Oh, i go into a different world when you’re, accelerating my brain, just zones out warp zone. All right guys, welcome back to the channel hope you guys are having a great week today. We’Ve got a lot of things going on. We are going to be doing two car mates today, meeting up with jack ultramotive and mr blue m3. This selection is just gon na suck all around and we got a couple of different drives. We’Re going on and then mclaren meet and a gun club let’s go that’s cool there. He is good stuff. What do we have here? Oh yeah holy crap, Music what’s up man. Why are you doing valet today? Is that what’s going on all right guys we reached our destination. We are at securite gun club. We got a whole host of cars over here, let’s check them out 458. We got jack ultra motive with his r8 578 spider, 8 12 super fast, 720s, 600 lt, spyder, mclaren, gt and 650s fighter all right time to do a test, drive 720 spider and a bentley continental gt isaac. You’Re with me: oh perfect timing. I love it with the full red and black the new diamond there. They are hit that one more time oh clocks, to screen to wood, to screen to the clocks, nice joyce, and i think they got a lot of great cars. We’Re gon na go in here check out the gun club grab a bite.

I just drove the new bentley gt first edition very nice, the red and black interior. These guys are all in the culinary let’s check on them. Brand new rolls royce calling in Music, so security gun club is right here along the river. A lot of people walk in. What do you think billy? This is what you like. He likes big. This guy likes big everything. He’S like i need a big escalade truck. I need a big flying spur Applause how’s this back. You got the gray coupon stuff back there. You literally have a window that blocks you from your suv trunk. So you can’t, like communicate with the person you’re kidnapping you’re like don’t talk, don’t, speak, look at the camera holy crap that’s huge. This is a front facing camera. Then look if you want to go to the night vision bell like you. Do it oh justin night vision in the daylight, my vision of the daylight billy’s? This thing is big and beasty it’s a monster super comfortable. You could fall asleep, we can’t, even we didn’t, even know this car was on. The car was left on. They brought food over here into security and they left it on and they didn’t even know it it’s that quiet. You can barely hear the exhaust coming out of the exhaust times. So what do you guys do? I do youtube for a living yeah. I love how that sounds. I do youtube. You know this guy we’re all here together over here, yeah he’s, trying to get into the youtube game here: hey jack.

You know this got 95 000 miles. Applause. 95, 000., he’s, going to hit 100 this summer, 95. 000 miles still looks great him and jamie with a mcdonald’s cup. I love it. They’Re gon na be so pissed off that i showed up with a mcdonald’s cup and that’s a large mcdonald’s cup too jamie william. You know i love you guys the flag on the back there with the top rack and the bbs wheels new logo freshly installed by me, but notice the dot threw off already. So i don’t know how good of an install job reminder make sure to like subscribe. Hit the notification belt, we got a lot of stuff coming we’re doing a lot of filming. We got a lot of cool stuff coming out, hit the button. I’Ll say it like everybody else, make sure to smash. The subscribe button hit the like hit. The notification bell. Stay up to date, we got a lot of cool stuff. Coming let’s keep going 8 12 super fast. This is john’s. Car accept black wheels. Okay, we got this 720s tom’s 600 lt. This is called the marshmallow burner, toast your marshmallows right here, but maybe that’d be the next video. Let me know if i should switch up the 570f spider for a 600 lt spider, make a video toasted marshmallows on the rear exhaust with the flames and make s’mores like and subscribe make a comment vote. If you want me to do that next or not, this is great full alcantara leather mix in black.

It looks pretty clean and mean: what do you guys think you got it down? You’Re ready, you can feel the tire difference. The tires are more harder and more like yeah and more vibration as well way: more vibration, yeah wow. I don’t know why i didn’t notice this before all right, guys, we’re in the 600 lt spider. We got jack ultra motive and blue m3 aka, tim and jack. Behind us, in my 570s spider let’s see if they can keep up with what the difference is: Music, oh Music, that’s, so much louder breaks off the 720. Music. This thing pops and verbals it’s like taking that and throwing it like some huracan juice that’s. What it feels like right, how does it feel, though, for you Music right, but you can tell like it’s race inspired right, get ready for the tunnel, guys, oh Music, ready ready for it Music. No, i wouldn’t put it back up there. 458, with the mcdonald’s he’s. Like i can’t, leave this mcdonald’s cup in there that’s the big gulp again: hey mcdonald’s isaac yeah inside the 458. I knew i was going to throw it away 20 you’re, going into 7 20.. Okay, five minutes wait no way. Yeah come on you’re in the passenger seat, though yeah i can’t trust myself, all right, we’re, jumping to the 720s fighter, jack’s a co pilot jack’s having a great day out here, i am don’t, kill me. I won’t and it’s a spider, so let’s see what it does all right.

Let’S see if i remember all right all right, i’ll jump into this now: 720 that’s, better you ready for this i’m. I was born ready. Oh yeah, look at that speaker. It looks like a like a array. What do you call it stingray, but not a corvette? Yeah, hey john. I think i got the wrong key. Oh you know it’s in the center console yeah. I got it but it’s not trying to it’s, not feeling me right. Now it is push the brake all the way down i’m doing i’m. Deep, not deep enough. I’Ve been missing leg day. The head, cold tube, has been closed. Gold’S gym has been closed, right that’s right, see, that’s right, i’m, missing leg, day i’m, not deep Music. So what happens is the difference between this and when you drive my 570s spider, the turbos kick in at a lower rpm and it’s, just harder, yeah way harder, yeah, okay, we’re in it, oh dude. I need to go back there and catch my heart because that thing’s gone wow that was literally the best worst feeling because it’s like when you just don’t know when it’s going to end yeah. So just your heart just keeps on sinking further and further, and back and everything’s just going back beyond your brain. That was crazy. Music. I might need one of these dude. The thing is so like it’s hard to get the full power out of this thing versus like a 570 or 600 lt, especially if you tune those yeah because and look this thing really comes alive at like 120 130.

. I know that’s what people said that’s when it gets slippery and it’s Music gone. Music different, feel right, but it’ll feel like speedwise is, like the tribute all right, we’re back and we’re alive jack tim thoughts. How can i not i go into a different world when you’re accelerating my brain, just zones out warms up yeah, exactly it’s, literally that image of the millennium falcon with all the stars right, they’re, just gazing around it that’s what this is right? Music supercars are food. Hell yeah and guns Music aventador with the i think it’s. Is it a 50 cal? It is a 50 cal wow with the silencer the cigars dude. Look at this view, though, like think of me look different. You think this is your office. Like oh crap, i didn’t even realize this is just gon na suck all around like this is their school right. John we’ve, taken over your office, john sorry about that we’ll! Keep it clean promise. That was a good appetizer Music. All right guys, thanks for watching, be sure to like subscribe, smash the subscribe button put in some comments. Let me know what you guys think. Let me know what you guys want me to test drive next. Let me know if you want me jack, ultramotive and tim. Mr blue m3, to do a race, we talked about doing a race, so i don’t know which cars we would race, but we may set something up in the future, which would be awesome.

I think we could run a couple different cars. We can do like euro vs jdm versus supercar versus non supercar kind of thing. I think that’d be pretty awesome and we’ll kind of see who’s going to win that that rally in that race that’d be pretty good, but anyhow throw some comments in there. Let me know what you guys think what you guys would like to see us race if we do do a race and make sure to like subscribe, we got a lot more coming. I appreciate you guys watching enjoy.