The moon has gathered a lot of momentum recently. If things go according to plan, when astronauts land on the moon next, they will be able to make phone calls to people on earth. Nokia has been asked to establish the first ever cellular communications network on the moon by nasa. Have you heard about nasa’s artemis, moon landing program? Nasa’S, artemis, program’s aim is to establish a long term. Human presence on the moon as a warm up for missions to mars nasa is gearing up to send astronauts to the lunar surface by 2024. This mission will also place a woman on the moon for the first time in history. You must test your knowledge about the earth’s, only natural satellite, the moon in our quiz. At the end of this video new rules for moon missions, eight nations have signed up to a new set of international moon rules. These rules include no fighting and no littering nasa released the guidelines recently for its artemis moon landing program based on the outer space treaty. This treaty from 1967 said that the moon and other celestial bodies cannot be claimed for ownership by any country. Some of the rules for missions to the moon are everyone must come in peace, secrecy is banned and all launched objects need to be identified and registered. All members agree to pitch in with astronaut emergencies, historic sites must be preserved and any resulting space junk must be properly disposed of. Australia, the us, canada, italy, japan, luxembourg, the united arab emirates and the uk are part of the artemis accords.

Nasa expects more countries to join the effort to put astronauts back on the moon by 2024.. This promises to be the largest coalition for a human space flight program in history, according to nasa administrator jim bridenstine. How much do you know about the moon which phenomenon on earth? Does the moon affect tides in the ocean? How many countries have sent astronauts to the moon so far, only one, the usa? How long does a day last on the moon 29 earth days? This is the same time that it takes the moon to make one revolution around the earth. What causes the moon to shine? It is sunlight.