to make the playoffs like, I think, but I think that they will on paper, though they are in that middle range. For me, a third place team on paper, and I like them a little bit more than that and then the last and final team is gon na, be the New York Yankees, who are obviously going to go into the World Series favorite category. In my personal opinion, they are the best team in baseball on paper. They should win the World Series so if they don’t, this is a failure of a season. You can’t go out and sign Gerrit Cole after making the ALCS last year and then not at least make it to the World Series, let alone win. Basically everyone’s healthy, except Severino, there’s, not really any excuses anymore. He got judged. You got stand LeMay, who’s, back, labored Torres, it sure endures. Even back. If you want to make that conversation, Luke Voight’s, healthy, Gary Sanchez is healthy. Severino is the big guy that they’re gon na miss and chapman is coming back from coronavirus, but we know he’s gon na be back at some point.

His team is healthy, there’s, no excuse for them not to be good, would be one of the best teams, if not the best in baseball to me, they are on paper. They don’t win the World Series this year, that’s a failure of a season. This team is too good not to and it’s weird cuz I’m gon na have to root for them. A little bit this year, cuz they’re gon na be playing a lot of Anneliese team, can’t, believe I’m, saying that, but rooting for the Yankees a little bit this year, at least in what like 20 games. So these are my tears for the MLB teams going into the 2020 season I’d love to know what you guys think about it down the comment section below. Do you agree with me. Do disagree with me number two go check out the link in description to draft kings get involved with them. Of course, if you are of age and able to participate best daily fantasy sports site out there, I highly recommend it couple like on the video 3000 likes. You want to see the tier list return grab. The channel baseball season starts tomorrow, who’s excited I’m, so excited I can’t wait and that is pretty much where I’m gon na wrap up today’s video. Thank You draftkings for sponsoring us today. You guys know the drill from here on out YouTube recommends.