I live in miami okay and we at least in my area. I look around everybody. Has their masks on. Everybody is following the protocol of what the mayor wants us to do here. That’S one thing i can say at least where i live has have the numbers gone up: they have in the state of florida, that’s, not a lie. The dade county it’s gone up, we’re trying to do our best here. At least we are here responsibly. That being said, the marlins went to atlanta first and before they left miami they all they tested negative. Then i’ll follow test positive before opening day. Then you get three more testing positive um after in the in the third game of the series and then all of a sudden. Now you get 11 more players, two coaches added to it. We don’t know if the players ended up, getting it if it’s in atlanta. If they brought it from miami, if they got in atlanta, if they got it on the plane on the way to philadelphia or in philadelphia, all we know is that reality is set in. The yankees have postponed their game against the phillies this evening and um and we’re going to have to take a check and look back, and the commissioner is going to have to do the same thing and realize that this is our new normal.

How can we make sure that the players, once they have those walk offs and the wins they don’t celebrate the way that we saw in tampa bay yesterday or that we’ve seen if it’s in oakland on their walk off? We have to make sure that the players stay even keeled throughout the entire season and maintain social distancing eduardo to to bomani’s point um.

You know we had. We had dana white on this show several times since the outbreak of this pandemic, and his point was because he successfully staged events, and i asked him. What can other leagues learn from what you’ve done and then top ranked boxing here on? Espn also successfully staged events, and he said it can be done, but it’s very expensive. It costs money and for the second time today, i’ll say scared. Money don’t make money right. Some of the sacrifice that had to be made is not only isolation from players. Families in a bubble or multiple bubbles, it sound, would be more realistic for major league baseball. However many it takes eight ten of them, but some of the sacrifices are the money like teams, maybe well we’ll, lose a little bit of money this year. Instead of a lot of money or we’ll lose a lot instead of tons of money, um bomani points out, hey, maybe it’s expensive and the owners didn’t want to what’s your sense of why they’re not in bubbles other than logistically, because it can be done, but it Costs money what’s, your sense of why like, where was the expense thought to be too great by the owners or the players or both? I think i think both, i think both i think.

At the end of the day, you know the money is being paid by the owners and they’re looking at what are we going to make uh? You know without the fans in the stands, you you look at the repercussions economically of the owners.

You look at the amount of players that it takes to field a major league team. You got 30 players in the active roster. You have another 30 at the alternate sites. I mean basketball. Doesn’T have that soccer does not have that top rank does not have that. So major league baseball, it takes a lot more and then, when some of those guys get hurt, you have to bring in players from alternate sites. What is it to tell you that that play that that area or that bubble so called is, is hell is? Is it an okay situation? I think it’s, two different it’s apple and oranges. When you deal with with the sports and major league baseball is trying to do the best they can again owners and players, knowing that they’re 60 60. and right now, we’re wondering how many, if even the marlins can feel an alternate site camp because so far i Think they’re going to be left with what eight or nine players in their alternate sites, plus a couple coaches that won’t be there either it’s going to be interesting to see what happens moving forward. All i do know is that the marlins will be tested.

They tested their players again today and by 11 o’clock p.m. They will be getting those results tonight to see exactly if it has spread out to even more players or staff members. The bottom line is we’re only here, because the money is so significant that they are trying to get.

Every idea that we got is a bad one like. If you took the money away and said hey, you guys want to play baseball there wouldn’t, be anybody playing baseball like we have to understand that walking in here that no matter what happens, it can be very easy us for us to find the blame. The blame is the way that we live. The blame is the need to pay all these bills, because, no matter what the sport is and all the precautions, this is something that is entirely possible and all parties involved have decided that the risk was necessary because the stakes were so high. Listen. This is as sean doolittle, the the reliever for the mar for the sorry for the nationals said um what about a month ago that sports is i’m paraphrasing now because it’s about a month ago, like the reward that for a healthy society, we this this pandemic has Been so disastrously handled by certain leaders in our country that that there’s a there’s, a very good argument to be made that sports should not be played right now. I think there is value in the distraction they provide and if they can be played responsibly, they should be.

It may be eduardo as you point out that the nature of baseball the number of people involved etc, means that it’s just not possible to finish a season under these conditions, different for the nba, with far fewer players and very progressed into their season.

By the time. The pandemic hit right and we’re we’re all making adjustments we’re, making adjustments right now. I’M doing this i’m doing this uh from my home i’ve been broadcasting kbo games for 12 weeks from my home, the privilege of also broadcasting major league games last week, and i will tonight again, but i will tell you this. This is something that major league baseball is going to have to look and the players are going to have to decide what is the safest route for them and right now, the the need of taking showers in the ballpark, the need of being in a clubhouse or Having a clubhouse on the road, i think, is an unnecessary need. I think those players should be doing and dressing up at the hotel, uh, limiting the amount of players per buses and then go to the ballpark play sit in the stands and then do your thing in the dugout and only have the players that are playing the Ones that are the nine active in that dugout with the coaches that’s it everybody else, spread out we’re living in a different world guys and we have to adjust to that different world. All around no question that that’s a great safety a protocol, they could implement real, quick eduardo because i’m being told we have to wrap it.

I want to get your thoughts on this just as a former player.