0, or make this as normal as possible as hicks lines. The ball to second base new net starlin castro is there for the first account aaron judge and that one’s ripped into left field. The first base hit of 2020. baseball players are used to playing in small crowds. I was doing with the man aboard contact soft contact at that trey turner’s got his man at first. There were two away version of giancarlo stanton that we’ve ever seen, stanton with a drive out to left center field, and just like that, the yankees have jumped in front two: nothing new york had there been fans in the ballpark. It was a guy that bought the worst seat. That would have gotten that souvenir and i think somebody just yeah. He did a lot of damage in this place as a floor to marlin full count. Now three balls and two strikes was the talk of the early offseason 20 and five of the moment. Cole was the talk of last year and the talk of the nolan ryan book of pitching like that, trying to the speedy trey turner who pops into shallow left center field. Aaron hicks has got it and that gives us a big blow to the nationals and one that dave martinez kind of announced to us earlier today with a a ver coaching in high school five years ago. How do you deal with cole it’s, a long one out to right and adam eaton gets? The champs on the board are magnificent, but cole knew it as soon as he left the hand too here’s starlin castro picks on the first pitch for round number two 20 season over the covet concerns and cole gets a call on the outside corner.

Nothing further. After the homer looking back down like he did to sanchez much sharper better view of the ballpark from here in the studio in bristol connecticut. Oh that got him to open the season again. The following year as suzuki, sends a fly ball out to aaron judge head to head Applause, and he sends a fly ball down to left. Applause awesome to be able to throw guys out at second base and that fastball at 99. Living rooms across the country are tuned in tonight. Is our he’s ready to go and a smart move by booney and the yanks being conservative here’s a guy back to back Applause and a full countdown. He loses wade opening night doubleheader right after the gnats and yankees in in a short season and i’ll explain the reason why maddie is great pictures like and the left and another base hit for aaron judge making him two for two to start the night they’re going To try it with wade, who’s got loose in that clubhouse in the bronx, yes, too late almost 460. and he struck him out two more punch outs in the inning, yet the yankees scratch across a run jam up in the dugouts and clubhouses or not. But you know it’s the little things mata it’s the sunflower seeds. As you can’t, you know, can’t chew, gum, you can’t lick, you one two pitch to eaten is sent down to right field and one count to him.

Gardner with two and voigt puts it in play. Small double header on opening day dodgers and giants, there’s a fly ball for aaron judge in one away. His seniority in that lineup jam shot up the middle. That wade is able to gobble up Applause alex. Where are you with the universal dh love? It we’ll talk about that as we continue the quickest of innings in his first season as a yankee in 2019 and it’s, a leadoff walk. Our camera operators have been advised to leave their positions and there’s a bunt for a base hit off the bat of the speedy tyler wade, and i love it words in interleague play and, as you can see, hershela and wade aboard the o2 to hicks is hit On the ground to the right side could be a pair. Instead, the nationals will settle for mighty on righty starts right at your head and he lays off a four pitch walk issued by scherzer and that will load the bases good out over the plate. He let it rip and it rips into the corner in right field. Runway one run rather will score as her cello’s plated exactly the scenario that you envisioned and i expect a big ear from the big man pouching and he gets gardner 10 strikeouts for scherzer tonight. Off the second suzuki lifts, a fly ball out to right for aaron, judge Applause and hammered into the corner and foul thankful that i had joy cora.

The soho’s, the for means to help me behind in the count to god, is stephen sunseemer and just going right to your strength in the post season.