20. 2020.. I have my pen, i got my clipboard. I got my coffee and a plastic banana. I have no idea why i have this plastic banana, but for some reason i have it. Let’S get right to the tech news. Phasmophobia is a breakout hit this year, especially on twitch, but players aren’t, just getting scared inside the game, they’re also getting scared outside the game. According to gamespot, many players and streamers have been on the receiving end of hacks that allow the hackers to spawn ghosts and do jump scares while in the lobby, not just in the game. A quick search on youtube actually shows a number of hacks for this game. So the information is totally out there. Developer kinetic games has responded, saying they know about the hacking and are working on a solution. We are aware that there has been a number of games that have been using third party tools to modify the game. This includes such as increasing player limits, changing ai behavior and simply increasing money or level streamer 8b dylan tweeted that he talked to the developer and he said that if you’re using the beta version of the game, a lot of these hacks can be avoided. It’S 2020, but apparently we are still in the 1980s gi. Joe is back on the shelf. We’Re about to enter a cold war and mtv is back baby. Well, apple, music, tv on your phone apple music, has launched a new 24 hour.

Live stream of music videos live, shows and events mtv, i mean music tv i mean apple. Tv is a free to us, resident stream that will be available inside the apple music and apple tv, app, the service just premiered. Yesterday october, the 19th, with a countdown of the top 100 most streamed songs on apple music. Us it’s also being reported that on thursday it will have a takeover of bruce springsteen, bruce springsteen, with special video blocks of bruce’s favorite videos. So if you’re over 30, put on your best pair of ripped jeans, go grab a box of ecto cooler and a bag of cool ranch, doritos sit yourself in front of that tv and just don’t sit too close because it’ll burn your eyes out. I don’t care. If john’s parents, let him sit that close to the tv this week on the epic game, store two free games that look to be pretty epic. The first is dolores a thimbleweed park mini adventure. I played through thimbleweed parker reno a first time merino, but i need to go back and play through at a second time. Arena simpleweed park really is a great game. If you like the old style point and click adventures and it’s made by the original maniac mansion creators a plus, really liked it, you should uh, you should go and check it out. The other game is sludge life, which has an aesthetic kind of like jet set radio series games, which i’m shamed to admit i do own on steam, but i’ve never played.

I really do need to go back and play jetset radio, though links to all those in the description down below according to cyber security expert. Am i reading this incorrectly? Let me check my notes here: no that’s that’s definitely correct. Yes, yes, that’s right, the donald at an event in tucson arizona, he addressed the crowd, saying nobody gets hacked to get hacked. You need somebody with a 197 iq and he needs to have about 15 percent of your password. He was specifically referring to c span political editor, steve scully, who recently admitted he had claimed, falsely that his twitter account had been hacked after sending a tweet to anthony the mooch scaramucci new chinuchi snitchy boogies. Clearly i mean nobody gets hacked directly after eugene the plague. I mean our elite. Hacks are in chief, concluded by saying i’m up in your routers grabbing your packets. All your base are belong to me. Subscribe to 2600, see you kitties at shmucon, less moose be sure to leave a comment with the city. You were born in your first pet’s name and the name of your grade school down below you know. I don’t know why. I even have this plastic banana cellular coverage is about to expand all the way. Nokia’S bell labs has been granted 14.1 million to build the cell phone network on the moon, which is about 5 billion in dog coins and uh 20, reduce according to nasa nokia, bell’s 4g lte network deployment will allow astronauts to remote control.

Lunar rovers improve real time. Lunar navigation and stream, high definition, video i’d also hope for the ability to watch youtube. Videos, send tick, tocks and browse pornhub, because nasa apparently doesn’t allow sex in space 4g. Will roll out first and may potentially be upgraded to 5g in the future. Its technology will be based around small micro, 4g transmitters, which were designed for the purpose, but are already deployed here on earth by some cellular carriers. Nasa is expecting that this network will be rolled out by 2030., at which point we will be onto the iphone 8g and you still won’t be able to get service in an elevator or in that one corner of your house. That you’ve tried to send a tick tock in for like 15 minutes and you keep hitting the button over and over and it just doesn’t send, and then you get a. What do you like free stuff sure we all do well? How about charging your electric vehicles for free, startup, swift mile, which received another 5 million in funding in july, is starting to place personal ev charging stations that offer free charge in the u.s and europe, which i assume also means electric skateboards e unis, your laptop? Maybe a blender: these stations will be ad supported by billboard, displays that are attached to the charging stations, that’s cool, that it’s advertising driven, but have they seen how much we make on youtube revenue stations are already rolled out in austin, phoenix san francisco tampa and washington Dc, which is great and will totally be abused for charging these guys have obviously never been on the e bike or electric skateboard reddits, where 20 people plug in their e bikes to one single socket and overdraw.

The current blowing up the socket don’t do that. The second way that they’ll make money from their charging stations is companies will have the option to purchase stations that offer free charge, but only to charge their model of personal electric vehicle, which, to be honest, is a little bit lame because there are only like 10 000 different personal electric vehicle startups, so you know searching for a charger that is only to you to your brand is kind of gon na suck, but you know sure that’s totally gon na work cause nobody’s ever figured out a way around that before. If you’re a fan of my plastic banana – and you want to leave a comment on it, go ahead and do that down below. If you like, the news go ahead and like and subscribe, feel free to press the button or don’t press the button. Whatever you wan na do that’s totally cool it’s up to you, i’m, not forcing you to do anything. I’M gon na get some more coffee, yeah don’t be here when i come back or actually no actually be here.