We didn’t have any mid week action this week, which is uh, usually a surprise, but you know what we had. We had the europa league qualifiers now the champions league qualifiers the keepers uh throughout thomas well now, as we say talking about them, but no they’re, just not aberdeen beats and johnson one now after um they’re back from their quarantine, absolute dog pesh on our lead brother, But we’re back obviously, last time it we drew nell nell with um livingston i mean i’ve gave my thoughts on that man. That was just that was brutal. I mean to me, it was it was. It was just that bad. You know i mean there’s, just i i’m actually speak so it’s like i mean there’s, not there’s, nothing to already say but and then what has already been said, but i mean in terms of looking forward. We have obviously got kelly here at home. Now i mean i mean the one positive take from me: didn’t concede so it’s four games in a row i’ve kept the clean sheet but clean sheets. I mean i rather one two one and keep the clean sheet. Where i know now. You know i mean that’s. Just that’s the way football is brother, but in terms of this game, obviously kelly not the best of starts, i mean they’ve, said: they’ve played four games, they’re doing a ninth, oh yes, they did draw against celtic, but i mean i think there was a lot of Similarities in that game between celtic and us against livingston just toothless going forward absolute shite, but in terms of this game i mean it’s, a home game, so i’m expecting nothing less than three points, and it needs to be three points and that’s the bottom line right.

I would like to see i’d like to see a tweak to the team. You know what i mean. I mean i do not want ryan and glenn camara in the middle of the midfield like we do not need that. I mean a rebel looks like he will be back and, quite frankly, brother. We goddamn need that guy. You know what i mean. I mean they’d, miss him big time against thing i mean i would drop haji, but then again then, who do you bring in? You know i mean i mean i would put in jordan jones what’s, the guy done. What is the guy done? You know what i mean i don’t get it. I mean. Why does brandon barker always get chances, but jordan jones doesn’t, i mean barker. Is i mean someone needs to set see this whole game ago? You’Ve got back to players. No, you don’t see that but that’s a loser mentality. You know i mean you only back your players who are good or actually put a bit of effort, and i mean i’m, not saying the guy doesn’t put any alpha, but every time he he’s on the pitch. I i just feel like taking a pistol and putting on my mouth and pulling the trigger and that’s the god’s, honest truth. The guy he’s just not up the world of shirt brother. You know what i mean. He said no he’s, not like i mean i can do as many hulk hogan impersonations as i want, but it’s just that it’s not going to hammer home the fact that this guy’s pish he is he’s just donkey dog pish.

I mean that whole meme of all leads come in for kent and then the guys use a picture of brandon brandon bark all were sad to see him go. You know i mean, but here you go at least you can have them everyone’s like oh well. Let me tell you something brother, you know i mean that’s, not him. That’S, brandon, barker, no i’m, pretty sure that’s kent me, you know what i mean, but anyway i don’t want i mean i want. I would like. I would honestly like jordan jones to feature like just try something different. You know what i mean and it would be against his former team. So i mean you never know what could rub salt in the woods, but another dilemma as well. Who plays up front? You know i mean i mean i’m, not 100 sure what’s going on with the film i’m, assuming he just would not be starting up front. You know, i mean well my opinion he shouldn’t be. I mean he would just be back for the injury that he’s picked up, but to me i mean cedric and i wouldn’t start roof, but i i would honestly play cedric over morelos like why not you know i mean i think we need to prepare ourselves for This guy, potentially going i mean, i know leo, looks like the interest is kind of cooled off. They brought in jonathan david um a little swat move. Doesn’T really look like it’s going to happen, but to me i think we need to build up the confidence like etten and roof like i know i was pretty focal.

I know you bet thing on them, but it why not just start them. You know what i mean because i mean get them playing time from the minute go i mean you have a lot more chance of getting a goal when you’re on the pitch for a longer amount of time. You know i mean when you come on. Half the time the game’s dead and the team just don’t seem, i say i don’t get those two games at home. We go farina up and then it says oh let’s, just let’s just see why punish teams man, no i mean i wha. What mentality is that to set with your thumb up your ass? You know like that annoys me man. I don’t get it, but if it was me i would, i would actually start cedric up front um in terms of this. So we’ll get kelly here um. Then we are away to hamilton and then we are at home to done the united, then it’s a big game it’s a way against hebs i mean we don’t know man. Obviously hebs could botlet, but i mean like that. Game could be top of the title league. Big boy collision, you know, i mean i mean i don’t expect hibs to be there at the end of the season, but i mean i i have.