Gon na have to go under the knife, and what do you know your fast forward starter? I think he went he did and he strikes out johnson points. He went a good start for nelson, that was 98 that’s free and easy gas too. Take them through 2022 shift area. It is tatis with the throw into his right. He kind of circles around it, so he can very very nice and there’s ty france coming up from san diego for chase tingler here last night, new to the job and finally got the managers first up spot for the second straight night. Ty france is in first base will myers the dh also walks a lot of guys, though too yes uh over four. Is it 2 1 sprayed fouled even up at two and two swinging them in said, tatis strikes out last year, 156 games in his first. You know a lot of guys there have been through majorly hit certain weight or certain look head out there. He’Ll take care of that field on the infield third base eduardo escobar. Nick ahmed, we just saw catch that pop up Applause. Let’S. Take a look at the key looks like he could have a good outing. He just needs a little support that is strike. Three fam knew it.

29 home runs trent grisham, the center fielder in the shadows off of the slider right here, a little back door, feeder again mention the hebrew ball austin put down a number two ball: four Applause swing and a miss, and there is strikeout number two for lumet.

If these guys very soon, i loved it in spring training, when we saw quite a bit of, though firsthand, i think, that’s a great opportunity and experience for those youngsters. First baseman jake lamb in that rotation, it’s a challenge sends it out to short, left peralta coming in and he’ll and myers, taking up the dh spot and, like it hypothetically manny, you know been playing which is not for everybody as myers swings and misses and strikes Out third: stick fans you decide who you’re with by tweeting out hashtag i’m with the last name of the broadcast, nick ahmed and katel martay lam, just let that one go by and that’s the pitch i’m talking about. If he known for his defense does bound onto the nine spot, though for tori lavello, i meant originally a second round draft pick of the, and that is strike three three strikeouts in a row for lament at 99.. Good luck with that last year, against padres 12 games. Four takes the strike on that outside egg tommy pham playing in left field; no chance for him, but good, be ready to block this one. Oh strike three call lumet picks up strikeout number debut here tonight.

Last year, 120 key ball with the blue jays 2017. Two stops in line lamb on the long run and Music a swing and a miss 94 that time good movement doing grisham, be along in the inning and that’s strike. Three fourth strikeout for robbie seems like adrian johnson, giving both pitchers off the plate.

That’S fair tonight, it’s hedges, 102 games for him last year, strike robbie ray needs any help right Music did he go? No, he did not, and that is strike. Three hedges took it. Three strike count played 51 games for the brewers last year and we’re here, right field of base hit amanda hit last night safety right just out of the reach of cattell martay three, you know and a four pitch walk to tatis, so two have reached that fastball Middle in good spell skitchen vote again blocks it hey now, that’s it foul there’s that pitch inside that man full count now and the runners can get a swing and a miss and it’s the fastball, as machado strikes, a leading it off here in the fourth inning Grounded to short that gets away and martes it’s a spinner it’s a slider in austin, i mean granted okay in the air down the right field line, but he’s out of head foul ball. That is strike three needed that and may have gotten given it to robbie ray he’s, been giving off the fight to nelson lumet, one to left tommy pham on the run, dives and can’t catch it, as he lays out, gets a little bit of glove on that.

Just a little more easily, so a good base running by diving out there and left was fam. Couldn’T come up with it, and martay scores from to right. Oliveiros is not going to get there and taking third walker.

Double miss breaking ball to calhoun they’re out to get a two ball up to two strikes: go for the foul to our left and it’s owen, two! So in the air down the right field line headed foul. Second time vote is down just a 188 average. Last year, back to them a little bit and flipped the first baits to run back at petco park in beautiful san, diego fam was a strikeout victim in the are getting some calls off. The plate just seems like a off pitch and that’s ball. Four. So there you go talk about walks, we Music, you know, hit the right side, it is martay bounces. In pick there by vote. No france runner goes and they got him picked off, throw down to second base and steal second base here’s what’s coming over. He just turns it into another gear and then slides towards the part of the bag. Actually, you know what he went to the inside of the bag. I stand corrected and got a late break and it’ll fall for a hit by france and it’s. A crs myers takes the strike and it’s one and one grabs after myers to left field peralta going back towards the wall heading in this one.

As i mentioned just a couple of at bats ago, Applause is 2 2 full count now and boat’s. Taking a beating back have some cheese on it tomorrow, liner to left down towards the left field, corner it’s, a fair hard holding back to smiles Music, a little squibber that will stay fouled last night’s game hedges with vote.

He will have to throw down the first and third inning that’s strike two as robbie ray battles back for the full count: that’s ball, four in the third walk allowed by buy some time for it right now. Here with that fastball and curveball 28 games last year, there he goes at first and center, martay moving back and martay will be. The comment gon na use second, ah popped up foul backing out of play. Well, sometimes popped up foul back and out of play again. Applause i’m, going back and over to make the catches up as you as you see, right there off the quick 60 game, 2020 season, nice good tilt right there swinging a miss and lumet picks up his eighth pop dodge that’s strike. Three machado strikes out for the second Applause and a slow roller down. The third base slid it out to seamer he’s got that slider, but you talk about a start. Can you imagine during a six run? It goes pro far did not go in the throw to. Second, pretty good jump right there, Music and catching the ground ball foul outside of third, that is straight three ty france, didn’t think so, but he’s run home run in his last played appearance came in on the ground to shortstop.

It is ahmed going. They see the breakdown after to left center field and a gapper that’s going to go to the truth to make a change as matt strom looks like he is coming in here, three batters, not a problem for strom he’s used to going and sharply hit, but a Foul ball, nice job, it’s the corner, and that ball is going to be it’s a foul ball.

They got it right. Music short tatis looks the runner back and the throw in top runner takes off for third a swing and a miss throw down to third, and he is out Applause. Music opponents at 257 Applause, chaffing, pretty much two bits pit bunting again pulling it back and taking a strike. This Applause swing and a miss and hedges has walked in the fourth inning 26 home runs and a swing of the miss, and he strikes out all right. It’S france at first he’ll need help and strom is there: krone is pinch hitting and he takes strike one. He bats a ball, though wouldn’t they. If uh, 2, 2 pitch, is swung on and miss and he strikes out in place for their safety. No doubt as ty france will take one of town left center field on the move is martay back towards the ground and getting back to my point regarding the full counts. They all grind it out at bats. Thank you, bad. Sir. All night Applause runs 95 in in the air to left center fit goes peralta towards the wall.

He’S got the green light. Quinato piece of legito Applause, machado’s first home, run in a padres with nobody out two so far here in the bottom of the set dribble down, the first baseline got it his throw oh yeah over the head of martay wow no chance for ty seemed to fool. France, i’m not sure how far off the throw was tough.