We talk a lot about a variety of different things, but typically they’re things that are terrestrial. You know politics, stocks, uh, the markets, current events happening here on the human world, but uh today today this is perhaps the biggest story that i have seen all year, um outside of the coronavirus and it – and it seems conor like not a whole lot of people – Are talking about it, but this is absolutely huge. So what i’m talking about is this right here nokia has been selected by nasa to build the first ever cellular network on the moon. Communications will be a crucial component for nasa’s artemis program, which will establish a sustainable presence on the moon by the end of the decade. Now i have heard about this before um, i i have heard of of artemis um, and i know that nasa does have big plans coming up for the near future, but to see this really like shocked me um, okay, because connor cause. You said that you, you saw this story like when you were browsing through twitter uh last night and, like you saw it the first time and you you kind of just like glazed over it, because you’re like in your mind, you’re just like, ah whatever, like that. That’S not real, but then you saw it a second time right yeah. So i was strolling through my twitter stream and i seen this story. It said, oh nasa selects nokia to build first 4g lte network on the moon, and i and i just looked at it, and i and i i didn’t even think about it.

I just i just saw it and i like immediately dismissed it. As you know like this is uh. This is like not even a real thing like like this doesn’t seem. This is not normal. This doesn’t seem normal um and my brain just like immediately filtered it out and like five hours later, somebody else tweeted it and i was like wait a minute. Did that just say like did. I just read what i think i read, and so i went back to it and it said nokia’s selected by nasa to build the first ever cellular network on the moon. I was like oh okay, that’s that’s, pretty insane. This is part of the government’s artemis project, and so i know i know that a lot of people hate trump, but he actually is doing. You know a few good things here and there i mean he wants to take us back to the moon right. So like this is something that he he’ll never get credit for. No one will ever give give him credit for this yeah, but he actually wants to go back to the moon and even back to mars, and so i mean – and so if we go back on this right like this, is evidenced by the fact that two years Ago he came out and created the space force for us and everybody uh laughed at him and ridiculed him and said you know: hey he’s, a like why.

Why are we creating the space force? So i think, like one of the best and worst things about trump is that he keeps things simple, but i think that sometimes he keeps things like too simple, so so, like here, it’s actually better to say, like like cellular network on the moon as opposed to Space force like like i think, space force is a little bit too, like vague and it’s too it’s too easy for people to poke fun at it. Yeah, but well, you know so so on this channel, like like we’re tesla investors right. So we we we’re elon musk fanboys we invest in tesla um like i would love to invest in spacex and uh. We like neurolink as well, but mainly spacex right. So like the asteroid, mining and you know if we run out of lithium on the planet. Maybe we can go to mars or the moon to get more lithium, so you know even back then, two years ago, when trump came out and said, oh we’re, gon na you know, we’re gon na make the space force. I was like yeah, of course, like, of course, we need the space force like we, you know spacex space force. You know, elon tusk, you know rock uh jeff bezos. You know blue origin, all that stuff like i. I really just care about the idea. You know if the idea is good, then it doesn’t matter who comes up with the idea sure the white house also came out with a quantum initiative, so there’s now an official government website by the government that is specifically for quantum computing, so quantum information systems.

You know, which is what we were talking about yesterday: yeah right, so they’re, they’re gon na spend uh a few billion dollars in quantum technology, because china is already doing uh quantum satellites and quantum quantum communication quantum encryption. I actually have uh the the document here from whitehouse.gov. It says national strategic overview for quantum information science, and this is like an official pdf on thewhitehouse.gov. So so you know i’m just opening this up now um, i i haven’t gone through it, but this does exist and and i’ll definitely be checking this out, guys uh just go to whitehouse.gov or just search or just google white house quantum, and they should pop up. But yeah but that’s crazy. So so this is it just just another like step in the quantum you know revolution. I seen that they they had these commercials where they were hiring people to join the space force. Yeah right, so they were saying: hey, like you know, do you want to change the world you know like they showed like this picture of like this young girl and this young guy yeah like looking up at the stars and being like hey, do you want to Do you want to fly in outer space and change the world or change the moon or whatever yeah, and then it’s like joined the space force right and i was like so in other words, it’s, like it looked like one of those army commercials, you know like Joined the army, yeah joined the air force right and i was like oh okay.

This one was join the space force right and i was like man like her like we really are beginning to live in, like that. You know like a thousand years from now. The future is is coming quick yeah. There is a lot of uh what’s the word like self indulgence or or self uh. You know like a lot of this article since it’s from nokia um there’s, a lot of like nokia patting themselves on the back relentlessly. So i i sifted through it um and i highlighted the parts that are that are relevant to us, reliable, resilient and high capacity communication networks will be key to supporting a sustainable human presence on the lunar surface by building the first high performance wireless network solution on The moon, nokia bell labs is once again planting the flag for pioneering innovation beyond the conventional limits. So you see what i mean uh, you know they’re calling themselves pioneers of innovation and stuff like that. Nokia’S lunar network consists of an lte base station with integrated, evolved packet, core or epic functionalities, lte user equipment, rf antennas and high reliability operations and maintenance control software. The solution has been specially designed to withstand the harsh condition, conditions of launch and lunar landing and to operate in the extreme conditions of space. The fully integrated cellular cellular network meets very stringent size, weight and power constraints of space beyond payloads in an extremely compact form. Factor to launch and to get there is hard enough, but but just to operate in space like it’s, crazy, because, like during the daytime, you know quote unquote daytime it’s like super hot, because there’s no atmosphere protecting you um and it’s.

Just like sheer, you know, sun radiation and then at night, when the sun’s not facing you it’s like freezing cold, oh yeah, horrible nokia plans to supply commercial lte products and provide technology to expand the commercialization of lte and to pursue space applications of lte’s successor, uh Technology 5g. The public private partnership established through tipping point selections, combine nasa resources with industry com contributions, sharpening the development of critical space technologies. Nasa plans to leverage these innovations for its artemis program, which will establish sustainable operations on the moon by the end of the decade. In preparation for an expedition to mars, let’s show them to artemis, sure.gov website. Sure thanks. So so here we are guys at the artemis official like website on nasa.gov um. It says here: humanity’s return to the moon with the artemis program. Nasa will land the first woman and next man on the moon by 2024, using innovative technologies to explore more of the lunar surface than ever before. We will collaborate with our commercial and international partners and establish sustainable exploration by the end of the decade. Then we will use what we learn on and around the moon to take the next giant leap sending astronauts to mars. As we speak, the us government has a plan to go to the moon and then go to mars. After that and uh, we have a space force and they’re hiring for the space force and they just hired nokia to build a a 4g network on the moon yeah.

I mean it’s still crazy to me and you can see where the where the trend is going and the trend is going to space yeah and and so so. My question is like like once once they get there because they mentioned uh something about how the the thing would build itself once it’s there yeah. So it says here: nokia is partnering with intuitive machines for this mission to integrate this groundbreaking network into the lunar. La lunar lander and deliver it to the lunar surface, the network will self configure upon deployment and establish the first lte communications on the moon, which is crazy too. So you know, i imagine, that the lunar rover – you know it it’ll it’ll land on the surface, move a little bit to find like a good spot and then it’ll just be like a transformer. Arms will start like like coming out and it’ll start self assembling itself, and then you know before you know: you’ll have a little like mini antenna, a little a little 4g antenna yeah on the moon. That’S, really, all you got to know is that nokia has been selected by by the government by nasa to start building the first cellular network on the moon. It’S not clickbait, even though, like you might your instinct uh might tell you that it is like this is actually happening and it’s absolutely huge and of course, since it’s it’s, huge um and it’s important it’s barely being talked about yeah.

Of course, yeah. No one will ever mention it on uh, cnn or anything like that. Now we got we, we got ta talk about the debates coming up in two days. Who do you think will be the big winners of this like? Who is this going to benefit in terms of the markets? Like definitely you know the big tech boys for sure they rely on like high speed. You know networks, so so pretty much like anything that that needs that um. You know who supplies that. So definitely you know amazon, microsoft. Yeah i mean i i think uh spacex is going to benefit from this right because they have to launch these uh. They have to launch this thing up up to the moon. Nokia obviously benefits from it. You know you can you can buy nokia stock, but you know this is 4g and and 5g technology. So i think any company that makes 4g or 5g uh equipment should do well, which i think is marvell, i think marvel and qualcomm yeah. And then it even says here in intuitive machines right so yeah. So right now, i’m, not really sure who exactly is going to benefit from this yeah from from you know, sending this thing to the moon and building out this network, but yeah i mean it’s it’s, definitely uh crazy, who uh benefited most from like the internet. You know, like everyone yeah like i think this is. This – is one of those things that, like it’ll it’ll, just uh like again it’ll be the rising tide that lifts all boats.

Well, because the thing too is like, why do they even need a a for a network on the moon yeah, and they tell you it’s, because that way we can control uh robots on the moon, like we can control the mars lander on the moon, and if You know when humans go up there, then the humans can communicate with each other when they’re up there. So, but what? What is the purpose of being on the moon? The purpose of being on the moon is to mind the moon for for resources exactly exactly um and once you’re already in space it’s easy to travel in space once you’re in space. You know what i mean: yeah um, like like a lot of the expense, comes from just the cost of having to leave earth. So it’s it’s, you know gravity is expensive. What do you guys think like? Are you excited about this as we are, because you have every reason to be uh and you know, leave a comment down below leave a like subscribe. If you haven’t already uh, you know, support us on patreon. Every small donation counts for a lot and thank you.