Nobody’S at third hanya gets there too late his glove Applause Music. This part of it’s good, this part not so good for brian knight, Applause drop, ball right side, long run over for colton wall. Has it spins around and throws it wildly and trout just ran into rob. Drake, hopefully drops all right, no offense to rob, adding with two on gomez, takes off throw to third and now a throw to second hits. The umpire and coming in the score is bob davidson, not even budging he’s right in the way of the throw he wouldn’t have got him at second base, but aoki would not have been able to score. Gomez hits everett cabrera and that would have been obstruction that one got home played on fire, adam hamari knocked him down and a base hit that hits the umpire. He just cannot get out of the way, embarrassing and painful. So the ball’s dead, the minute it hits it they beam at a base hit and a line drive, and it hits the umpire and posey’s gon na have to stop at third and that absolutely nailed paul mallard. I mean this. This costs felt an rbi, but the rule is if the umpire is in front of the fielders, the fielders have to at least have a chance to catch the ball and because of his positioning in the infield that denied the rbi and he’s in pain.

Five last night, with a late home run and the first pitch sails inside one ball, no strikes that knocked the mask right off the head of jerry meals as he’s, probably encouraging sandy martinez to get a glove on it watch it again.

Sandy just misses it. Applause goes Applause on the first base side of second sure it did watch oh yeah right in the back of the head, never seen an umpire hit on a backswing, no that’s.