We have the baltimore orioles now this one might surprise. You guys, but hear me out, give me some time to explain my thought process. The most important player for the 2020 baltimore orioles is pedro severino their catcher. The reason why i say he’s their most important is because, if he doesn’t hit, if he doesn’t perform, i think that they’ll give adley ruchman the number one overall pick back in 2019. I think they’ll give him an opportunity to come up and play and get some time under his belt it’s important that he starts the process now considering it’s a 60 game schedule, a lot of people are already writing off the season. Already. The orioles are not going to be good anytime soon, so you might as well call up ruchman get him some time, get him used to majorly pitching and go from there that’s my thought process. I know it might not make sense to a lot of you guys, but to me there’s, not really anyone else on the orioles that you can pinpoint as the most important with the recent news of mookie betts signing a 13 year extension with the la dodgers alex Verdugo officially has the biggest shoes to fill in all of baseball.

Can he do it? I am a firm believer that verdugo is going to be just as good defensively as mookie betts. If he can have anywhere between an 825 to an 875 ops. I think that’s gon na be solid, but he’s gon na be the most important player for the boston, red sox and the only reason is because mookie bets left – and this was their answer for a replacement unless they sign someone in free agency they’re not going to Get much better than alex verdugo, because he’s kind of a stud and i believe in him.

I think that we can all agree that gary cole is going to be a stud for the yankees in 2020.. The biggest question mark for me is going to be aaron. Judge and his health, so with that being said, i’m going to say he is the most important player for the yankees this upcoming season. If he can stay healthy with giancarlo stanton and everyone else, he is going to be the captain of that team. Yes, over garrett cole, so if judge performs at a high level, expect the yankees to be in the world series, probably most likely facing the dodgers i’m, just going to say that right now and if the yankees don’t end up playing the la dodgers it’s most likely Going to be our next team, or maybe the minnesota twins, but for the most part, a lot of people think that the tampa bay rays have a great shot at making the world series.

Specifically, you guys know draftneck mark. He is super high on them, but their most important player has to be blake snell. He won a cy young back in 2018 and then severely regressed in 2019, but if they can have a two headed monster going into the playoffs with charlie morton, who is going to be special? We all know that blake snell, then maybe a third pitcher and tyler glass. Now he is going to be their most important guy, so i’m, hoping that blake snell can turn it around.

The toronto blue jays were somewhat of a tough team to choose the most important player for considering vladimir guerrero jr might be their missing piece. He wasn’t great in 2019. But, to be honest with you guys, i feel like the blue jays, going forward. They’Re going to be set offensively, they’re going to have an average defense at best, their pitching has always been their biggest bugaboo. I can’t remember the last time that they had a solid starter. I think maybe it was aaron sanchez or maybe marcus strowman. In my opinion, hunjin ryu he’s gon na have to be the anchor of that rotation. Hopefully he can rub off some of his skills on the other pitchers that are up and coming. Maybe if nate pearson makes his debut ryu can show him a few things about how to locate a little bit better and that’s. Exactly why ryu is my favorite. I think that he’s gon na have a long, lasting impact on the young guns that are coming up for toronto now, because 2020 is a little bit different.

We are not going to move on to the american league central, which is usually how it would go we’re going to stick with the east and talk about the nationally clubs, because they’re all fused together this year, the atlanta braves, who is the most important player for That squad going into this season i’m, going to go with a hot, take max freed max reed showed that he could strike out a ton of guys.

But i just don’t know if he’s going to be able to repeat that and the same question goes from mike soroka, but i think that soroka his chances are a little bit better than freed so that’s. Why? My most important and my most crucial player is not the offense it’s, not the defense they’re set on both of those ends talking about the braves, so in my opinion, if max freed can do some damage and really perform like a number two starter, you better watch Out for the braves, because they’re gon na be scary, ooh, the miami marlins um, i don’t know i was gon na go with sixtho sanchez, but apparently he might not make the final roster for 2020.. So i guess we’ll go with brian anderson. He could be the future of this squad and he could really rub off on some of the young guys. I don’t mean to disrespect the marlins or brian anderson, but i don’t know the new york mets might have the easiest pick on the entire board.

Today. My most important player for their squad, going forward in 2020, is edwin diaz and the reason why i think it’s so easy is because he blew up and not in a good way. He went from a 1.96 era to a near six and blew a bunch of saves on the way just a season ago, if seth, lugo and george’s family can go back to a setup role as opposed to a closer role.

I think the mets are gon na be so much better. The pressure is not going to be on the shoulders of guys that just really shouldn’t be closers. Their offense is going to do damage. I think that their rotation is going to be fine, so if edwin diaz can perform like 2018 edwin diaz, i think the mets are going to be a much better team. Now the phillies were a tough team as well, because there’s a lot of guys that you could pick between andrew mccutchen, d d, gregorius, zack wheeler, but i’m gon na go ahead and stick on the last name that we just brought up. Zach wheeler he’s gon na be the number two starter right behind erin nola. I have no questions that nola is going to turn in a terrific season, so if he can be the number two guy, the phillies might not be a fourth place team in 2020 that’s. How important he is that’s, also how special he can be as well if they get any resemblance of what he did in 2018, the phillies they’re gon na be good the final team from the eastern division.

We have the washington nationals. I think that we can all agree that juan soto has to be the guy. This season, anthony rendon, left, bryce harper, has already gone and left. I almost went with carter kibum, but we’re, not sure if he’s going to make the final roster and play every single day, but remember that name carter kibum.

He could be electric in the next couple years with juan soto, but for right now for today’s video sake. Juan soto is the most important player, because the dude flat out rakes and he’s gon na have to carry them offensively. Moving on over to the central division, starting off with the chicago white sox. I i was torn on this one. I was either gon na go with dallas kykel, because he is a question mark as a number two starter or luis robert, the top prospect pretty much the best prospect that we’ve seen since chris bryant or mike trout, maybe even bryce harper. I love this kid. He had a home run while falling down just a few weeks ago. So if that doesn’t show his strength and his power, i don’t know what does, but he does set the table if we’re projecting the white sox going forward, because i think that lucas giolito, he’s gon na be a solid starter for quite some time. So if robert can really hone in his skills and be a top notch player, he’s going to turn around that franchise and this year is very important for his development.

So let’s see if he rakes dear baseball gods, it’s fuzzy praying yet again for the indians to sign francisco lindor, just that’s it that’s. My prayer, please make the indians sign francisco lindor and i bring that up because i think it’s relevant francisco lindor is the linchpin of this squad.

He is the heart and soul of cleveland baseball and, honestly, if we take a look at his stats for the final month of 2019, it wasn’t very good what happened with the indians. They started slipping and they were passed up for the wild card and it just didn’t happen and the biggest reason. Why was francisco lendore, even though jose ramirez was hitting like barry bonds. The success of cleveland baseball lies on this man and this man alone. So the pitching is going to be good. The defense and the outfielders might be shaky, but if lendore rakes, the indians will make the playoffs you can bet on it. The detroit tigers have a very confusing case for most important player because, like the orioles they’re not going to be that good, but i don’t know if casey mais, their top pitching prospect is going to be on the team or not. So if he does make the team, i would give him my most important player title but because i don’t know i’m going to stick with a safe pick and miguel cabrera, because i believe he’s 23 home runs away from 500. He’S 185 base hits away from 3 000.

So if he performs well he’s going to set up the club really well in 2021 to have a lot of people in the stands, because he’s going to be chasing a ton of milestones, so he’s super important for the squad and revenue. If out, alberto modesty can hit like he did in 2018, when at 22 years old he finished the season with an 804 ops, the royals are going to be so much better off going forward.

They have a plethora of good pitching prospects, combine that with jorge solaire and whip mary field and all the other solid pieces they have offensively. I think modesty can really star in kansas city. He led the american league in triples last season, while only playing in 102 games, so this guy’s speed is next level. He can also hit for power as well by hitting 14 in 75 games back in 2018. So if he can combine all of that into one solid set of skills, i think the royals again factoring in those young pitching prospects they’ll be much better off going forward for the next decade or so because modesty he’s just 23 years old. Just thinking about the minnesota twins makes me terrified as an indians fan. I just i wish that we didn’t have to face this team ever or really that they didn’t exist, because their offense is fine. Their bullpen is decent. The biggest question for me and their most important player going into 2020 has to be 31 year old, kenta maeda.

They just acquired him for the dodgers, although they did give up a pretty solid piece and bruised our gradderal. I wish that they would have kept him if i’m. A twins fan i’m big mad at that, but he can be serviceable talking about myada. He does have a 3.87 career era and a 9.8 strikeouts per night. He almost won the rookie of the year back in 2016, so if him jose barreos and jake odorisi can perform like they’re supposed to those three guys combined with the offense.

You definitely have to put them in the world series contenders category. They’Re very scary. To be honest with you guys as good as the chicago cubs are offensively, there are so many questions about their rotation and bullpen to make it kind of hard to pinpoint the most important player. I guess i’ll go with craig kimbrell, considering they gave him a ton of money and he was awful in 2020, so just like the new york mets, if they can get some solid, bullpen relief from edwin diaz talking about the mets and in this case craig kimbrell. I think that’s going to be very important to really saving the other relievers from having to be something that they’re, not so craig kimbrough, please, for the love of baseball gods, go back to being really good because it sucks to watch you suck. Quite frankly, the brewers got absolutely bulldozed at this last offseason. They lost mike mustachios, they lost yasmani grandal, they last gio gonzalez.

They lost so many good pieces. So christian yelich he’s my easy pick. He’S gon na have to put the team on his back. He’S gon na have to do the same thing that juan soto does just rake and rake and a rake, because, honestly, with his bat, he could probably steal a few games that’s how good he is all right. I hate to do this to you guys, but i need some help because the pirates they’re they’re just such a mess offensively.

They have some nice pieces, but i just don’t know who the most important player is. So if you’re a pirates fan, could you help me out? Is it brian reynolds? Is it josh bell? Is it kevin newman? Is it mitch keller, who was bad in 2019, but still has a high ceiling? Who the heck is the most important player i can’t figure. It out the final team from the central division is going to be the saints louis cardinals. Now here is a hot take because again, just like some of the players i’ve mentioned on this list with casey mize and mitch keller, some prospects that could or could not be seen in 2020. I truly think that switch hitting absolute slugger dylan carlson is going to be the missing piece for the 2020 cardinals they lost out on marcelo zuna and i just don’t know if tyler o’neil is going to be the answer out left field. Yes, he does have a good pop.

He can run a little bit as well, but i would much rather have a plus defender with plus arm plus speed switch hitter and dylan carlson that’s. Just my opinion i feel like because they lost ozuna. They have some big holes to fill and dylan carlson. He could be the answer. Jose. Altuve is my pick for the most important player for the 2020 astros and beyond, because i think that he is the leader of that clubhouse. He failed back in 2017.

. Yes, it’s been reported that he did not cheat and partake in the banging, but he didn’t stop it either. So i think it’s up to him to turn around the astros image and show the world that they can perform at an elite level without any suspicions of being mic’d up or having cameras in center field or having buzzers. Anything like that. Jose altuve he’s got to turn it around. He’S got a rake and if anyone can do it honestly, it’s altuve. So if you guys didn’t notice, we’re now on the west division and our next team is the la angels, you could go with justin upton because he had a subpar 2019.. You could go with the goat, mike trout. You could even argue that shohei ohtani is your number one, most important player, if you’re an angels fan, but i have one more name that could be the missing piece: 29 year old, andrew heaney. He has all of this stuff to be a really good pitcher, with an 11.

1 strikeouts per 9 and a 2.8 walks per 9 that’s, actually not too bad. But the thing is, he gives up a ton of home runs, so if he can limit the damage and be a solid number two or even an ace for the angels dude they’re going to make the playoffs – and i promise you they’re, going to make a lot Of noise now, unfortunately, the pick that i was going for for the oakland a’s is not going to be a very safe bet at this moment in time, because aj puck just went down with an injury and also hazel cesaro he’s, just coming back from covid.

So i don’t really know who else to pick aside from sean manaya. He was pretty good when he came back from injury and i think that he is going to continue to be good. He’S got all the stuff in the world. He’S thrown a no hitter before so. If the a’s are going to be good, i think a lot of the success is going to lie solely on the back of sean manaya or sean monet. However, you say it so, just like the orioles i’m going to throw you guys a curve ball but i’m going to explain my thought process. The most important player for the mariners is kyle seeger, but not because i think that he’s going to have a great season. It’S because i think that he is going to be trade bait, the mariners they’re not going to have a good year.

We all know that, so if they can trade kyle seeger to a team that desperately needs him and they send a few prospects back in return with jared kellnick and justice sheffield heading their farm system, the mariners could they be good in the next five? Maybe six years it’s possible, but i don’t think that cow seeger, i don’t, think his services are needed anymore, so trade them, because even if the mariners play above expectations, they’re still not going to be better than our next team, the texas rangers and their most important Player has to go to joey gallow.

Did you guys know that gala was second in war in the american last year before he had a handmaid injury? Second, in war he was playing out of his mind. I know that everyone is expecting me to choose corey, kluber or maybe lance lynn, but besides those two guys, i mean the rotation’s gon na be fine. Their bullpen is pretty solid, it’s their offense, their offense is gon na have to rake, and i think that gallo is gon na have to spearhead that movement. So that’s also my boy, so i got ta pick him now. Just like the rangers, i really feel like the arizona, diamondbacks offense there’s, not really any questions as to if they’re gon na be good or effective, they’re gon na rake in 2020, but my biggest question mark, which also kind of ties into why he’s so important is Madison bumgarner, is he gon na be as hittable as he was the last couple seasons in san francisco? I don’t think so because now there’s something to play for considering the giants have been not so great for a good amount of time bumgarner.

He is the true ace of the diamondbacks him and luke weaver they’re, probably going to battle back and forth as the ace, but i do like bumgarner in arizona he even kind of fits in the uniform, like he just looks good. I still don’t think that the rockies are gon na, be a playoff team.

Even if kyle freeland performs like 2018 kyle freeland, he went from a guy that had a seven war and almost won the cy young to one of the worst pitchers that i’ve seen in my entire life in 2019. So i felt really bad for him now. He has been working really hard to get back at that level that he was just a few seasons ago. Hopefully he does. I just don’t think that it’s going to be enough, but if he performs really well look for the rockies to make some noise just maybe not playoff noise. Is it crazy for me to say that a guy who is about to get paid 400 million dollars is not the most important player on a club, yeah i’m talking about the la dodgers and their most important player has to be cody. Bellinger he’s been terrible, terrible in the postseason. Now i know he just won mvp, but that was largely in part because of his his speed and the fact that he plays elite defense. His offense really did stutter throughout the course of the season, and especially in the playoffs and honestly, i feel like this contract extension for bets is going to fuel ballinger, because a lot of people are going to say.

Wow bets is now the highest paid player and the best player on that team, but bellinger says no. No, no! No! You guys haven’t seen me at my fullest potential. You guys better, wait and see what i have for you, so bellinger in my opinion, i feel like he’s going to erupt and really carry the squad both in the regular season and in the postseason.

I feel like he breaks out of that slump this year, here’s a guy that you might have not heard a lot about before dennison lumet of the san diego padres has some insane stuff. Just a year ago he had a 12.9 strikeouts per 9 as a starting pitcher. The only thing is he’s going to be wild. He had a 3.7 walks per 9, so he’s going to be all over the place, but because chris paddock is going to be the number one starter for the padres for a good amount of time. If we can have lumet really dial it down and focus on commanding his pitches, he can be special at 27 years old he’s entering his prime and honestly yeah. If lumet can do his job and perform like a decent number, two starter, they can probably make the playoffs. Am i crazy for saying that maybe the san francisco giants put a bow on today’s video as the final team that we have to choose a most important player from now i put that in air quotations, as i say that out loud because they’re in rebuild mode There’S not really anything crazy happening in san francisco, maybe it’s mike yoshramski, because he needs to continue on the success and the path that he laid in 2019 or maybe it’s johnny cueto.

Who has to show the world that there’s still some gas left in the tank either way the giants aren’t going to do anything crazy in 2020? But thank you guys so much for watching.

I am so happy that baseball is officially back if you agree or disagree with any of my picks. Please let me know in the comment section down below and remember to hit that subscribe button, because we post mlb recap every single day.