Artemis accords and it’s like a twin program of the apollo’s mission, and they created this new space. Traveling machine called orion. I think they did it in partnership with what’s. It called here lockheed martin and boeing boeing, yeah that’s. It was boeing, i think and um here. We see on the screen how they’re going to plan to first establish further bases on the moon, and then they are planning on traveling further through space to mars so and some some of the founding you know, countries of the artemis accords program are australia, canada, italy, Japan, luxembourg, united arab emirates, united kingdom and the usa, so now they are wanting to explore deep space and a peaceful exploration so uh, i think it’s great news, for you know the coming years. We’Re gon na set up foot in space um, and i think i also read that they first plan on using the orion device and later on, they’re partnering, with spacex from elon musk, and they actually plan on launching us astronauts into space with the spacex rockets from Elon musk so that’s also great. The other exciting news is nasa, brings out exciting new discovery about the moon next week, so the space agency’s latest findings will be revealed to the world on monday october 26th, at 5 pm uk time so stay tuned for next week. Monday afternoon for nasa’s big news about the moon and their latest discoveries about it, and the second thing is um nokia, you know the phone company that is actually not selling, so many phones anymore, has a contract, has just signed a contract with nasa to establish the 4G internet connection on the moon, so they said they first want to rely on 4g connection because it’s what’s, reliable it’s what they already know since the 5g internet connection is still in development, and i think last week, telecom and verizon started to roll out and activate The 5g networks in the cities, in a couple major cities, and through the couple next years they are planning on extending the user base of 5g internet and by 2024 nasa plans to establish a long term presence on the moon and by 2022.

They plan to send the equipment to establish the 4g network there on the moon so exciting, for that that was it for news for today and just enjoy the space exploration.