Take that stick home. Now I mean if it buys me some chick fil, a yeah now fungus on that. Stick: Music! Welcome to morning sunshine, it’s, your host Brandon Walker and Kate, Music Applause, Music, okay, just touch touch just fix – I was just going to stick around with us, beat the shit out of down yeah okay, once these two faces got together. Look at these faces. Welcome to the world of morning sunshine, we’re, no longer in your sad ass apartment or my condemned building in new jersey, we’re now in our school. But this is the morning sunshine: okay, just just hate! I forgot my car: hey let’s, see he’s a big finger, watches the show hey morning, sun shining vibrate. So anyway, this is the entryway to barstool sports and it’s been thoroughly cleaned anyway, here’s the bar slit store the merch. After a breeze. You sneak it into a bag and then hope that the cameras didn’t see it because then you get into big trouble. What we got all sorts of cool stuff like this hot sweet corn Pringles – did you anyway, just just just quit doing the spiel just keep them away anyway. You can see after Ariane, 5 p.m. it’s, pretty nice that’s why we already got to it. So this is the first one very first Bart school newspaper. If you open it up, there’s all different kinds of barstool. We don’t have no Joe open up right. Oh the old Jesus Brandon family size Oreos.

You want to do one real, quick, show shove. Those in your mouth and should you like shove them in there put them all in there. This is a rocket ship to the moon rocket ship. In the whole, your body, this is literally the only joke. We have to the whole thing. Brain is fucking. Do it. I can’t I can’t do that. I can’t come forth with what you warm and it used to have my ass in the air. Like you, oh the game, room yeah speaking I’m, not doing anything funny game here. If you can figure out how to put the lights on watch out branding, it goes Rochelle, stupid bitch. So as we continue with the tour again next week morning, sunshine back on the airwaves as people demand it brand new, but with all sorts of neat additions like our new weatherman, I knew that guy Nick Nick the weather guy Music. What are you working on this doesn’t concern? You at all I’ll see faster farther that’s literally my face I’ll see you guys see you guys tomorrow, look forward to it this week, yeah we are expanding morning, sunshine universe and we have weather with Nick and our new morning traffic guy Rome. I said I wasn’t doing it. You said yes, yesterday come on. No, I told you guys that I’m not doing that. You said you said who said yes yesterday I am, we asked it to 11 at 316.

You’Ve said yes to something. I was something definitely different. There is no way that I would do a show with you or with you. Is it that we’re not wholly on mics close enough? No okay! Well, he’ll do it. I hate Rome, the jokesters Rome will soon see you next week on the traffic yeah I’m hard to get that’s room for you. Oh I swear. We did the rundown every day, Kate, my nestling about two years ago. It was pretty cool. Oh, I won’t quite often well, I thought they didn’t have people on with tits, but I guess that argument doesn’t hold up um, oh, look who it is look it’s me fights specifically told us never ever to walk in there. Look at the odd Dave I have to say, but buddy you use the stock market. It’S dreams it that was spot on are you I got ta get out of here morning. Sunshine is lucky enough to be coming to you from the greatest city in the world. New York, City and we’ve got a beautiful view right through these doors right, take the old Empire State the Windy Tower there. We go just right through here past all the broken equipment and the cheap similarities. Beautiful view you check this out. This is awesome. Forget it hey guys, what do you, what you guys doing, we’re prepping for tomorrow’s, show you guys do it? Why are you out here showing people, the beautiful New York City? Just go just go, oh man! That was a close one.

Thank God tape that we are getting okay, oh Jesus, Christ. Sorry guys! I got ta go! Thank you right, this fucking guy Brandon! Why do you even do this with him? It doesn’t make any sense. I have no idea he’s the fucking worst. Did you just got ta ignore him? Yeah we’ve been doing it for a long time, a long ass time, if we spelled have you spouted his like under her breast fat, is grundle. Oh, my god, Music man. This is a crazy place to work. No more sunshine. Santa’S yep, no, we don’t be in there. My bein. We have one right. We didn’t do the studio’s yet it’s, probably over there it’s over there yeah, oh yeah suggestion box suggestions go in the box. Kate in the Box should be hard for you. Many things are your stuff inside the box. Tell you one thing that was real marijuana all right, so the wall good morning, sunshine is truly a wonderful place and here’s another room that I don’t fucking know at all. Oh hi yeah, okay, one of the great things about being back at barstool for the new headquarters of morning. Sunshine is yes endless technology from around the world. I think aliens gave us this. This is aliens and we’re gon na be able to use them to make morning sunshine ten times more exciting, better, even better than it already is, which is not good awesome. Look at that this is this is fun, stop sleep.

This is amazing. This is another one. You know what why don’t you do a snap yeah, oh that one just it touches your heart. It makes you feel happy inside you love to see it right. So more in sunshine, we’re, gon na get cancer. I think, because of what we got coming let’s, do it let’s snap on three ready ready one three look at this that’s right. We have gone big time. No longer are we my kitchen table gon na use more by my wife. No longer are we in Kate’s cat infested, a room that smells like cat shit and woman shit. We are here: we’ve got a brand new studio, we do, and this is gon na, be it from now on and we’re gon na have all of our stools. Resources right and our fingers, yeah we’ll, have bar stools stars that stop by well. I know Davis said he. Is it can’t wait to see David big cat? They they’re just breaking down the door clamoring, so this is bar stools. Biggest new show yeah new morning sunshine. New new new morning sunshine, coming this Thursday, we start on new and then every Tuesday and Thursday, from here on out Tom King yeah, yep Tuesdays and Thursdays, okay, I’m Brandon Walker and that’s, Kate and we’ll see you Thursday, literally no idea. We started off as a tour and then we were just in rooms doing nothing and we didn’t have to talk and then the show made sense.

So it made sense. You know I could just press X and you were gone yeah. Yes, Music, big old boy.