, This is Almas Jacob and you are watching Nokia wins NASA contract to put a 4G network on the moon. Music. Nasa has awarded 14.1 million to Nokia of America to build the first ever 4G cellular network on the moon.. Yes, now on our own moon 4G internet can be run without any problem.. Now you must be wondering: why does NASA need the internet on the moon? According to NASA, the astronauts in space can hardly communicate with NASA and many times. The condition of the astronauts remains unknown for hours.. That is why NASA wants to make it easy to operate the internet in space so that they can be easily contacted.. Nasa has signed a 370 million worth of contract with Nokia, out of which only 14.1 million have been given to Nokia.. Nasa has signed this contract by means of tipping point a project to boost research and technology in space. By the time 4G internet is being installed in space. 5G internet will be used on the earth by then. Before moving any further subscribe to the channel and also press the bell icon., So that more upcoming videos can reach you.. Nasa has not said how long it will take to complete this project, but NASA has given the deadline of 2028 to Nokia to accomplish this project. With 4G internet video streaming will be able to be done in the space without interruptions.. Now, before you consider that NASA is thinking something good for its astronauts.

, I will tell you that I think NASA is installing the internet on the moon to provide help for the project blue beam.. For those who are not familiar with project blue beam. I had uploaded a detailed video on it.. You can also watch that video. If you want. It will become easy for you to understand why NASA needs the internet in space.. Moreover, if we consider such news are being published on the mainstream media from day to day that scientists have discovered such planets in space where humans can live a better life than Earth.. These planets are larger in size than Earth, so there will be no challenge of population and no danger there. Over and above this writers write such thing like the earth is a very bad place for us and they have found a planet like heaven in space.. So friends, Based on this whole propaganda, a Hollywood movie named Elysium, was released in 2013.. It is shown in this movie that the richest people of this world, including politicians, democrats, bureaucrats and everyone working in the government agencies were shifted to a colony established in space. And the poor people on Earth work for these Riches.. Several other movies have been made on this concept in which the elites of this world are shown, shifting to space and after destroying the earth completely, the poor are kept like slaves on earth., So friends, the plan of these elites is before you.. These people are destroying the earth themselves and want to build home for themselves in space instead of fixing it.

. They are doing all this because, according to Islam, the devil challenged, God that he will change everything that God created.. He will change Gods creation.. Likewise, according to the Word of God, the Devil is not only our enemy but Gods enemy too, and he hates everything created by God on this earth.. He knows that a time will come when Jesus Christ will return, and He will do us justice by thwarting Satans. Every move. And the earth will be restored. Now, as the Devil knows this. That is why the devil – worshipers, i.e. the elites, are searching a home in space for themselves., Because they believe that they will fight Jesus Christ when He will come. And if they succeed, they will take over everything. They will become the owners and the gods of the world.. This is not going to happen and is just their raw ideas.. That is why they have a plan B too, in which NASA and the elites of the world spend money to make such arrangements to build a house for them in space., So that they can run away from here on the arrival of Jesus Christ.. This is their plan B. So friends, no matter how hard they try. They have to die one day., And on that day they will face Jesus Christ.. Where will they run then Anyways? My point was to tell what is happening in the world right now., So lets meet in the next video.

Until then take very good care of yourself.