We’Re going to talk about, i honestly believe at the end of the year, it’s – probably not going to be the dodgers of the yankees just because that’s the kind of year 2020 is but the dodgers it’s their time. I mean the talent that they have adding mookie bets. Are you kidding me with cody bellinger within that lineup? I get so excited about this team. I know the yankees are stacked too and i’m. Sure max will let us know, but i’ve got the la dodgers. All the way, if we’re going head to head la versus new york chess, how could you possibly the yankees just finally brought in the ace, a real ace in cole to go with severino? They have guys like montgomery, who’s, a winning pitcher coming back, who didn’t even contribute last year up and down. They have power arms in the rotation in the bullpen. They have mvp candidates. No one even thinks about forget about aaron judge and gary sanchez and june carlos stanton. They have lemay hugh, who is a legit mvp candidate urschella, who was supposed to be a slick. Glove to fill in for andujar was a professional hit or one of the rookies of the year. The previous season, rochelle hit 21 home, runs and hit 314. gleber torres. I hadn’t even mentioned probably the best player on the team.

In fact, the yankees are more talented, who is garrett cole joining? I mean let’s let’s talk about their staff right now.

Okay, so we got luis suaverino. Oh wait! No he’s he’s out for the season domingo vermont, he’s gone masahiro tanaka got nailed in the head by a line drive from yes giancarlo sand. You think he’s coming back anytime soon, he’s on the injured list, dj le mayhew tested positive. I mean their team is falling. Like bricks right now – and i look at that – starting rotation – yes, they’ve got star power for days, but garrett cole is going to have to carry them because everyone else right now is gone. Well, you’re slay, they have some three four and five starters. That would be at least deuces on other staff still available to them. They have a deep and talented bullpen jessica and, as i mentioned, they have mvps on the team that people don’t even think about when they consider this team all right get over your mvps. Any time now that y’all been through that, because that that’s some great argument for y’all sides of the map and the teams that y’all think are going to win the whole thing. Just let me extra this. The universal dh rule in the play now um, who benefits from that more. I know, we’re talking about the dodgers and the yankees. Is there possibly another team that could supersede them like you talked about how 2020 has been with teams with being uncharacteristic and things happening? Who’S benefiting from this universal dh, more so than the dodgers or the yankees yeah, i think almost any nl team you throw out there.

I mean i look at the philadelphia phillies. I look at pretty much all of the nl east. I mean these are teams that normally don’t have that opportunity to even add to their offense, and i point out the phillies, because i mean let’s we’re talking about bryce harper, rhys, hawkins jt, real mutu. Oh, they added dd gregorius, who was on max kellerman’s, yankees and they’ve got andrew mccutchen who’s now going to be healthy. Then you add to that lineup and the fact that they have the dh. So i look at the phillies, i mean all the nl teams. Now they get to add, because they don’t have a pitcher hitting in that nine spot anymore um. How about the astros just could you they lost some talent but they’re still extremely deep um. They have one of those other super teams like the astros on paper. The last couple years, even without the cheating you go, is this the best team ever assembled they’re like one of those kind of super teams. What about them? There’S been a lot made about teams going after them. I think it was overblown about getting hit with pitches in in a game. They were winning sometimes with the bases loaded, but still there’s, that thought teams will be looking for retribution and the astros seem kind of forgotten, as a powerhouse what’s. Your feeling on them right now, yeah, i agree with you on the houston astros i mean i just look at their lineup max and it’s ridiculous and it doesn’t change, cheating, not cheating.

These boys can hit george springer alex spring carlos correa, michael brantley. I mean you just go down that entire line of who’s hitting eighth ninth julie, guriel, this team is stacked and they can rake. Yes, they lost garrett cole, but they’ve still got justin verlander who, by the way, won the cy young zach grinky. I was watching lance mccullars jr, the other day with his ridiculous curveball. I mean you remember what they he did your yankees a few years ago in the postseason. This is still a team that when you talk about who’s going to compete, the most against the yankees within the american league i’ve got the astros right at the top as their biggest competitors as it’s been the last few years. It doesn’t change yeah jess. Let me ask you this because i know you’re super hyped about this shortened season and some of the rule changes talk to me about this one, putting a runner on second automatically in extra innings what’s your thoughts on that oh molly, i’m pumped for this one. I this was a rule we had in the olympic games and you get into extra innings and we all know i mean we love to see those extra inning, crazy, sure, 20 inning games, but once you get to that 10th inning, 11th, inning, 12th, inning and there’s. Just no offense you’re not scoring we’ve seen what bullpens can do, throw a runner at second base and watch just the strategy and honestly like pedal to the metal, the chance runner and scoring position to make something happen.