Back stint of the 2020 season is exactly what you expect a bunt up. The third base line round in the third short hop headly, throws high and the play is out as tashara somehow came down on, we’ll see at the rays challenge and he’s out a great call by vic cara paza. The first base up off the bag at first frazier bare hands it down. Nifty play Applause. Well, there’s. He is that good with a fungo. This ball goes down. The line hits the bag normally that’s into right field for two base hit rounds it towards third rochelle, with a great play coming home, with the throw got him. Oh, what a sensational play by giovanni archello. It was his only play and i didn’t i thought he was going to just he got it to it so quickly. I thought he was going to throw to first base, but he did not grizzle pounces on it. They get one that’ll, be it excellent play by anthony rizzo, nice and looking for his first extra base hit of the spring trying to check his swing. But he goes around and his strike. The throw to first is in time to pick off the pitch runner and then wow. First of all, the phone booth hack from bird wow robinson just wow, caught flat, footed, oh, throw to third. They got him gomez. Where was he going Applause home this time? Greer said you know what i’ll go ahead and try to pick you up, because i can’t throw over there gomez got all the way back to the basement, grounded right side heading toward the plate and look at kendo Music curveball hits velasquez and he’s going to throw Left handed how about that, and hopefully he’s okay, as he sprawls to know, sometimes a delayed reaction for the pain he went over and picked.

The ball up, left handed and threw to first to get eaten bounce toward third tough play and nunez can’t make the play by us trying to score Applause. Diving play story throw to first out. Bae is on his way to third he’s going to make it but a hell, and nobody goes over to third base great play by javi, and the cub fans here in colorado are letting him. Oh high chopper toward third frazier missed jay, hey jay, ahead for a slide, got underneath the tag determined to hit the hit the dirt as quickly as he does get back up as quickly as he does makes it happen. Well, what happens is the first baseman hicks? Double clutches on the throw and that gives javi just enough time to dive in head. First pull down he’s out wow again how about that by anthony rizzo and put it in the air it’s going to be caught by rizzo. He lets it drop anthony steps on the bag, and now they’ve got a man in a rundown for some reason: herrera gets caught, harrison will pop the train second, and the hero will harrison will try and stay in a rundown long enough to get polanco there. Nothing. Yet because he goes there, i don’t think there’s any way ground ball. Third, on through bregman, and here is the play at the plate on so far the tag by castro. He is out. They now trail it three to two little flare, broken bat.

What a play by guns that’ll do it. He preserves the shutout plays other second baseman. Just can’t make english on that ball. One two on the ground towards the shortstop gloved by baez and they’ve got kane in a rundown brian toss back kipnis back down. He starts pointing seeing point point point: he recognizes that nobody’s at first base now for me and he goes up the middle he’s got a base hit now solanos will score. The runner will be held at third jones to the cut off man. They got him going back tag a squeeze, but he puts it down to perfection that will score the run. Nice job by the reds duval scores 6 3 enter at the plate and especially with a pitcher. There left handed and romano executes it perfectly a throw in to first base and they got him get in there and see he’s already, throwing already he’s ready to go. That was a planned play. They saw ramirez with getting too big a lead at first swings away, ray durham, the second for one and over to third base. Turning the corner and he’s picked it off what a play play to win the inning where’s my gold glove battle on his way to third and they’re gon na wave him around the throne misses a cut off man shot into the fight unbelievable plays. You will ever see by a shortstop. Both cutoff men were missed bounce fires, their first they’re gon na have to tag out the runner between first and second that’s, bernier and there’s out number two wow.

What a smart play by ernesto a lot of decision, james morneau and ernesto lets – the ball drop. He knows he’s on the and buster’s got it he’s going to go to third and they got him and that’s the ball game. Wow it popped up, all comes down for a home plate, posey goes up, nice exchange and a strike to longoria and story gets tagged down on the head. Easy call for there’s a bunt right down the third base line. Let’S see if canoe could turn it into two he’s steaming towards second, and he just bunted himself into a double you can see. It’S uh wide, open spaces looks like the range at wyoming there’s, the butt he gets. It he’s just keeping the ball away from board. The whole game he wants to get it there ball behind the back flipping. He got him. Oh wow, it’s, so easy. This man will live forever by bob cousy chris johnson hammers, the pitch out and logan can’t handle it, but what a play by alex cabrera are you kidding me wow from our vantage point guys when that ball popped up in the air it looked like, he was Going to the shallow center absolutely you’ve got a Music scope was on the third base side of second airmail’s. First base truly lewinsky made a turn toward second and jumps over down that line to back up the play. He does. It recognizes he’s going to be there, but look at tulo how about here’s the swing in a high pop up shallow left center racing out ojeda matthews coming in matthews slides and makes a fabulous catch whoa.

What a play by laying on his back the ball flipped out of his glove, he reached back with his bare hand and knocked in the final run, pulls it to. First out, there moore’s coming home tag play at the plate, rio, muto tags mccutchen, who leaped right over him. How about double play? Quite the double play. Applause with his team down by that might fit in pretty well throw the first and the runner andre gets back and they got him that even after 16 seasons in the majors it’s never too late to add a new trick to your repertoire. Cabrera bluffs the throw to ross and then martini, takes off cut on and out to center baseball he’s going to get doubled up. Hey, really simmons really sold that one he’s got his head down. Then he’s trying to track the baseball pennington’s like he’s flipping a ground ball double play, potentially this time of the game, one of them at least without a strikeout. Oh look at maddox. He fakes the throw to first and hangs up lasting’s him off and millage trying to get flores get down. The second man get the scoring position.