there’s the challenges, heavy and there’s a problem here, because clucas has gone through o’donnell and this could change the whole match: it’s, a second yellow and it’s the red card and well, the match has changed. Shannon cluckus heavy in the tackle in the first half inside 10 minutes of the match repeats it in the second and the referee had no hesitation and showing him the second yellow in the red you can’t do that paul i’m afraid i had some people contacting me At halftime thinking his first half tackle could have been a red, but once you’re on a yellow card, you’ve got to be very careful when you go to ground. When you commit the way shannon clookus did. I think he has a heavy touch. He has a heavy touch. He catches stephen o’donnell, just above the left ankle and, if i’m being honest, that tackle alone could have been a red card. Also flying to grimshaw gallagher got it away, bro break back mother wolf’s way, stephen o’donnell little touch and lang that’s a beautiful goal from muller well and callum lying scores. For the first time as a manuel player, he becomes the twentieth volleyball player to score a european competition. He made it with o’donnell. The finish was fine, otherwise one glenn tournament and it’s, probably his only chance of the game. So far, we wondered with all those missed opportunities for glen touring, come back to bite them and it has stephen o’donnell doesn’t make full contact with the ball, but callum lang continues his run forward and just when he’s looking for a little bit of composure, he manages Just to lift the ball over the outstretched body of deal calling and you’ve got to say against the run of play against the run of chances.

It’S, a homicide to take the lead picked up by paul worth stephen o’donnell will fancy his chances that’s an absolute rapier of a shot blasted past the goalkeeper, and that looks like the goal that was secure round two qualification football for motherwell, stephen o’donnell rattles, one home It’S his first goal for muller well and it’s, an absolute cracker. It is indeed he was given an awful lot of time. The glen touring players couldn’t get out to him quick enough. He just sets himself up and deal calling i’m. Not too sure you can do an awful lot about that there’s, so much power, so much movement on the ball it’s. What mother well we’re searching for it’s not been a classic performance tonight, but when your confidence is low and you’ve been up against it in this game, you just want somehow to get through and certainly offside in that one there’s good center forward. So tell you put the ball on it and then worry. If the decision comes, can he do it here, chris long from the edge of the box goalkeeper of the save and the simple goal for liam power it’s all over for glen, torren and it’s harsh on the belfast side? But they are starting to unravel and liam polworth is the latest player to add his name to the scoresheet and it almost seems a little bit unfair. They put so much into the game. Retired there’s gaps appearing chris long with a wonderful strike field.

Calling, i wonder, could he have got it away from goal this long long wants it back again. He has it back again inside onto campbell good, save and tony watts will help himself. So tony watt adds glen toron to the list of european teams. He scored against barcelona being the other manual for tony watts, that’s a decent bowling and a glancing header, and there is the goal that chris long has been desiring since the start of the season. Tony watt sets him up chris long with a header just guided it past. The goalkeeper mother wall hit glenn turning for five, although five glenn turning now – and i think he deserves that goal, chris long has been involved, certainly in two or three of the other ones. The self is running, he’s been a little bit unlucky. He had a snapshot in the first half but it’s a good header. The pace is all on the ball there’s a bit of grease in the ball. He just needs to glance the ball into the far corner and he does so this time. Parry mclean. He just allows him to peel off but fans from that position. I don’t know, but i couldn’t imagine the score it goes, but we did into the middle. It goes well knocked away no way through for o’connor, but he gets on the end of the ball again. O’Connor trying to get past paul worth conor’s done really well goes down penalty and glen torrin will get the chance to get on the score sheet and running to get.

The ball is robbie, mcdade i’ve got to say kian o’connor again since he’s come on.